Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – Kill or Be Killed

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan
Kill or Be Killed

Original Air Date: Mar 6, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

Someone gets injured and leaves the game. I won’t mention who it was here but it dramatically shifts the power structure for one tribe. Meanwhile, and much less importantly, Phillip is handing out membership to Stealth R Us like they’re AOL membership CDs and it’s 1998.

Really, it’s just a big nothing of an episode. Two major things happen but it feels like nothing happens. It could be because I don’t really like any of the Fans.


Night 7. Fans. Eddie tells us he can’t believe Laura wasn’t voted out after she didn’t perform well in the challenge. Gosh, Eddie, wasn’t it you that missed tossing the ring onto the hook at the end when the two tribes were tied? Yes, yes it was. He’s arguing with Sherri about whether she wanted the strongest tribe. He tells us that Hope was a threat to everyone because she was the prettiest one in the tribe. Hmm.

Eddie tells everyone, “Vote off me and Reynold and see how many challenges you win!” Matt shoots back with, “Well, we’re not winning with you guys!” Point, Matt.


Here’s who remains after Hope lost the revote last week.

Gota — The Fans

Eddie, 23
Julia, 21
Laura, 23
Matt, 38
Michael, 44
Reynold, 30
Shamar, 27
Sherri, 41

Bikal — The “Favorites”

Andrea, 23
Brandon Hantz, 21
Brenda, 30
Corinne, 33
Dawn, 42
Erik, 27
John Cochran, 25
Malcolm, 25
Phillip, 54

Phillip decides to gives Brandon a name and membership in Stealth R Us: “The Conqueror.” He also gives Erik a name: “The Silent One.”

Andrea is sort of annoyed that Phillip is giving names to people not in their alliance. Why? I don’t know. “What’s next? Giving Brenda a name?” Next shot: Phillip giving Brenda the name, “Serenity.”

Reward Challenge!

Hey, a reward challenge!

They’re playing for a visit from a local who will help them improve their camp and bring fruit and a chicken.

Cochran is sitting out.

Each tribe has to put one person on two platforms. Those two people have to transferred to another platform via boards the rest of the tribe is holding. Then, they have to climb to the top of the last platform and have everyone stay on the very tiny top of it.

The tribes transport Julia and Brenda to the second platform at the same time. Now, they have to transport two people — Julia and Laura and Brenda and Andrea. The Favorites do a better job and get Brenda and Andrea to the next platform a little bit ahead of the Fans.

Shamar gets on his hands and knees on top of the tiny platform and the tribe’s women climb on top of him. The men circle around him. Meanwhile, the Favorites are going with a everbody-stand-close-together-and-hang-on approach. The Favorites get their last person on and hang on for five seconds and they win.

Reynold tells us they have to vote off Laura and move on. I must’ve missed how Laura was the reason they lost the challenge.

Post-Reward Challenge

The local guy shows up and he’s this tiny man but he also is very knowledgeable. He makes them dinner and show them how to cook rice and so forth.

The Fans come back. Eddie and Reynold are annoyed that Shamar went into the shelter and took a nap. He gets up and tells everyone around him, “Can you imagine being my size and how I feel? I’m not leaving but you need to bring me rice once a day.” He ambles off, somewhere. No one is pleased with the idea of being his servant. Later, Sherri does bring him rice. Meanwhile, Laura calls him a super-big baby.

A piece of sand gets in Shamar’s eye and scratches his eye. People kind of don’t care.

Night 9. A nasty storm blows through. Rats crawled everywhere through the shelter.

Shamar’s eye is swollen, red, and painful. Medical shows up. They examine him. The doctor says he has two divots in his cornea, one near his pupil and it could affect his vision. She would like to pull him from the game and take him to a specialist. Shamar is upset but doesn’t want to lose his vision, which is understandable.

The rest of the tribe comes over and they tell him that they hope he gets better soon. Shamar takes off in the boat and is out of the game.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Five tribe members swim out to a platform, one at a time. They climb the platform, jump off and smash a plate, releasing a key. They grab the key and swim back. Once all five keys are back, the other two tribe members use the keys to unlock a chest, which is full of small sandbags, which they’ll throw at blocks standing on a table 10 feet away. (So, somebody decided, “No more puzzles,” I guess.)

Corrine and Dawn sit out.

Erik and Sherri start. Erik has no trouble but Sherri doesn’t break the plate the first time and has to climb the platform again. From this, the Favorites build a one-key lead and keep it all the way until they’re done getting keys. Phillip and Cochran start unlocking locks. They’re done with the locks before Michael is done getting the Fans’ last key. Reynold makes a lot of progress in knocking down the blocks but it’s not enough. Phillip knocks off the last block and the Favorites win immunity.


Matt and Michael talk in the woods. Matt wants to vote for Laura, saying Eddie and Reynold, along with Michael and him, were the reason why they were so close in the challenge. They have to keep Eddie and Reynold if they want to win a challenge.

Michael knows Laura is weak but he trusts Laura more than Reynold.

Matt talks with Reynold and assures him that he’s voting for Laura. Reynold doesn’t want to get burned again.

Laura tells us she has to trust her alliance.

Matt talks to Sherri about voting for Laura. Sherri isn’t onboard with it. Hey, Matt, remember how at the beginning of the episode you told Eddie and Reynold that the tribe wasn’t winning with them? What happened to that?

Tribal Council

Matt says that now that Shamar is gone, there’s less tension but he was a powerful guy to have in challenges.

Laura says the vote is between physical strength and trust. She says they’ve had 10 days to build trust.

Sherri says even with those two guys they’re still losing.

Eddie essentially says that all of the women are weak links, with Laura being the weakest, which he’s “not going to lie about it.”


Reynold plays his idol.

Laura, Laura, Reynold, Laura, Laura. Laura is going home.

Bubbling Under

Sherri and Julia will be the next two people voted out of their tribe, not necessarily in that order. Sherri seemed to lose control of the alliance when Shamar left. She probably had little choice but to vote for Laura. She can thank Matt for that.

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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6 Responses to Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – Kill or Be Killed

  1. maggie C. says:

    I hope that Shamar can heal up. Permanent damage from a game like this would be really bad. I hope he has insurance.

  2. maggie C. says:

    What I don’t understand is since Shamar was injured and had to leave, why was Laura voted off? Other times when sombody left the tribal council was suspended, or am I wrong?

    • ryanoneil says:

      They’ve definitely done it both ways, where they don’t have a TC but also where they do have a TC. They’ve even had a TC but not voted because someone got hurt. I’m not sure what determines the producer’s decision.

  3. Scheddar says:

    I thought Laura was a goner when they went to TC but then did a complete about face when I heard her argument, how they have no idea if there’ll be a tribe swapping/shake-up and if so, would Reynold and Eddie still be loyal to their old tribe? I hadn’t really thought about the randomness of these shake-ups, but they do seem to occur often enough that you’d be foolish to forget that they might be possible, and in fact, probable. I had forgottem, but she hadn’t, which I thought was brilliant. That she could so articulately argue why she should be kept really impressed me, and I thought she must have impressed the others as well, so I was pretty surprised when she got knocked out anyway. I do think her warning will come back to bite them in the ass.

    As far as Sherrie and Julia are concerned, the way things stand now, they really need that foreseen shake-up that Laura spoke of, to stregthen their game and prolong their run.

  4. ryanoneil says:

    Sherri and Julia are doomed without a tribal switch.

    I thought Laura made the best defense she could.

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