NCIS – Recap & Review – Prime Suspect

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Prime Suspect

Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (resident trickster) and Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget are thrust together on a case involving Lance Corporal Douglas Alexander, who stole $120,000.

Meanwhile, Gibbs starts an unofficial investigation into a serial killer nicknamed “Dead Rose Slasher” when his barber reveals concerns that his son may be involved.

There’s nothing like a little bit of intimidation to make a man feel better, and even though Vance isn’t actively menacing, Agent Dorneget is still scared. It doesn’t help that DiNozzo has told him Vance is reinstating an old test for Agents which would require a LOT of studying. McGee warns Dorneget about DiNozzo’s hazing, but Ziva backs Tony up about the test.

Lance Corporal Alexander stole $120,000 from his last assignment and the only evidence NCIS have to go on is CCTV of him driving away. Alexander has hidden his tracks well, but Abby is able to take away the glare of the CCTV and reveal the identity of the passenger, a beautiful civilian woman. That woman is currently in the Bahamas, so Dorneget and DiNozzo are sent there to wait for Alexander to arrive.

Everybody else is on the case of the Dead Rose Slasher, who began killing again after a three year absence. The investigation is unofficial, but it’s touching to see the devotion and dedication the team has to justice and to Gibbs. Even surly Director Vance, still fresh from the loss of his wife, agrees to run interference making sure the Metro police department don’t take control unless it’s important.

The suspect, the son of Gibbs’ barber, is Cameron Dean. He matches the sketch of the killer and is also left-handed, like the killer. McGee and Ziva track him down and observe him, where he seems fixated on a woman who matches the description of the Dead Rose Slasher victims. She leaves and he follows. The next day begins with reporter Bart Crowley covering a new murder.

The Metro police want to bring Cameron in as a suspect, but Gibbs tells his team to find him first. Cameron insists that he was doing a friend a favor by keeping an eye on his wife. She wasn’t the victim, and the story is corroborated. Cameron is innocent, but he realizes his father sold him out to Gibbs.

The Metro police are unhappy with NCIS doing an investigation and still want to press Cameron but Vance is really loyal and stalls the police by offering to help out their back log using NCIS’s lab and resources. This gives Abby access to evidence as well as the opportunity to work with Metro Forensic Specialist Ramsey Boone. Colorful character.

Abby is also a colorful character and Vance has been avoiding her because he couldn’t cope with her sympathy over Jackie’s death. Abby just wants to be helpful though, so Vance finally relents and offers her the opportunity to help his daughter with a science project, and give him a hug. Special circumstances.

Abby and Boone are a good, sleep-deprived, dedicated, over-caffeinated team and identify the killer using a minutia of blood from a thorn left at one of the old killings. Unfortunately, the killer has been dead for years, which means the recent killings are done by a copy cat. That possibility never occurred to the police because the killings included a detail that was only known to very few people: a silver wedding band was left on the bodies.

Over at the Bahamas, DiNozzo makes contact with the beautiful woman waiting for Alexander but she thought he was gay from his banter and behavior with Dorneget. He does seem to over compensate a lot. Poor Dorneget has been studying on the job and the only break he took was to apprehend Alexander, and that resulted in Alexander giving him a black eye, but they manage to get him.

With Dorneget and DiNozzo back the team catch them up on the Dead Rose Slasher. Dorneget DVRed the story and watched all the reports when he got back. He’s able to inform them that the reporter, Bart Crowley, is left-handed and the Detective reveals he handed Crowley a report on the Slasher. He thought he’d blacked out all references to the wedding band, but he forgot one mention which Crowley picked up on. Crowley is arrested, whilst the camera is rolling.

So, both cases have been wrapped up, and Gibbs has his weekly haircut once more. Father and son reunite, but there’s just one thing left to deal with. Vance sees Dorneget revising for the exam and he informs Ned that he doesn’t plan on bringing it back. Ziva only agreed with Tony because she studied for three months when he told her. Together, Ned and Dorneget pull a prank on Tony by making him believe that his excessive expenses have been reviewed and rejected for the past two years. Ha!

It’s great to see Director Vance back, still recovering, but he’s there for his team, even for the probies. I loved this episode. Loved seeing Gibbs’ loyalty to his barber, his team’s loyalty to him. I loved the Bahamas case as humorous relief to counterbalance the Slasher case. I love Dorneget. In case you can’t tell, I really enjoyed this episode.

Did you suspect the reporter was the real killer? What did you make of DiNozzo and Dorneget’s adventures? Would you be brave enough to hug Vance? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents about the show.


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One Response to NCIS – Recap & Review – Prime Suspect

  1. roberta4949 says:

    this episode was okay personally i am not crazy about vances character and I didn’t like his wifes either. but I do like ncis overall.

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