White Collar – Recap & Review – In The Wind

photo: usa

photo: usa

White Collar
In The Wind

Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2013

Jules – News Editor

White Collar has done game changing finales well and the season four finale was that and much more. How the writers manage to outdo themselves every year is beyond me, but it sure keeps us entertained.

It’s time to get to Ellen’s evidence box in the Empire State Building to clear James’ name, but would you know that Pratt is on their tails! Since he entered the story, things seemed set for him to face off against James. But tonight, well, you’ll just have to read on to see what happens, how Callaway fits in and how Neal and team manage to pull off another great con.

Not knowing that Pratt knows about the evidence, Neal figures they can take their time getting the box. They also don’t know Pratt has Callaway questioning Peter about the evidence. She says Pratt believes the evidence contains intel implicating James, which of course, Peter refutes. Callaway figures that since the evidence means so much to both parties, she wants the FBI to have it first. So in the morning, they plan on having a team of agents search the Empire State Building.

But first, Hughes is back! Since being canned, he’s been on his own reconnaissance on Senator Pratt. He’s always been on Peter’s side and I’ve missed him. Hughes is tapping phones and tells Peter that Pratt knows about the box. Hughes wants them to get to the evidence first, fight back and bring Pratt down. “Sometimes you have to redraw the lines to stay within them.” Yay Hughes!

The team meets up at Neal’s. After some awkwardness brought by Sara’s presence (her stuff’s in London already) and Neal wondering why grown men can’t figure it out, (How Is it possible that three grown men don’t understand what’s going on here?) Peter drops the news to James, Neal and Moz about the FBI searching the ESB for the box. He’s the lead and will do his best to control the pace, but they’ll have to find it first. At least they know what floor it’s on. James gets defensive when Peter says Pratt believes the evidence will implicate James. Foreshadowing anyone? But Neal actually doesn’t have a plan. Time to make one! With FBI everywhere, walking out with the box is a no, along with base jumping, or window washers, or down a trash chute. What’s left? How about inspiration from a bottle of champagne?

Peter benches Neal and has Jones and Diana as team leaders to only report to him. With a two day warrant and 28 floors to get through, agents will have to clear a floor every two hours. At that rate, the team has a short window to get to the box first.

The Plan! Phase one, enter as caterers into the building’s restaurant to set up the champagne stand. Phase two, pose as environmental inspectors like the agents to sneak in and from the 51st floor get the box, which James will deliver to Neal, who will be on the 103rd floor with Sara. The floor is not for everyone, but open to those celebrating an engagement. Sara’s always up for an adventure! Plus June’s in on it too by supplying the ring.

As everything starts to set up nicely and Peter’s so confident he’s already made plans with El, there are some snags. Day one’s barely started and they’re already on the 35th floor. The 51st floor’s been rented…to Senator Pratt! He has no idea he’s sitting on top of the evidence though, but Jones’ recon shows high level security in the space and need for a card key. Luckily, Moz has a card cloner.

While Peter continues to stall against a hard pressed Callaway, Neal and James close in on Pratt to clone his card. James; unfortunately, causes more harm than good and yells at Pratt and punches his security. Pratt makes calls because back at the ESB, Callaway announces that Neal and James are wanted for assault on Pratt and wants them arrested immediately. Damn it James!

Peter immediately tries to get ahold of Neal, but he misses it, but does see the agents eying him and barely escapes in time to meet up with Peter. For the plan to work Neal has to go to the observation deck, but Callaway’s watching his every move. While they plan, James and Moz are working on that champagne thing. Peter and Neal part saying they need the new plan to work or Peter’s doomed. Uh oh.

On the observation deck Neal gives a pretty emotional proposal, moving Sara to tears. It was very real, maybe too real. Another time, another place! They head to the 103rd floor where Sara reiterates how she liked the speech and Neal says he meant every line. Awww. Sara even contemplates their other world with children named Connie and Conrad!

Peter meets with Pratt and is interrupted by Callaway, who tracked Neal’s anklet to the floor. Peter’s wearing the anklet! Did not see this coming! Peter gets cuffed and everyone leaves as the agents find the box downstairs, allowing Moz and James to sneak into Pratt’s flat. Moz uses acid to burn through the floor. Works a little too well though. They get the box. It’s no 18th century music box, but what is? And then the ceiling collapses into the 50th floor. Pratt sees them and as the agents move to get them, Callaway stops Pratt from going, but he sends his security to do it. All the while, Peter is being sequestered, but manages to allude his handler.

Moz and James part ways. James gets caught by Pratt’s people with the box and Moz delivers the evidence to Neal. Moz pulled a switch on James!! So what was in the champagne stand? A small motorized blimp! Neal and Sara part ways “stay out of trouble Caffrey.”

James and Pratt again meet face to face. Pratt’s disappointed when he opens the box and inside are postcards. Soon guns are drawn with James holding Peter’s gun that Callaway pulled earlier. Peter enters and urges James not to shoot, but James takes the shot anyway and kills Pratt!! James didn’t want to shoot Pratt, but who to trust? Peter’s the only witness, promises to testify for James, but he’s willing to shoot Peter, too!! James is determined not to go back to jail and leaves Peter behind with gunshot residue on his hands and a bullet from his gun inside Pratt. This is not looking good. Plus, Callaway catches him over Pratt’s body while El readies for their date. Noo!!

Back at Neal’s (where the blimp landed), we learn the truth. According to Ellen’s evidence, James did kill his supervising officer! And after Neal gets a call from an emotional Diana saying Peter’s been arrested for Pratt’s murder, that’s when I lose it. Neal begs his dad to testify and clean Peter’s name, but he can’t do it. That selfish man!

“You show me you’re better than this. You show me you’re a decent man….Dad, please do this for me.” James yells back, “Don’t make me do something I’ll regret!…Let me give you some advice. In this life, somebody always takes a fall. Don’t let it be you.” Yowza!

I’m half screaming at my screen and half in tears. Screaming because I don’t want Peter to be behind bars, and in tears for Neal. He always wanted to trust his dad, but just like when he was a kid, he breaks Neal’s heart. As Neal says, “Family doesn’t show up on your doorstep after 30 years. They’re the ones who’ve been there when you need them.” And now his only family is going to jail. I can’t imagine what will happen next especially since it seems Callaway is playing both sides and with Pratt dead, who will she believe? What will become of James? And Neal? And Peter? And is Sara gone for good? There’s my TwoCents, share yours below! Lots of think about before season five starts!

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5 Responses to White Collar – Recap & Review – In The Wind

  1. cas caffrey says:

    yes so glad sara is gone and i have to matt’s performance was absolutely amazing where is this guy’s award he deserve’s one

  2. Debbie says:

    What are you guys, Matt was stiff and so predicable, he acting was not that great. You know all he has to do is take off his shirt and everybody just fails to see how bad of an actor he is.

  3. raybelle says:

    I loved this episode– even though the circumstances were different, the showdown with James and Pratt (and Peter) reminded me of Neal’s standoff with Fowler (and Peter) in Point Blank. It was a really good parallel that kind of emphasized huge differences between Neal and James, when throughout the season there’s been a underlying demonstration of how similar the two characters are. I really liked it.

    Loved the return of Hughes, and I loved that Mozzie picked up on James’ insistence at being the one to carry the evidence. I thought this episode was great for all involved– really showed loyalty to the team, and ended on a crazy good cliffhanger.

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