Justified – Recap & Review – The Hatchet Tour

photo: fx

photo: fx

The Hatchet Tour

Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

After a sad week last week, here we are again. One of our main characters from the beginning of this show is gone… Arlo Givens. He was always a favorite of mine. From what we have seen in the previews we are finally going to find out who Drew Thompson is. This is something that has been coming for the last 8 weeks here.

Raylan is still going through a lot of changes from what we can tell. He seems to really want to be making changes in his life so that he can be around for his child. Boyd was having issues with the white collar Harlan guys last week. He managed to back them off his back by using Theo Tonin’s influence. Lets see what happens this week.

Raylan: He is taking Hunter off to super max after killing his father. He knows that something is up with how Hunter came to kill his father. They go to talk to Wynn Duffy. Raylan gets him out of that situation after telling Wynn that Hunter knows who Drew Thompson is. Hunter jumps out of the car in front of a tanker truck in an attempt to kill himself. Raylan beat on him. When he meets up with Shelby he ends up bringing him along to avoid Shelby bringing him in before he finds out who Drew is. When they go to meet up with Bob Sweeny, he is there shooting at the two Clover Hill guys because they were making fun of him. When Raylan and Bob are questioning them, Shelby escapes, but then they know that it is him who is Drew Thompson. All of the Marshals then come to meet up with Raylan at that house, they take Hunter away and then they go to Shelby’s house in an attempt to bring him in, but he has already split from his house.

Boyd: He and Ava are looking at a house together. They are talking about how they want to get into big house. He decided to talk to Arnold about an issue to try and find out about Drew. Then Ava comes in and tells him about the Ellen May thing and that she may still be alive and that they need to find out what is going on. Johnny catches up with Boyd and tells him that he knows about what is happening and that Colt did not kill Ellen May. He decided to confront Colt and find out what is going on. Colt sticks to his story at the start but Boyd knows that he is lying at this point because his initial story did not match up with what he was saying now. Boyd keeps a gun on his head until he finally confesses that she is still alive. When he finds out that Ellen May is still alive and that Shelby knew about it, he goes over to Shelby’s house. He walks in the front door and Raylan and all of the Marshals are there. He is down on the ground and he has the realization, Shelby is Drew.

Tim: He starts off this episode. He is in the apartment by Mark’s body. Apparently he decided to text Tim as his last words. Tim decides that he wants to back up Raylan in Harlan and also decides that while he is down there that he is going to look into Colton to see if he was involved in Mark’s shooting. He follows him after Boyd asks him to find the preachers sister. He follows him to the church. He is sitting in the car talking to the preacher’s sister. He gets a call from Raylan and heads out in order to try and get Drew.

Colton: He is looking for Ellen May. He is hurting. He goes down to the church to find Ellen May. When he gets there he is choking the preacher’s sister. He gets a gun drawn on him by Tim. He is brought back to Johnny’s bar and is being questioned by Boyd about how he killed Ellen May. Then when he asks him for the truth he keeps lying. Then when he is busted, he tells Boyd that he messed up, tells him that he talked to Shelby about Ellen May and Boyd gets pissed.

Ava: She is getting more and more worried about what is going on with the whole Ellen May situation. After the preacher’s sister comes in to talk to her and tries to find Ellen May, she is worried that this is going to end badly. After Colt confirms that Ellen May is alive, she is sent off so that she is safe and that nothing will happen to her.

Art: They go into the office, and he is upset about the fact that Raylan is moving Hunter. He is contacting all of the local offices in Harlan so that he can try and catch up to Raylan and make sure that he does not do anything stupid. He tasks Tim with attempting to get a hold of him.

Shelby: He catches up with Raylan about Hunter. HE IS DREW THOMPSON! Not that we did not know that already after last week, but it has been confirmed now. Shelby slashes Raylan’s tires and then escapes in Bob Sweeny’s car so that he can get away before he is brought into custody.

This was an absolutely incredible episode. Everything from the acting to the wording of everyone’s lines was just superb. Even though we already knew it was Shelby, it was nice to have it confirmed that he is Drew. It is just funny that Raylan knew that something was up with him before he even found out that he was Drew. He knew that he did not completely trust him even last week when he left the office, but obviously he had no inclination to believe that he was Drew. I cannot wait to see where they go with this since I do not think that there is a way that they can have this where he escapes. What did you think about this week? Any ideas where this may be going?

Next Week: Get Drew

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