Bones – Recap & Review – The Survivor In The Soap



The Survivor in the Soap

Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

This week’s victim is a Sierra Leone refugee that was forced to become a child soldier. The episode spends the entire hour bringing to light the atrocities that the children are subjected to. He escapes such horrors only to be killed here and it is up to Bones and the Squints to tell his story.

Arastoo is back and in a very minor story we see him and Cam deal with their relationship at work.

Long story short on the case: Our victim escaped at the age of 14 and became an US citizen. When he realized that the janitor in his building was a General that recruited children back home, he went to his immigration lawyer to tell him. But the lawyer knew he would be in trouble for not reporting a war criminal and decided to get rid of the boy.

I wasn’t “entertained” by the show this week. There were no laughs, no Hodgins blowing stuff up and no picking on Sweets. Instead, the show decided to bring to light the serious situation in Africa of the children being used as soldiers. Being an American, this did make me realize that there are so many civil wars going on and many more inhumane things that I am thankful we just have the idiots in Washington to deal with.

I have grown accustomed to the writers bringing up issues in the world that seem to go un-noticed and appreciate them enlightening the viewers. But, for me, spending the entire episode on the subject made it become a long PSA. I think a total of 3 minutes was spent on Arastoo/Cam and even Arastoo was affected by the children of war.

This episode was just OK for me. I know there are many horrors in the world today; I see it on the news every day. When 8:00 comes around, I want to be entertained and taken out of this world and into another. Take me back to those fun episodes of the first 3 seasons, I miss them!

By the way: Booth gives in to Temp’s suggestion to go to the Gulf of Thailand, to a place between Cambodia and Vietnam…um, he is a Saint for agreeing to that. But that is our Booth, and he loves his Bones.

As for Cam and Arastoo: Cam is trying not to show any emotion with him so that the crew won’t know about their relationship. But when Stoo goes bonkers on Hodgins, she takes him to her office and learns that the case is hitting to close to home for him. She embraces him and doesn’t care who sees them. Thatta girl Cam! The only funny moment is seeing Bones realize they are a couple and she missed all the signs.

What did you think of the episode?

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