90210 – Recap & Review – Life’s a Beach

photo: cw

photo: cw

Life’s a Beach

Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode of 90210, Naomi & Annie try to convince Mark whether he should stay or leave after he gets offered a chef job at a fancy New York restaurant. Meanwhile, Liam’s figured out that he wants to open a surf shop for women and then sleeps with his only potential investor. Will he try to make the relationship strictly professional to save his store?

Also, Michaela & Silver are ready to shoot their first music videos, but problems persist on the set. Luckily, two big surprises later in the episode save the day. What were they? Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi/Annie– While Mark is taste testing his food for the main group of girls, he lets out that he will be flying to New York next week to audition for a chef position at Bisou. Naomi thought he was happy at the restaurant, but Mark says that he couldn’t pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity. It turns out that Annie’s connections got Mark the audition. Naomi’s tired of the guys in her life leaving and realizes Mark would only stay if he had a reason to, so she plans to hook up Ade & Mark. Annie tells Naomi that this is Mark’s decision, and makes her promise to stay out of it. Naomi doesn’t stay out of it. While she’s helping Ade pick out swimsuits, Naomi has Mark come over to fix her (non-existent) printer problems. She makes up another lie and says she has to go to a meeting so the two of them could be alone. When Mark comes back to Annie’s, he asks her if Ade is seeing anyone.

At the random surf competition (since this show needs an event to bring everyone together every week), Annie accuses Naomi of lying to her. Naomi says that she just gave Mark some options. The two then fight over which one is smothering and manipulating the men in their lives more, then Naomi says Max could cost them their friendship, and she is willing to risk it. Later, Annie tries to tell Mark just how horrible Adrianna is and Naomi comes up and tries to convince Mark that she’s great. Naomi then lets out that “Ade may be a tramp, but she’s a better option for Mark than New York”. Ade, of course, walked in at this moment and leaves in tears. Naomi & Annie apologize to each other and say that they fight like they do because they’re like sisters. They then apologize to Ade and Annie tells her nothing means more than their friendship. Later, Naomi asks Mark to get a big enough place in NY so she can visit. Mark tells her he’s not going to NY and likes his job with her.

Silver/Dixon– Dixon only has about 6 months worth of money to keep the label open, so he has to shoot Michaela’s new video soon. Like, 2 days soon. When the trio gets to shooting Michaela’s video, it’s obviously over budget. He plans on shooting with 60 more dancers the next day, but then Silver gets a call from the fertility clinic. Michaela needs to move the IBF procedure up to tomorrow, which means the video shoot is now cancelled. Dixon can’t afford a do-over and realizes this was on him. He also tells Silver he feels like a jerk for calling the situation unfair. Later, Silver surprises Dixon by booking Michaela for the beach festival, and asks him to stick around. When Michaela performs, Dixon notices a bunch of people dancing and recording the performance. It turns out this was a flash mob to use as a music video. Later, Ade tells Silver that she thinks Mark likes her, so she has her make a pact to make Mark off limits. So I guess Mark & Silver are hooking up soon. Also, Michaela gets the call that she’s pregnant.

Liam/Navid– After Liam tells Navid & Dixon that he wants to open his own surf shop for women, a woman named Sydney comes up and asks Liam to make her a board. She also asks if he’s looking for investors and says she might be interested. Sydney comes over to see him make a board, and the two end up hooking up. Sydney also invests in his company. Meanwhile, Navid is looking for jobs on his own, now that he’s out of the Cronus society. He ends up in a meeting with a guy named Brock for a marketing training program. Brock doesn’t really like him on paper, and only wants people with real marketing experience. While Navid is leaving, he offers Brock passes to the surf competition this weekend. Navid asks Liam if he could be the head of marketing for his company, and Liam agrees. Liam tells him that he & Sydney had sex, and he needs to decide if their relationship should be strictly professional or personal.

At the surf competition, Liam tells Sydney that they need to choose between a professional or personal relationship. Sydney then admits that she’s married to a much older guy and wants to keep it casual. Liam says he can’t do that. Navid sees Brock at the competition and mentions that he did all the marketing. When Brock asks to meet with their investor, Liam takes Navid aside and basically says that ship has sailed. Navid tries to distract Brock with products the rest of the day, and when he leaves Navid is sure he didn’t get the job. Liam decides to see Sydney at her house and tells her he changed his mind about their relationship. The next day, Brock calls Navid and tells him he got the job because of a great YouTube video he saw of the event. Campbell comes by at that moment and Navid tells him that it looks like he doesn’t need the Cronus Society anyway. Meanwhile, Sydney asks Liam to leave since her stepson will be home soon. While Liam is leaving, he hears the stepson come in. Of course, it’s Campbell. He then overhears a phone conversation Campbell’s having where he plans on having Navid take the fall for the Cronus society.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Dude, Where’s My Husband?

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