The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Going For The Gold

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
Going For The Gold

Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

You almost hope that Eli’s trouble with the Department of Justice and counsel Josh Perrotti will never go away, just so we can revel in the zaniness that is Elsbeth Tascioni.

I have to say that Elsbeth’s thinking was a little more convoluted in this episode than in the past. Perhaps we can blame that on Josh Perrotti himself (the gorgeous Kyle MacLachlan), who seems to genuinely have the hots for our favorite ditsy-yet-brilliant attorney. But he’s equally determined to beat her in court, which makes their not-quite-relationship all the hotter.

Josh is aching to prove that Eli bought votes. This is kind of strange for us as we know that Eli’s morals are “soft” when it comes to campaigning. This time Josh has a new co-conspirator ready to testify and you’ll never guess who it is. Kalinda and Elsbeth (isn’t that the strangest combination you’ve ever heard of?) discover it’s Frank Landau, head of the Chicago DNC.

To win, Elsbeth has to know who else Josh will bring forth as a co-conspirator. So she takes the man to court for defamation (he was reported in a newspaper proclaiming Eli’s certain guilt). After Elsbeth disproves Landau, she tackles a senior center. Supposedly Eli had residents shipped in for the straw poll (he did) in exchange for discounted series (again, he did). But it’s discovered that they all voted for different candidates. The back up witness is Jackie Florrick, but she quickly folds, noting her fuzzy memory due to her stroke.

Next Josh goes for Diane, saying that she approved the discount, but it turns out that Clarke Hayden, the court appointed trustee, actually did that With no more co-conspirators, Eli is done with court. Why is there no party or champagne?

But has the whole process killed Eli’s career? After all, Jordan is still calling the shots on Peter’s campaign. But Jordan advises Peter not to be aggressive during a debate because it will appear he’s bullying her. Then Peter starts to lose the debate and Alicia advises him to call Eli, who comes up with the perfect strategy. So just like that, Eli and his shady morals are back in charge. I wonder what’s going to happen to Jordan?

A few other delicious developments:

  • Alicia and Will both have a cold. Could it be from their recent after hours smooch?
  • Alicia has take on partner duties, including cutting hours on the Bishop case. Of course, Cary is in charge and takes it badly.
  • Will tries to win a contract for overflow cases from the DA’s office, only to lose out after ASA Laura Hellinger asks a few tough questions. He yells at her, but she tells him she was actually helping (the firm didn’t win the contract). He comes back with his tail between his legs and offers her a bottle of wine.

Is romance blooming between Will and Laura? Can Will and Alicia really keep their hands off each other? Will Josh continue to come after Eli? Give us your TwoCents…

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