Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – The Queen is Dead

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time
The Queen is Dead

Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Not only is Rumpel hurting in NYC, I am too. Good thing my ailment isn’t fatal (fingers crossed). That’s why this will be short but sweet – something Snow may no longer be after this episode.

In Fairytale (pre-curse), it’s Snow’s birthday but her mother is sick – “let’s send for the king so he can see his wife” type sick. This means her end is near. Snow takes her nanny’s advice and wishes for her mother’s recovery to the Blue Fairy.

The Blue One, begrudgingly, gives Snow a candle that will heal the Queen but will take another life in exchange. Snow, having learned her goodness from her mother, cannot kill another. She tells her mom the decision as the Queen is dying – the Queen is proud of Snow. Not using black magic shows strength and the Queen hopes she will live on in Snow as Pixie becomes a good person, a good queen.

In Storybrooke, Hook knocks David out to get his hook back because Hook without his hook shouldn’t really be called Hook, no? (Ha! Read that sentence 10x fast) The One Handed Hottie takes his pirate ship and sails to New York City. Where did he park his invisible ship?

In NYC, Neal and Henry are having a grand time discovering NYC pizza. The Little One is still pissed at mommy for lying to him. Doing Rumpel’s bidding, Emma asks Neal to visit Storybrooke to bond with Henry. He’s non-committal to the idea but Hook helps him by hooking Rumpel.

Gold is really sick – poison on the hook. Rumpel seems to blame the turn of events on Henry – I’m guessing he’s still thinking Henry needs to die, grandson be damn. The Sick One needs to get back to Storybrooke for the cure and Neal reveals quite a bit: he should really be over 100 years old but isn’t and he knows how to navigate a pirate ship (it’s a handy skill). Neal commissions a car to drive the family to the ship when it’s revealed the car belongs to Baelfire’s fiancée. Poor Emma, she just wants to be loved.

In Storybrooke, the race to find The Dark One’s dagger has started – “Amazing Race” style. The teams follow clues, have to go through detours and even U-turn each other. At the end, it’s Team Snow and Charming that gets to the dagger first. Instead of Phil Keoghan, it’s Team Cora and Regina that meets them at the mat – along with Snow’s nanny. Cora wants the dagger in exchange for the nanny’s life.

Snow, being her mother’s daughter, chooses to be good – every life is important. She gives up the dagger in exchange for her nanny. All seems well until Cora sends nanny down the clock tower to her death. I mean, Regina is mean but she’s not THIS mean. Cora takes evil to a whole new level.

During this standoff, it’s revealed that Cora posed as the Blue Fairy to goad Snow into saving her mother by killing another. Also, Cora poisoned Snow’s mother – what an evil bitch. Regina pieces everything together and realizes her mother arranged everything – the King being Queenless, nice Regina saving little Snow, the King marrying Regina. Cora is the female Rumpel!!

After the nanny’s funeral, Snow seems to have an epiphany. She’s been good all along – believing people will change but maybe SHE needs to change, she realizes that maybe: the end justifies the means. Even though David reasons with her (they have been good and they’ve won time and again), Snow believes the deaths aren’t worth being good – she needs to end this. Bitch is going to kill Cora – it’s On like Donkey Kong!!!

Based on Snow’s sudden turn into semi-evil land, Cora may have temporarily won. After the Queen’s funeral, Cora visited Snow’s mother. The two ladies had history – Cora thinks she’s won. The Queen is dead and Cora is going to make sure the Queen’s legacy dies – Snow’s heart will turn as black as the Miller’s daughter’s evil nature.

I cannot wait to see the story between Snow’s mother and Cora. There’s bad blood – I’m curious. Do you think Snow will turn semi-evil? Will she kill Cora or will David/Emma talk some sense into her? Once Rumpel comes back to Storybrooke, how pissed will he be that Cora has his dagger? How’s Hook going to come back to Storybrooke? I have a feeling that Regina may not be totally on her mother’s side – what do you think? Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – The Queen is Dead

  1. raybelle says:

    I got to be honest– I was really grateful to hear Neal say that our world wasn’t his first stop after leaving home, because otherwise it would have been really creepy with how much older than Emma he would have been (even with only five years between him and the curse, it would have made him almost in his forties or something).

    Sad about the intro of Tamera, Neal’s fiancee– not necessarily unexpected, but still sad for Emma. Sad for Mary Margaret/Snow, because a lot of times being good sucks, although we don’t want her to kill people (there’s a reason that Disney bad guys always lose their balance and fall to their death). And, as usual for me, sad Regina, who is stuck between a rock and a suck place– she just can’t win any way she goes. Hopefully she chooses to go against her mum, b/c Cora’s not a good ally.

    I am also really excited about finding out Snow’s mom and Cora’s history– it’s like this feud is going farther than we thought, a la Hatfields and McCoys.

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