Malibu Country – Recap & Review – Oh Brother

photo: abc

photo: abc

Malibu Country
Oh Brother

Original Air Date: Mar 1, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight’s episode starts with Reba and Geoffrey coming back to the house after visiting an oxygen bar. Who would pay seven dollars for oxygen, which can be breathed freely? Either way it sounds expensive. When they walk in they discover Lillie Mae cooking something. She is making her BBQ sauce that she only makes for funerals or when Reba’s little brother Blake (played this week by Blake Shelton) comes to visit. Well, nobody has died and according to Lillie Mae, Blake is not coming. However, he is already there! What do you think that his visit will bring? Let’s continue on….

Reba seems to be a little bitter about Blake’s visit. He did not call when Reba and her husband, Bobby, split up. He comes strolling in acting like nothing happened. Lillie Mae does not know there are any bad times between Blake and Reba. She does not see the sense of dragging her into something like this. According to Reba, Blake is the golden child, even if he cannot commit to something and keep up with it.

Lillie asks Reba to stop living in the past when she brings up the last time that they had ribs with Lillie Mae’s BBQ sauce was when she was still married. Lillie Mae sees Blake’s return as a celebration and her spirit cannot be broken (possible prodigal son?). Reba says if Lillie Mae eats enough that she will stop bragging on Blake. Is Lillie Mae playing favorites?

June needs to talk to Cash. At lunchtime during school, June and her friends were talking. Her friends think that Cash is a player and a dog. However, he is still a virgin and June tries to stick up for her brother. Needless to say, he is not happy because she told her friends that he is indeed a virgin. From the looks of it, Cash wants her to stop meddling.

Geoffrey is impressed and finds Blake charming, which he usually does not. It is especially true when he is called a “little gay fella”. She is sarcastic in her response. Geoffrey thinks that Blake wants to make amends. Reba tries to call Geoffrey a “little gay fella” and he does not find that funny. We find out a reason why Blake may have returned. He wants to market Lillie Mae’s BBQ sauce, the one where nobody knows the recipe because she holds on to it so dearly!

Well, Lillie Mae has proven all of us wrong. She is willing to give up her secret recipe to make some money. She even gives him $3000 start-up money! What do you think of that? Is he just trying to make money off of Lillie Mae, even if he is making it look like he is serious by holding a business meeting?

Blake takes Cash onto the deck to talk to him about his not wanting to go to school. After explaining it to him, Blake is able to convince Cash that waiting is a commodity. All Cash needs to know is that he has the “new car smell” and off to school he goes – willingly. When he gets to school, a girl offers to meet with him after school. I am sure that some of what Blake said about the “new car smell” and being a commodity is why.

Reba tells Blake he does not know the first thing about running a business. She starts asking him all sorts of questions. From what he has to say about investors and seed money, he seems to know what he is talking about. Blake says that if she wants in on the investment, she needs to give him $4000. What do you think about this? Should anyone give any extra money just so that they can become an investor after the fact, or is Blake just giving her a hard time? When Lillie Mae returns, Blake refuses to take her money. Lillie Mae is mad!

Lillie Mae and Reba fight about how Lillie Mae spends her money. Lillie Mae says that she did it just to see Blake happy. She knows that Blake is a screw-up and is proud enough of her kids to love them. As a mother, Reba can understand that.

Blake meets Victoria, the girl he was talking to earlier, after school. She also brings along a friend – and many more friends. They are a part of the Abstinence Club. So any thoughts of him getting any experience have gone out the window.

Reba and Blake get into an argument about his scheme. This one is going to work according to Blake. He said he got fired from Bobby’s band where Reba got him a job. Apparently, Blake caught Bobby cheating! It was Blake’s standing up for Reba and the punch that he threw at Bobby that got him fired. He even blames himself for Bobby and Reba’s split. He thought the less she knew, the better off she would be. How do you feel about Blake knowing what he did for his sister?

As the show comes to an end, we are treated to a little song from Reba and Blake. They even get a compliment from Lillie Mae. Blake comes home and has to make fliers for the Abstinence Club. Blake says that whatever happens, he has her back. They then go back into song until the end of the show.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? How did Blake Shelton do portraying Reba’s brother? Do you want to see him on Malibu Country again?

Time for your TwoCents!

Next time on Malibu Country: Marriage, Malibu Style

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