Community – Recap & Review – Alternative History of the German Invasion

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Alternative History of the German Invasion

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

The study group is whining about not getting into the History of Ice Cream class. They head into their boring non-dairy confection history class when they see their German nemeses are taking it too. Their class is being taught by Professor Cornwallis (Malcolm Macdowell), a stuffy, pompous British guy. He complains about being stuck in a community college all because of an incident with a co-ed. As he says that, Annie pulls her cardigan tightly over her chest. Okaaay. What just happened there?

Anyway, in the class, Professor wants their first essay to be about history viewed not through the eyes of the victors but from the point of view of the vanquished. Creepy German guy is loving that. He laughs maniacally and when he sees everyone looking at him, he plays it off as he was thinking of a funny moment in the German version of “The Nanny”. It wouldn’t translate.

Dean Pelton walks into his office to see Ben Chang sitting behind his desk. With him is a Greendale mental health worker who basically tells the Dean that Chang, is now called Kevin, has Changnesia and is now Dean’s problem. The Dean believes Chang is faking and intends to prove it. “Kevin” has no memory of ever terrorizing everyone at the school. He certainly doesn’t remember holding Dean hostage for a month without so much as a drop of moisturizer.

The Germans have taken over the study group’s usual table. The study group won’t stand for that, however, the Germans got it fairly by signing out for it. One of the Germans, Karl, saved Abed’s life in a video game so Abed feels a bit of loyalty there. The Germans agree to vacate in the morning if the group will let them use the table that day. The group agrees but finds the Germans there the next morning, again, signed out. This means war, according to Annie. The group gets banished to other study rooms because the Germans beat them to the signup sheet every morning. The Germans keep taunting them, then Jeff gives a Winger Speech™ and the group hatches a plan.

The study group puts on an Oktoberfest as a ruse (ala Hogan’s Heroes) in order to catch the Germans celebrating their own heritage, which is against the rules (you’re only allowed to celebrate others’ heritages at Greendale) and therefore gets them banished from the study room. The rest of the school protests because they’re sick of the study group monopolizing the best study room all these years. Annie realizes all this time they thought the Germans were the Germans but really, the study group is the Germans.

We see flashbacks of every other time that someone wanted to use the study group and got turned away. So I guess we’re seeing this from the losers’ point of view. The group doesn’t want to be the Hitler of the school so they decide to give back by fixing up the other study rooms. They get their old study room back and Dean comes in to congratulate them. They talk about how Greendale is so forgiving. Dean asks them to remember that for the next 20 seconds, then Chang walks in. The study group screams in unison.

I really enjoyed this episode. Not loving the Chang storyline, but there were some great lines in this one. Pretty much any time Troy opens his mouth, it’s funny. I did like Pierce wanting to take on the role of Hitler. It suits him better than Jeff, I think. Your thoughts? Verlassen sie in den Kommentaren, ja?*




*If that’s wrong, blame Google Translate.


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2 Responses to Community – Recap & Review – Alternative History of the German Invasion

  1. ryanoneil says:

    “because of an incident with a co-ed. As he says that, Annie pulls her cardigan tightly over her chest. Okaaay. What just happened there?”

    I believe Annie reacted to the possibility of him leering at her.

    I didn’t care for the flashbacks. In the pen one, the whole college was at a puppy parade, not studying. In the D&D one, they were helping Neil. Really, the study group has *always* been about helping the school as a whole. For example, they’re the ones who liberated the school from Chang’s reign of terror and they weren’t even students at that point.

    Fair or not, I’m still waiting for the show to feel like itself and it hasn’t yet this season.

  2. Shannon says:

    Ah, that makes sense. Sometimes as I’m making notes, I miss subtleties. I must’ve missed him leering.

    I agree, the show doesn’t quite feel like itself. I didn’t know if it was just me or if the absence of Dan Harmon’s hand was felt by everyone else. Thanks for validating that for me. As I’ve said before, I doubt the show gets picked up for another season and maybe that’s for the best. It just isn’t the same.

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