Archer – Recap & Review – Live and Let Dine

photo: fx

photo: fx

Live and Let Die

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

This week, a special appearance from Anthony Bourdain gave this week’s storyline (which has essentially already been done by Archer before) an extra special kick in the pants.

The ISIS crew has been hired to conduct security at upscale restaurant ‘16’ for an Albanian diplomatic dinner, at which the State Department will also be present. The restaurant also happens to be the set for the reality TV show Bastard Chef, for which the gang are expected to play pretend for as to not arouse suspicion amongst the TV crew. Obviously, this goes about as well as lighting a goat on fire and still expecting it to do your taxes.

Lana, who has be relegated to the distasteful position of hostess under the pseudonym “Mitze” is having a much more difficult than Archer, whose sunny disposition and penchant for alcohol makes him a shoo-in for Chef’s favourite and he begins to wonder if he missed his calling. Cyril seems as if he would rather never set foot in a kitchen ever again, after being forced by Archer to mutilate a dozen sheep’s head in order to make ‘Albanian Cuisine’ which ends in him covered in blood and sobbing like a little girl.

Cyril’s state after the sheep incident prompts “Bastard Chef” to liken him to “a dinosaur’s tampon”, which is one of the best of dozens of amazing one-liners. Anthony Bourdain is an excellent voice actor! Who knew?!

Meanwhile back at the ISIS office, Mallory is complaining that she can’t get a table at ‘16’, and that if she had known that would have been the case she never would have taken to security job. Her frustration with Cheryl’s inability to pertain a table for her mounts to such a level that she takes Pam’s prized Siamese Fighting Fish; Germaine (who is her ticket out of debt with some dangerous people) and threatens to poison him with whiskey if she doesn’t get a table. So, Cheryl and Pam do what they always do, deal with the situation with hand-jobs and lies! Judy Greer’s impression of a Kennedy (that she uses to get a table) is one of the highlights of this episode, and also probably of my life. She is so fantastic, and perennially under-rated.

By the time Mallory, Cheryl and Pam arrive at the restaurant Lana has seriously begun to doubt the seriousness of threat aimed at the Albanian ambassador, and gradually comes to realise that Mallory is up to her (very) old tricks of calling in a fake threat to some upscale attraction so she has an excuse to visit said attraction. Lana, furious and tired of answering the phone, pretty much gives up on the mission. That is, until the Ambassador keels over dead after drinking a toast with the Chef. Lana is bowled over, and announces that there never was a threat, which gets Mallory and trouble and Archer thinking about who would pay off the chef to poison the Ambassadors wine just to make ISIS look bad.

The answer comes quickly, when we see the chef toasting his success with none other than Katya and Barry, evil cyborg overlords of the KGB! The couple’s spat the ensues during this helicopter journey is pure gold, and the scripting manages to humanise two ultra-spy machines to a point to which we see them as nothing more than two people who are sick of each other. It’s just brilliant! Oh and then they dump the chef out of the helicopter out into the ocean, that’s pretty good too.

Despite the fact that they’ve used this storyline before (blimp ride anyone?) the scripting on Archer keeps this episode fresh, as does the zingers delivered by Anthony Bourdain. Wish we’d seen a few more interactions between drunk Mallory and the fish though.

So, what did you think of this week’s Archer? Not impressed with a re-used plot? Or did you love Anthony Bourdain so much you didn’t care? Let us know!

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