1600 Penn – Recap & Review – To The Ranch

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

1600 Penn
To The Ranch

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

We begin tonight’s episode with Emily, Dale and Marshall sitting in the Oval Office watching television where a reporter is talking about President Gilchrist still not deciding on the next Supreme Court nominee. So far, Dale has it down to two and he keeps flipping between the two. He thinks if one of the two took a bribe or done something wrong, it would make his decision so much easier. With Emily’s assistance, Dale decides that the decision would be better made at the family ranch. So off on vacation they go! Marshall announces it to the Press Corp with replies of shock given the decision left to be made. Let’s see what happens when they arrive….

It’s obvious that nobody but Emily and Dale want to be on this trip. Skip is “getting his cry on” by watching sappy movies because of the way Stacy is to Skip. It seems that he thinks that even they are not “together-together,” that Stacy is cheating on him with another employee at the White House. Why would he think that? Maybe it is the really hot kiss that this guy gives her! Xander is busy texting on his phone because of some debate on a forum board that if he does not, it would look like he is giving in, which he does not want it to look like. Marigold is also texting on her phone. Becca wants to be there, but I think it is just because she does not want to be around DB.

Marshall, who is also along for this trip, also does not want to be there. Apparently he has really severe allergies. At least he has work to do. With the additional third possible nominee now being thrown back in the mix, he is busy rewriting a speech that Dale will have to give upon their return to the White House. Of course Becca is not happy where his thoughts are going and sits down at the laptop to rewrite the speech herself.

When you look at what is going on, I think that Emily is trying to get a little family fun going on. She takes away Marigold’s and Xander’s cellphones. They are driven away by the Secret Service. Her plan is to take them on a hike, with a map that she has made up, and have them locate their phones this way. What do you think of what she is trying to accomplish? Dale is trying to accomplish a little time where Skip can just relax and get his mind off of Stacy and what happened at the White House. What does he try and do? He gives Skip an axe to chop some wood and get some frustration out. Does it happen? He hits something that is for sure, but it is not the wood he is supposed to chop. Don’t worry, nobody gets hurt.

We come back to Emily and the kids who are still on their hike. All the kids want to do is get into the SUV that the Secret Service is following them in. Emily will not let them. After all, they are supposed to be having fun while enjoying nature. They, however, learn quickly about the circle of life.

Back to Becca and Marshall who is still rewriting that speech. Becca is trying to make her look bad, while Marshall is typing the complete opposite of what she says. What do you think about this? Do you think that all Becca wants is to railroad this process?

Skip is talking…and talking…and talking! Instead of spending time together doing things, all Skip wants to do is talk…about nothing. At least he has his mind off of Stacy, right? Dale gets so frustrated, however, and decides he needs to turn on his saw and cut down a tree.

Emily and the kids are still hiking when they decide to sit and eat. Well, Emily does not come prepared. Instead of a can opener, she brings a corkscrew. So she gets the Secret Service, who are hiding to stab it open with a knife. She does not bring spoons either. Basically Emily is frustrated at her own lack of preparedness.

DB decides that he misses Becca so he Skypes her. Well, Becca is not happy to hear from him, so she mutes him and pretends to hear what he is saying. She agrees to what he is saying. Do you think that will get her into trouble eventually?

Emily forgot something else – a big enough tent for three! So she is forced to sleep outside. She does give up when something bites her. She retreats into the Secret Service SUV and tells them to wake her in four hours so she can get back outside before Xander and Marigold wake up. I can’t wait to see what happens from here after all the bad luck she is having today!

The following morning, Emily is still in the SUV when Xander and Marigold wake up. They are not happy that they had to sleep outside but Emily slept in the SUV. Apparently the guys from Secret Service tried waking her, but she was sleeping too soundly and made a lot of threats when they were able to somewhat wake her.

Both Dale and Marshall look like crap. Nature really is not Marshall’s friend. Dale’s back is killing him from the day he had with Skip. Skip tries to cheer Dale up by suggesting a day of sappy movies. Dale suggests that Skip work outside. But Skip refuses to and sits with his father watching “Green Fried Tomatoes”. When Skip will not stop talking, Dale finally lets it know how he feels about Stacy as well as the amount of nonstop words that can come out of Skip’s mouth and he takes it pretty hard.

Becca goes off on her own to do a little shooting. Marshall catches up to her. All she can do is complain about DB. When Marshall makes a comment that she likes, she kisses him. But then DB shows up! What timing this guy has, right? He bought an airplane ticket – just so Becca could have her pregnancy pillow!

Dale finds Skip and apologizes. They have a good heart to heart talk…as good as can get between two men.

Emily finally gives in and says that the cellphones are at the cabin. Xander and Marigold seem disappointed and kind of angry at that thought. Emily says that nature sucks and thinks that even though she thought it would be a good bonding experience, that she is a bad step-mom. But, she was wrong. They find a really beautiful sunset. The family finally has their moment together!

When they arrive back at the White House, Dale has made his decision. He is just waiting for his appointment to be confirmed. Do you think his appointment will be confirmed to the Supreme Court? Skip also comes face to face with the guy that we saw kissing Stacy, and they broke up. I am sure that Skip sees this as his time to make his move on Stacy. What do you think? Will he ever get Stacy as a girlfriend or at least date her?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Time for your TwoCents!

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