SouthLAnd – Recap & Review – Babel

photo: tnt

photo: tnt


Original air date: Feb. 27, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

We’re three episodes in and so far we’ve lost a rookie, Chad Michael Murray, Lydia’s mother and Cooper’s boyfriend. We’ve also seen the intense custody battle brewing between Sammy and Tammi getting worse as Ben sits and watches on. With Steele gone, will Cooper get a new rookie or ask for a seasoned vet?

“The LAPD serves four million people speaking over 100 different languages. Sometimes things get lost in translation.”

Opening scene: Sherman is at a crime scene and can’t hear anyone. He looks in distress and Sammy looks on, curiously.

Lydia appears to have moved on from grieving rather quickly and is throwing out sympathy cards and packing up her mother’s things. No sign of the baby – yet. Cooper says he’s done training rookies and is assigned a new partner, a senior guy in the form of Henry “Hank” Lucero, also known as Carlos Nieto from Third Watch (guest star Anthony Ruivivar). He’s the anti-Cooper, making bad jokes. Elsewhere around town, Sammy and Sherman are doing a puppet show at a school about stranger danger. And we see Sherman is on the “apply today” poster and Sammy may have shot someone related to one of the kids. We also learn that Sammy is horrible at speaking in front of children and Sherman is loved by all people, especially cute teachers. Lydia goes back to work while her aunt takes care of the baby. Sammy tells Sherman that Tammi didn’t show up for their custody exchange and he’s afraid Tammi ran off with the baby. A distress call comes over the radio and Sammy says it’s Dewey’s old call sign – they can’t hear dispatch but can hear officers.

Sammy and Sherman show up to find Dewey’s rookie clothesline herself while the suspect gets away and everyone laughs at her. It’s a lost cause. Cooper and Lucero are called to a fight between a group of elderly people and teenagers. They don’t do anything. Dewey acknowledge that going outside of his district was a bad idea but he thought it would be good for his rookie. Lydia and Ruben go to the home of their victim and his mother isn’t surprised of the killing. His two brothers were in the drug scene but he was a good scene. Cooper and Lucero are sent to a call where a sober man drove his car through a restaurant. On their way driving around, they find a gang peeing on a homeless man. Lydia finally has a picture of the baby on her desk and calls the baby’s daddy and admits she’s stressed out doing it alone but she’ll be okay (isn’t she always?).

Sammy and Sherman get called to a scorned baby mama BBQ. One man, 30 kids, 11 women, only one gets child support. What? It is a ridiculous story but made for some great one-liners, none appropriate for posting. Cooper and Lucero drive the homeless guy to the address listed on his driver’s license. He’s deaf and neither one of the cops know sign language. While on their way, they pull a guy over for speeding. When they stop him, he’s pretty much lost it but they find they same kind of cup in his truck as was in the car that went through the restaurant. They are led to a kid’s lemonade stand who is upset when Cooper shuts his stand down. His “garnishment” was poisonous and was making people hallucinate. Lydia and Ruben don’t find their suspect but they get a lead. The teacher calls Sherman while Sammy tracks down Tammi. She accuses him of being crazy and attacks him while her new crazy boyfriend videotapes him defending himself back. He takes the camera back while Tammi screams at him that he’ll never see his son again.

Lydia is confronted by her baby daddy’s wife, being accused of sleeping with him. Lydia tells him she isn’t sleeping with him, about her mom, etc. Apparently Tyrell has a new woman who texts him and goes on long weekends with him. She believes Lydia and walks away and Lydia shakes her head in disgust. Cooper and Lucero bring the homeless man to his sister, and she is not happy to see him. He is a long-time druggie and Copper and Lucero share stories about him when they spot a suspicious looking guy who seems afraid when he sees them and blows a stop sign. Turns out it’s Road Runner, the guy Dewey was chasing earlier that day. Sammy and Sherman respond to a shooting at a community center. They’re first on scene and hear more shots being fired as they enter. They enter a gym and find several people shot or huddled down. Ben is by a door when the shooter comes in with the gun right by his ear. He can’t hear and Sammy shoots at the gunman. His ear begins to bleed and he is in obvious pain.

Cooper and Lucero bring Road Runner to the station and Dewey applauds them. Cooper uses one of Lucero’s jokes on Dewey and he finds it hilarious. He shouldn’t quit his day job, that’s for sure. Back with Sherman and Sammy, we’re back to the opening scene and no one can speak English. Sherman can’t hear and when Sammy goes to look at him, we see the shooter coming towards them. The cops take him down. Lydia and Ruben deliver the news to their victim’s mother that they’ve caught the killer of her son. At the end of the day, Sammy is told that Tammi has filed assault charges against him. Sherman appears to have his hearing back and says he’ll stand by him. Later that night, Dewey, Cooper and a few other cops go out on the boat of a retired cop. We finally meet the guy who trained Cooper, the man who taught him “look sharp, act sharp, be sharp.” Lydia gets home to her crying baby and her aunt. Her aunt is not a happy person, hands Lydia the baby and leaves. Lydia takes a picture of her and Christopher.

My two cents:
– I love Lucero. I love Anthony, but that’s besides the point. I’m glad to see Cooper with a seasoned cop and not a newb. And I enjoyed their banter. I also enjoyed Lucero on his own (besides his bad jokes), especially his line, “I ain’t brown, I’m blue.” I’m looking forward to him sticking around for a while.
– I’m not okay with Tammi being crazy still. Why hasn’t Sammy filed for sole custody yet? This is just drawn out.
– Will there be damage from the gun shot next to Sherman’s ear? It seemed fine by the end of the episode but blood from an ear seems like something serious.
– I’m happy Lydia is starting to become more of a mother, but how long will she last? She doesn’t exactly have a motherly touch. Will she turn to someone eventually?

Those are my two cents. What are yours? Leave your two cents below and feel free to chat with me at Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV.

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