Modern Family – Recap & Review – Best Men

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
Best Men

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Our funny family is growing up and so are their friends. Weddings and children – people mature.

Cam and Mitchell’s friend, Sal, from their single years is finally settling down – getting married after boning any person with a Y chromosome that would have her. Before the wedding, she starts having cold feet. To sow her oats one last time, she decides to stick her tongue into a bartender’s mouth.

Cam is upset she’s making a mockery out of the sanctity of marriage – he cannot get married but she can take marriage as a joke. He’s about to ruin the wedding when Sal says her vows – she thought Mitchell and Cam were boring after marriage but it’s not tedious if it’s with the right person. Dude, that’s like the kind of vow I would do!!! Sal gets married but Lily is sure there will be another wedding down the road. Ha!

Gloria is breast feeding but isn’t discreet about showing her boobs – it’s a natural thing, it’s her right. The effect is Manny drawing/sculpting boobs in art class…at least that’s what they think. In reality, it’s the nanny that’s Manny’s muse.

Gloria isn’t happy with the nanny – she’s not used to having another person taking care of her child so she micromanages. When Jay and Gloria find out Manny’s crush, Gloria starts freaking out…except the nanny is a professional. She gently lets Manny down – she’s the unfortunate one, being born so early so she cannot be his true love. The nanny is pretty and nice!! Gloria is impressed so I’m betting the nanny’s life is going to get easier.

Claire feels Haley is coming back to her – they can finally be friends again after the rebellious teen years. The two are having dinner together (girl’s night out). They drop Alex off at a café for her band (she’s the cello player) when Haley bumps into some friends. Claire pretends it’s ok for Haley to hang out with her pals so Claire ends up alone at the café.

Just before Alex’s set starts, Haley comes back – she’s grown up and cares about other people’s feelings. The two gets to hear the talented Alex play cello and sing in a nerdy-cool band. After the cool nerd’s set, Claire and Haley gush over Alex’s hidden talent and ask if the band would want to dine with them. Alex declines and apologizes to the band for the ladies’ uncoolness – Haley, welcome to old age.

Luke has a crush on a girl so Phil helps by sending her a message as Luke. Now Luke has a date! The girl’s mother and Phil realize they were messaging each other for their children and she thinks Phil is flirting with her. Awkward! Luke’s date went well but the mother pulled his date away thanks to Phil. Luke’s not mad; now that he’s forbidden fruit, he’s a hotter commodity!! Luke knows the ladies.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. How cute was Luke on his date? He was flustered and making nonhuman sounds!! Like father like son.

2. The Dunphys are a talented bunch! Alex was awesome. It was adorable how she didn’t want to tell her family about her band and singing. She’s cool on the downlow.

3. Claire’s analogy using satellite as a description of children was pretty wicked – nice job Phil.

4. Best exchange of the episode:
Cam: What kind of people would we be if we deny you or anyone the right to marrying.
Mitchell: #politics
~ I am going to # everything in conversation from now on.

5. Quote of the episode:
“Please, you’re in the hands of a master. I think I know how to pick up a 14 year old girl…for you.”
~ Phil, that’s right, the ‘for you’ is very important. It’s the difference between showing up on “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” and watching the show.

9. Family moment(s) of the episode:
When Phil and Luke had their father/son moment in the car discussing women. Just go for it – that’s how Phil snagged Claire, a woman he thinks is out of his league.

This was an ok episode. I do like how Alex is growing up and becoming her own person and Luke’s first date. Sal’s wedding is a wedding I would have – small, short and drunk. Did you like Sal’s vows? (Yes) How about Tony’s? (No) Is Lily a clairvoyant? (No) Did you enjoy this episode? Discuss away!!!

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