Arrow – Recap & Review – Dead to Rights

photo: cw

photo: cw

Dead to Rights

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

This week on Arrow a mysterious Spanish man touches down on a helipad in Starling City, despite the best efforts of law enforcement. Just as he is transferred $500,000, and is about to embark on what is presumably a hit, he is confronted by our man Arrow. The two suddenly engage in an arrow vs. knife fight on the helipad (with frantic orchestral soundtrack to match.) The two struggle, but by the time the fuzz arrives, Arrow has prevailed and the baddie is dead. Unfortunately, he’s dead before Arrow can find out who his intended target was. He turns to John and Felicity to search the hardware he has taken from the man to find out.

Meanwhile, in his ‘normal’ life, Ollie is still dating McKenna, the cop who continues to ‘just miss’ catching Arrow. The two join Laurel and Tommy at Tommy’s birthday celebration, the first he has had since Ollie returned. Unfortunately, the get together is quickly interrupted by the untimely arrival of Malcolm. Awkward much? He has come to tell Tommy that he is bestowed with the city’s annual Humanitarian Award. To which Tommy quips, “What did they run out of actual humans to give it to?” Burrrnnn! Tommy flatly refuses to attend the ceremony.

Cut to some dodgy, badly-lit apartments where the half-blind assassin Deadshot is pouring himself a drink. Out of the shadows comes China White, offering him a subcontract for the elimination of Malcolm as ordered by Moira Queen. Deadshot isn’t exactly a pretty picture, covered in scars and sporting a milky-white right eye. But China offers to fix all that in order to procure his services. Deadshot agrees.

Back at the Warehouse, Felicity is still working on the Spaniard’s phone. She finds that he had been frequenting a Chinese restaurant which is a hotspot for the Chinese mafia, so Ollie books a table for himself and Tommy to do a little re-con. And also to convince Tommy to give his dad a second chance. Kung-Pow Chicken with a side of irony please! Tommy and Ollie discuss that though Malcolm may have filled all the requirements of looking like a father from the outside, it was Ollie’s father who gave Tommy the warmth and care that a father should give a son.

Under the pretense of going to the bathroom, Ollie/Arrow makes his way to the back room of the restaurant and proceeds to blind one of the nasties with chilli sauce (awesome move) and interrogate him as the hit the Triads had ordered. Thanks to his perfect Chinese accent, and the goon’s impeded vision, he leaves with the man thinking he is Chinese. Excellent cover!

China briefs her honchos about the hit on Malcolm, but assures that the deed will be done by Deadshot, who appears sporting a terminator-esque, glowing red bionic eye. It’s becoming pretty clear that China’s target is the same as the Triads target, and it also becomes clear that they plan to take down Malcolm at the Humanitarian Award ceremony. Which Tommy, in an attack of conscience, has decided to attended. Moira shakes at her mirror while she prepares for the event, and her resolve seems to melt even more when she spots Tommy in the audience as Malcolm makes his acceptance speech.

Having disposed of the real wait-staff, the Triad assassination crew mingle amongst the crowd dressed as servers, and the suspense builds as China enters in disguise.

Ollie and McKenna are tucked away in the warehouse (in the non-crime fighting bit, obviously) and enter into a discussion about their priorities and their relationship. Predictably, McKenna suggests that in order to maintain what they have going on, they have to be honest about what is going on in their lives. Fat Chance!

Downstairs, John and Felicity stumble on what we already know; that Malcolm is the target. Arrow immediately tips off the police.

As planned, an alarm is trigged to flush out the gala-goers and Deadshot lines up his shot (who needs a sniper scope when you have a bionic eye?), and Arrow arrives before the police to start doing battle with the assassins. Tommy shields his father as they run from the Triad goons, with China and Deadshot in hot pursuit. Tommy is in shock after he sees his father take down and shoot one of their pursuers and begins to question his father. Just as Malcolm opens his secret lair to reveal his (fake) vigilante stash, Deadshot blows out the glass window of his office, all while Arrow and China tussle on a lower floor.

When Tommy and Malcolm finally make it off the floor, Malcolm is taken down with two shots to the chest. JUST KIDDING! Kevlar! Downstairs, McKenna comes face to face with Arrow, but she loses him. Again. Arrow rushes upstairs to collect the spent shells from the assassination attempt, while Tommy unwittingly points a gun at him. Until… OLIVER REVEALS HIMSELF TO TOMMY! Goodness, that one took the breath out of me! Ollie quickly performs a blood transfusion from Tommy to Malcolm (perfectly sterile, I’m sure) ensuring he will live until he makes it to the hospital. Malcolm is popped in the ambulance and taken off to hospital. Tommy is questioned by the cops as the vigilante’s identity, but of course, he with-holds.

When Ollie returns to the lair to tell John that Malcolm was poisoned by QRE, which is a signature of Deadshot, John is devastated. Because…Deadshot killed John’s brother!

I didn’t really mention the Island story because it was a bit boring. It didn’t catch my interest and I almost instantly forgot about it. So, yeah. But is it just me, or is the guy in the island flashbacks Australian?!? Can’t believe I didn’t think about that before.

This episode was pretty great, lots of thrills and battles! The only thing that really ground my gears was that no matter what, McKenna’s makeup is always perfect. But what did you think?!? Give us your TwoCents!

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