Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay”

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan
“There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay”

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

Things deteriorate further for Shamar this week. Partly, he’s to blame for his own situation. He yells a lot and at a lot of people. People do work to provoke him, of course, because it’s in their interests. It gets to the point where, during Tribal Council, it feels really uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Malcolm makes a sub-alliance and his sub-alliance might be in trouble, in part because she’s talking a lot with Malcolm.


Night 5. The Fans return from Tribal Council. Reynold stands by the fire in possibly the most arrogant way possible, hands on hips, fingers spread (really, it’s as if he majored in Dillhole in college), and lectures everyone (but, probably specifically Matt, who is standing at the fire, too) that they are not friends but they need him to win challenges. “I have an idol and I’ll play it. I was going to hold it and use it for the betterment of the tribe.” Well now, the “betterment of the tribe”? Why didn’t he say so? I mean, who could doubt him? He finishes with, “So, game on.”

Shamar fires back with, “I don’t understand how the game just started because I didn’t get voted out,” which is a reasonable point. He starts ripping into Eddie, Reynold, and just whoever seems to be standing near him. Laura tells us she’d wish Shamar would just shut up. Michael says it, too. He’s not doing himself any favors.


Here’s who’s left after Allie was sent home.

Gota — The Fans

Eddie, 23
Hope, 23
Julia, 21
Laura, 23
Matt, 38
Michael, 44
Reynold, 30
Shamar, 27
Sherri, 41

Bikal — The “Favorites”

Andrea, 23
Brandon Hantz, 21
Brenda, 30
Corinne, 33
Dawn, 42
Erik, 27
John Cochran, 25
Malcolm, 25
Phillip, 54

Day 6. The Fans. Reynold calls what happened, “Revenge of the Nerds.” Good gracious, no. It’s the Revenge of People Who Could Do Simple Math and Had a Basic Understanding of the Game.

Sherri takes Shamar into the jungle to talk. She says he must remain calm, even when Eddie and Reynold try to ruffle his feathers. Shamar kind of protests that he doesn’t want to play their games and he does like that they’re going to keep lying. Sherri is patient but firm, telling him he has to keep his cool. He says he can’t do it for X number of days.

The Favorites. Phillip tells us he’s in terrific shape and he takes good care of himself in regular life. He plays full-court basketball with guys half his age and twice his height (his words, of course).

Corrine tells us that within their alliance, there are two sets of people who have played together and she and Malcolm, so they gravitated toward each other. Later, we see them looking for the idol together. Naturally, they find it in the hollow of a tree, not even particularly well hidden.

Malcolm says their wagons are sort of hitched together now because of the idol but at least they had a good pre-existing good relationship. They pinkie swear that they won’t tell anyone else.

Andrea notice Malcolm and Corrine talking intensely. She decides she wants Corrine out and talks to Cochran about it. She says they could do it and replace her with Brandon. Then Andrea talks with Phillip about it. Then, she talks to Brandon about it. Brandon tells us it feels sketchy. He says of course no one is going to tell him that he’s next because he would “pee in the rice, pee in the beans, burn the shelter to the ground.”

Don’t forget: he’s a father.

Shamar tells everyone losing his happiness isn’t worth a million dollars. He says he had a tough time adjusting to life after Iraq. People didn’t want to be around him. It’s taken time but he’s learned to love himself. He’s tried to be happy but people have talked to him condescendingly and it’s been a backward step for him. Sherri tells him he’s going to regret it.

Laura and Sherri ask him to stay. He says he appreciates their loyalty and says he doesn’t want to leave them in a bad spot. He’ll stay and fight a few more days.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Day 7. The tribes must swim out to a bamboo cage. On the floor of the ocean is a heavy chest. They have to open a door in the bamboo cage, drag the chest back to shore, drag it along a platform, which needs to have some piece pulled into place via grappling hook, and all the way to the end. First team with the chest at the end of the platform wins immunity and chairs, tarp, pillows, and a blanket.

Laura is way behind getting the bamboo cage but it’s pretty even as they start to untie the cage door. The Fans get the door open first. The tribes are even as they hit the beach. Their pretty even as they get to the last piece they need to pull into place. Brandon hooks it while Eddie misses. The Favorites move the chest along the platform and win.


The Fans. Reynold tries to talk to Shamar who cuts him off. Shamar said he has contacts and need the mask but Reynold didn’t give it to him even though he asked for it. “Stop talking to me. I think you’re disgusting.”

Laura talks to Sherri about how she’s nervous since she didn’t swim well. Laura tells us they need to keep Reynold and Eddie to help win challenges, so they need to vote for Hope.

Laura, Sherri, and Matt talk. Matt says they need Eddie and Reynold. (Wasn’t it Eddie that couldn’t hook that last piece? Yes, I believe it was.) Laura points out Reynold could just give Hope the idol. They decide to split their votes just to be safe between Hope and Eddie. Wait, what? Not Hope and Reynold? What the hell you guys? You split it between Hope and Reynold and if Reynold doesn’t play it, you move your votes to him so that you get him and his idol out of the game.

Sherri talks about it with Shamar. She tells him not to worry about anything, just vote for Eddie.

Hope tells us she’s concerned. She doesn’t think Reynold willl give up the idol.

Hope and Shamar sit and talk in the water. Shamar says he would prefer her to hang around instead of Eddie or Reynold. He implies she should vote for one of the guys.

Hope tells Julia (who?) who tells Sherri what Shamar said.

Julia tells us it’s pretty clear Shamar doesn’t care about the game.

Hope goes to Reynold and says she can get Julia to vote for Shamar, which would make five votes for Shamar.

Tribal Council

Reynold says he heard from other people that Shamar did a lot of yelling after last Tribal Council. Shamar explains that he was yelling at Reynold. He goes on to say a lot people put out a lot lies and try to alter people’s perceptions. Jeff asks who’s lied. Shamar says Reynold has. Reynold says he’s not sure how that’s possible since Shamar doesn’t let Reynold talk to him any more. Dude, you just lied about Shamar earlier in this paragraph.

Shamar: “I think you’re an evil person, just leave me alone.” Not great game play but awesome.

Hope says she and Shamar were talking in the water and that he said it was 99% likely she was going home. Shamar, correctly, points out that’s not what happened, that she said she thought she was 99% likely to be going home and he said not necessarily. She smirks and shrugs, “If that’s what you say.” I can’t tell she really doesn’t remember or if she’s lying.

Jeff asks Matt what it is about Shamar that makes him feel picked on. Wow, I’m not sure why but this whole thing is starting to become really uncomfortable. I think part of it is Jeff’s reaction. He believes everything everyone is saying about Shamar and not really believing Shamar.

Matt says Shamar’s personality rubs people the wrong way. Julie talks about Shamar yelling at her after last Tribal Council. Shamar says she’s embellishing what happened to bolster how they feel about him.

Sherri explains that once Shamar feels someone has crossed him, there’s no going back for that person.

Hope says she feels there’s a good chance of her being eliminated. Jeff asks “who would [she] put the vote on?” Shamar, because he brings a lot of negative energy to the tribe.


Reynold doesn’t play his idol.

Shamar. Hope. Shamar. Hope. Shamar. Hope. Eddie. Eddie. Eddie.

Three-way tie.

Revote. You can only vote for Hope, Eddie, and Shamar. Hope, Eddie, and Shamar cannot vote.

Shamar. Hope. Hope. Hope. Hope. Hope is going home.

Bubbling Under

Will Reynold be able to continue move the tribe’s opinion of Shamar to the point where they decide to vote him out? Can Malcolm and Corrine deal with the sentiment running against them? Will it dissipate after not having to go to Tribal Council?

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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4 Responses to Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay”

  1. g says:

    “The Favorites. Phillip tells us he’s in terrific shape and he takes good care of himself in regular life. He plays full-court basketball with guys half his age and twice his height (his words, of course). ”

    LOL! I actually laughed so hard reading that. great recap!

  2. Scheddar says:

    Shamar’s the angry black man who goes on television vowing not to be “the angry black man”, then acts all put out when he embodies everything there is to embody about “the angry black man” stereotype. Dude, get a mirror cause your lack of self-awareness is embarassing. No doubt upon watching these episodes he’s blaming everything on editing.

    • ryanoneil says:

      He does lack some self-awareness and he certainly has been angry. However, I do feel bad for him, at least a little. It seems as he’s having all of his buttons pushed.

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