Pretty Little Liars – Recap & Review – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

photo: abcfamily

photo: abcfamily

Pretty Little Liars
Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2013

Lauren A – Senior Reviewer

This week’s PLL picks up right where we left off last week – Spencer straight out of the sinister sauna, and Aria and Emily rushing to her side to hear what she has to say about A. While Aria and Emily are trying to reason and logic their way through Toby’s betrayal, Spencer is finally coming to terms with who Toby really is. However, by the episode’s end, Spencer can’t come to terms with Toby’s fate and she finds herself in Radley without the help of even a fake ID badge.

Hanna and Ashley are still fretting over their search for Wilden. Ashley is ready to come clean, but Hanna is putting her lessons in Lies and Deception 101 to good use. Hanna promises not to say anything to anyone about Ashley’s incident, and the two freeze and sirens and lights go rushing by the house.

Aria’s obsession with all males Fitz is taken to a new level of creepy when she bursts through Ezra’s door and calls baby Fitz “babe”. Ezra explains to Aria that Maggie is looking for a place in Rosewood, and that she’s fine with “exactly who (Aria) is” in Ezra’s life. Maggie seems to be hunky-dory, but is it just me or is there something a little less than genuine behind her smile? Ella shows up at Casa Montgomery while Aria is digging for child-friendly toys (good thing she left the carved-out doll behind), and Ella mentions Ezra looking for a teaching job for Maggie. I don’t understand why, but Aria lies to Ella, saying she’s never met Maggie and that she will happily pass on the news of Ella’s efforts to Fitz. It’s obvious that she won’t, and that Ella suspects Hanna is the least likely Liar to take up babysitting, but I really didn’t know why Aria would keep something like that a secret unless she thinks baby Fitz = trouble for Ezria.

Is Aria the worst baby-sitter ever? Sure, she cut the crusts off baby Fitz’s PB&J, but she also had Hanna over, let the kid entertain himself watching something on the iPad (or Samsung tablet, knowing PLL’s technological tastes), and was texting and talking on her phone. So of course the kid fell off the bed. I’m unclear as to what Ezra keeps under his plush rug that caused baby Fitz so many bumps and bruises, but the poor child was nearly mortally injured from the short fall. Not only that, but she takes the kid to the ER. Never heard of a band-aid, Aria? Ezra basically accuses Aria of being on the phone while baby Fitz was jumping on the bed (she was) and begs him to tell Maggie that she doesn’t know the first thing about being a parent (she doesn’t). It’s overly dramatic and awesome.

Aria comes clean to Ella about baby Fitz. And, for the first time, we see a PLL parent give some very sound, warm advice. Aria doesn’t doubt her feelings for Fitz, but she is questioning whether or not there’s a place for her in this new-found family unit. Is this the beginning of the end of Ezria??

Now that we finally have permission to consider Wilden a full-on bad guy, he’s popping up everywhere. Literally. Ashely and Hanna scour the news for a mention of the hit-and-run, but come up lacking. Later, Ashley catches a glimpse of Wilden outside a local shop. She almost gets run over (nice touch!) and when she looks up, Wilden is gone. Back home, Hanna searches for Ashley. She hears a honk from the garage and heads out there to find Wilden’s police car, lights flashing and hit-and-run footage playing. Honestly, I think the video is much more incriminating for Wilden than for Ashley. Seems like a good law-enforcement official (so one from anywhere but Rosewood) could get her off for what she did. But, of course, Hanna is scandalized and terrified. She breaks down and tells Aria, who encourages Hanna to talk to Ashley. (Hanna’s line of the night: “Our moms are different. Mine hit the accelerator!”)

All of Aria’s advice is for naught when Hanna decides to dump Wilden’s squad car in the pond/lake/ambiguous water hole of Rosewood. Aria helps, of course. Because there’s nothing suspicious about two girls driving and pushing a cop car into a body of water. In the episode closer, a local fishing enthusiast reels in a Rosewood Police ball cap, so something tells me neither A nor Wilden will be going with the flow on this one.

Special delivery for Spence! The funeral wreath a Hoodie was putting together at the end of last week’s episode has arrived at the Hastings door with a note saying someone close to Spencer will pay for her loose lips. This is a different style of note than what we’ve seen from A. (Mona’s also climbing such creepy heights. Her veiled threats and half-sinister smirks are pushing Spencer’s buttons and giving me the chills!) Spencer examines the funeral wreath ribbon and is convinced that A is targeting Emily. Em gives Spence a cool-down talk, and heads to the police station to see if her mom can help track down Toby. Em takes advantage of a few minutes at her mom’s work computer to research one E. Lamb, Toby’s Radley Sanitarium alter-ego. Before she can download a picture of the guy, her mom interrupts, followed by a text from Toby: “Stop looking. I’ll meet you.”

Mona is counting quite a bit of green when she gets a call to meet up with someone. Spencer follows her out of the coffee shop. Spencer finds an abandoned campsite and a bloody body wearing a motorcycle helmet and sporting Toby’s tattoo. A female calls, “He’s dead”, and runs off. Spencer takes off after her and Spence finds herself alone in a clearing, weeping over Toby’s supposed death. Later, we see some officers have found Spence all crazy-eyed and bushy-haired, silent and without ID. She is cut up and bleeding and tears are still rolling down her cheeks. They call her a Jane Doe and lock her up in Radley for a psych eval.

Meanwhile, Emily heads to a warehouse to meet up with Toby, but when he’s a no-show she starts to head out. That’s when she spies Red Coat and takes off to meet the blonde. She runs into Toby’s friend who told Em that Toby’s family was out of town. The guy says he doesn’t know what to tell Emily, and that he hasn’t seen Red Coat. He DOES know what to call Emily, though, even though she never told him her name. Is this the A-factory? The place where all of A’s schemes and tricks come to life? Interesting! When she returns to her car, Em finds a note from A – “Toby is no more” – and a funeral bulletin for Toby.

So is it really time for Toby’s farewell, or did he just give the Liars the slip and take off with Mona’s cash? My money is on the latter. We didn’t see a body, and this show is pretty good about tying up deaths with some hard proof. I also don’t think we’d see the end of Toby without some vindication from Spencer and the other Liars, or without at least a very tearful moment. I’m also wondering if Spencer faked her breakdown so she could do some digging from the inside at Radley. What are your thoughts on this twisty episode? Leave your TwoCents below!

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One Response to Pretty Little Liars – Recap & Review – Out of Sight, Out of Mind

  1. Julia says:

    I agree. Hanna should have handed the video over to the police. But it seems like everyone on the Rosewood Police Force is involved in the case, so… The scene where she and Aria roll the car into the lake was hilarious, though.

    Spencer’s breakdown was inevitable, I guess (the others girls are not human), but still, wow. I have a feeling that the body might have been Wilden (with a fake tattoo) and that Toby might still be alive, but who knows? Your theory of Spencer faking her breakdown is nice, too.

    As for Aria, I don’t think she’s that bad at babysitting. Accidents really can happen, and when he fell off the bed, she was getting him a juice box – it’s not like she was neglecting him. Yeah, she was on the phone and had Hanna over, and he was playing video games, but I don’t think a seven-year-old needs to be entertained 24/7 – even at school or his mother’s house, he would have periods of time out of adults’ sight. Aria was only his babysitter and if his mother or father didn’t tell him that jumping on the bed could lead to falling off the bed, there’s not much a stranger can do to keep him from it. For example, I teach third-graders once a week and when their parents and homeroom teacher haven’t taught them to be quiet when someone else talks, my constant reminding them of it doesn’t really have a very prolonged effect.

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