New Girl – Recap & Review – TinFinity

photo: fox

photo: fox

New Girl

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2013

Kelly — TwoCents Reviewer

Happy TinFinity, fellow loft trolls! Nick and Schmidt have been living together for ten years now, and they’re throwing an anniversary party to celebrate their enduring friendship/ wonder what went wrong in their lives. Here’s Jess with your nightly science lesson: tin’s chemical symbol is Sn! This party is now ten times more important. Time for Schmidt to send a strongly-worded email to his florist. When Nick offers to help plan the “masculine garden party”—not because he actually wants to help, but because he wants to feel trusted—he winds up stuck with balloons and Porta Potties. Hopefully not at the same time.

Meanwhile, Jess tries to stop thinking about Nick Miller’s mouth on her mouth. She sets her sights on Jax, a San Francisco 49er with big muscles and even bigger feelings, but what starts out as a refreshingly open relationship quickly turns awkward. Jax is a blubbering mess with no sense of emotional boundaries: the kind of guy who thinks he’s ready to marry her after a single date. Maybe Nick’s turtle-faced reserve isn’t such a bad trait after all. I just wish we hadn’t needed such an over-the-top guy to make that point. Couldn’t Jess have dated a normal man and still pined for her roommate?

Because really, even a normal guy can’t come between Jess and Nick. Who else could share a special moment in front of a Porta Potty? When Nick decides to be a “small businessman” and purchase a rusty, toxic toilet, Schmidt compensates by renting one of his own. As far as roommate squabbles go, this one is hilarious, devastatingly hurtful (Schmidt should trust Nick!), and totally fair (nobody wants to use a Porta Potty like that). In a show of faith for her friend, Jess agrees to use Nick’s toilet. Now that’s love.

I think CeCe could use a special moment like that, yes? She wants kids, but she also wants romance, and Shevrang isn’t giving it to her. Still, she agrees to marry him when he hijacks Nick and Schmidt’s toast in order to propose. Their relationship is emotionless but practical: the opposite of her relationship with Schmidt, or, more importantly, of Schmidt’s relationship with Nick. The guys don’t have to make sense together as long as they care about each other. And in the wake of CeCe’s engagement, they put aside petty Porta Potty differences to remember what’s really important: they’re equals. Schmidt might have a better job than Nick, and he definitely plans a better party, but his love life is just as messed up. And anyway, they’re friends. They need each other. As upsetting as that is, it’s also kind of great.

So what did you think of the latest kiss fallout? Will CeCe go through with this arranged marriage? How great is it that Schmidt and Nick actually observe proper anniversary traditions—and how much fun do you think Max Greenfield has in a fat suit? ‘Til next time, loft trolls. Enjoy those miniature cinnamon buns.

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