NCIS – Recap & Review – Detour

photo: cbs

photo: cbs


Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Two men are debating how much to charge their drain cleaning services to a desperate woman, when all of a sudden a bloody Lieutenant Gordon Roth stumbles down the street and straight into the van, before chugging a bottle of drain cleaner, killing himself.

Ducky and Jimmy pick up Roth’s body, but on the long way back to NCIS they get a flat tire. Ducky examines the tire and finds a bullet. Then their van is high-jacked and they are kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to a remote hunting cabin! Now that’s what I call a bad day at the office.

Even without a body to go on, our NCIS Agents are still busy. McGee and DiNozzo are bickering because McGee sets other Agents up with concert tickets, but never told DiNozzo. Gibbs sends them to go talk to Roth’s CO, Navy Commander Lisa Cleveland.

Back in the secluded cabin in the woods, Ducky and Jimmy are ordered to perform an autopsy by a woman called Anna and her two subordinates, Marcus and Lincoln. Ducky deliberately grosses them out enough so they’ll stand outside whilst he and Jimmy form their escape plan.

It’s still busy at NCIS where they’ve located Roth’s whereabouts before he committed suicide, but they call in the man who accidentally shoot Roth in the scuffle with Roth’s own gun. That man is Mike Dunkel, Lisa Cleveland’s husband, and he says Roth had been having an affair with Lisa. Just because an affair was uncovered was no reason to drink drain cleaner though. There must be something more to it.

Indeed there is. Judging from a signature (which sounds a very unscientific way of gauging something, my signature always varies slightly) Roth was replaced with an imposter shortly after he signed up to the Navy, ten years ago. The affair with his CO was actually a way to get intel as his bank records show he informed a Cuban source in exchange for money.

What follows for Ducky and Palmer is like a very gross episode of McGyver, as they manage to orchestrate their escape using only a dead body and what they had in their pockets. Jimmy says they found a locker key on Roth’s body, which Anna takes, and they distract her long enough for the fuse to burn through to where they collected the flammable gasses from Roth’s body. The explosion kills Marcus whilst Ducky and Jimmy manage to escape due to the fact they used the acids produced in Roth’s body to eat through the chains on their legs.

Gibbs has managed to locate the cabin and Ducky carved a message into Roth’s foot. “R9” meaning Rule 9: never go anywhere without your knife. The knife points in the direction Jimmy and Ducky fled.

Jimmy took one of the bad guy’s guns during the explosion, and there’s a lot of banter before Ducky hurts his ankle. This would be cliché, except Ducky quotes the statistics and points out that he’s fleeing in the dark on uneven terrain. Jimmy refuses to leave him though, and I just really want to hug them both.

Then, Ducky is calling for Palmer who appears to be missing. Clearly, this is bait. Lincoln gets ready to shoot Ducky but Jimmy comes out of hiding, gun a-blazing. At first he’s victorious, then he’s guilt-ridden, then he’s terrified because Lincoln was hit but he’s not down. Thankfully, that’s when the NCIS team arrive like the Big Damn Heroes that they are.

Anna is still on the loose, but she gets picked up using the locker key, which she believed held the intelligence Roth stole. Instead, it holds Palmer’s gym clothes as he set her up. It made me very happy seeing Ducky and Jimmy’s satisfied faces as she was arrested.

Did you suspect Roth was an impostor? Do you think McGee was right to keep his ticket connections from DiNozzo? Did you really think Ducky and Palmer were in danger? Did anybody else really want to steal a cadaver and start their own science lab due to this episode? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.


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