Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Funny Valentine

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Law & Order: SVU
Funny Valentine

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

You might note the title of the episode and realize that Valentine’s Day was a good two weeks ago. Then again, considering the (totally original and not at all related to anything in real life) plotline, I’m not sure it would have fit a day of romance anyway.

Misha and Caleb are two young musical artists in a relationship and making a video together. They seem perfectly happy until Caleb overreacts to a situation with another woman and beats and chokes her in a fit of rage.

Misha’s manager, Brass, who used to be Caleb’s manager, isn’t very enthusiastic about his former client. Neither are the detectives, once they find Caleb enjoying himself at a party. Thanks to Caleb’s fame, nobody who witnessed the beating is willing to talk. Misha though, despite having been wary, quickly loses sympathy for Caleb when she sees his attitude. However, she changes her mind again once pictures of her are posted on the internet and Caleb’s lawyer paints him as a victim of racial profiling.

Olivia persuades a doubtful DA Barba to do what he can against Caleb and his attorney. With Misha refusing to testify, he tries to persuade Caleb to publicly apologize and accept a plea bargain. Apparently, Caleb listens, going on a talk show to talk to Misha “personally”. Later, the detectives find them both in a hotel room together, despite a restraining order against Caleb. He’s unrepentant and she calls out that she loves him as he’s taken away.

Caleb and his lawyer persuade the judge that he didn’t understand the terms of the order. It’s a pretty absurd theory, especially considering his new tattoo of Misha’s ruined face. He’s manipulating her, and an attempt to arrest him for drug possession falls flat. Fin turns to Brass, who is one of the few people to care for Misha and see Caleb for who he is. He agrees to keep an eye on Caleb, who predictably shows up at Misha’s party. When the detectives arrive, several people have been shot and Brass is dead.

Misha blames the detectives for everything that happened. She denies that Caleb’s trying to manipulate and he denies that he was ever at the club. To persuade Misha, Barba brings Brass’s wife and son to meet her. She still believes that Caleb really loves her and regrets his actions, but she eventually admits the extent of what he did to her and that he shot Brass during a confrontation at the party. She also agrees to repeat the story in front of a grand jury.

Olivia and Barba head to the courthouse the next day, discussing Misha and Caleb’s relationship. When the trial begins, Misha says that Caleb wasn’t actually at the party. He called her during the night using a burner cell phone and persuaded her not to testify. They head out to Bermuda together, and there’s little anyone can do to stop them. They go on a fancy cruise together, but he soon confronts her. Later, the detectives and Barba watch a reporter discuss Misha’s tragic death. So…at least they made sure not to follow a certain news story too exactly?

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