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Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Here we go with week eight of Justified. We are still waiting to find out who Drew Thompson is. There is still a lot that is unsettled with Raylan. He seems to be on a strange path at the moment and I cannot really tell where he is heading. With everything that has been going on with him, I am just waiting to find out what is going to go wrong next.

Boyd is having issues as well. When he was attempting to hunt down Drew Thompson, he was asked to kill one of the guys that is in the way of the rich folk that live up in Clover hill. Ava is still fairly concerned about what is going on with and knows that something is going wrong at the moment. Also now that Johnny knows that Ellen Mae is still alive, what is he going to do with that information? Lets see what happens this week.

Raylan: He goes to see Hunter in an attempt to try and find Drew Thompson. He tells him that he wants to get a higher rank. He wants to take the deal away from Arlo so bad that he is willing to make a deal with another person that attempted to kill him. Apparently Raylan is so desperate to find Drew that he is talking to the psychic. Art pulls him into his office, tells him that Arlo took a shiv to the chest. He goes to talk to his father, wanted him to talk to him before he passed, maybe get some information from him. Arlo regains consciousness just long enough to tell Raylan to kiss his ass. He comes to see Boyd. The hit man that killed the 2 men earlier in the episode was at the bar and putting handcuffs and dragging boy out. Only problem with that is that Raylan was just with Shelby and he knew something was up with that. He ends up shooting him. When we last see him, he is standing over his father’s body.

Boyd: He is setting up a plan to kill this guy from last week. He is sitting down with someone and they are talking about plans to kill this guy Frank. They are talking to him like he is trash. They said that they need him, so they really do not want him to get caught. They need him in order to further their business. He goes and has a sit down with Frank and tells him that if he is willing to give him more money to not kill him. He talks to Colton about the job and that he is going to need 2 people at least to pull that job off, but he is very distracted. Wynn comes to talk to Boyd. They need to find Drew now before this guy that they sent down does. The guy that they sent down ends up going to see Frank; he killed him on the spot. They know that he is not the right guy so now it may be on Boyd that he did not find the right guy. He almost ends up killed, but he gets a chance, gets a hold of Detroit, and manages to make a deal so that he could make it out alive.

Arlo: He is being brought into this place to get his hair cut. Hunter comes in and beats on this one guy that is sitting there to cut the hair. He is ready to get rid of Arlo. He goes over to the wall and attempts to get some scissors, turns out Arlo is just faking that he is drugged, gets the jump on Hunter and is able to beat him down, then he beats on the guard when he comes in to check on him then Hunter gets up and stabs Arlo in the chest. He was stabbed but he is still alive for the moment. He is dead before the end of the episode.

Ava: She is talking to Boyd about the deal that he was supposed to have with Frank. He lies to her and tells her that Frank made the deal with him. She also has no idea what is going on with Johnny. He keeps disappearing without telling her anything. Then when they finally talked to each other she is getting worried because what happens when Theo is no longer happy with what Boyd is doing.

Colton: He is very distracted by the fact that he is getting text messages from someone claiming to be Ellen Mae. They are asking for 20 thousand to disappear. He has gone completely off of his rocker. He goes over to this drug dealer’s house. He emptied an entire clip into his body, and then takes money out of his guitar case. He ends up killing Mark, Tim’s friend.

Ellen Mae: She is still with Shelby. She looks great. She seems to have some kind of an infatuation with him. Shelby tells her “If you pretend that you are something long enough, then you aren’t actually pretending anymore”

Art: He seems kind of upset to tell Raylan that his father is in the prison infirmary and probably not going to make it through the night. He is joking about Raylan almost being a cop killer. He kicks Raylan out for the next day and a half to mourn the loss of his father. Raylan is less than pleased with this as he walks out of the office. 

Johnny: He goes to see Wynn and talk to him about Drew. They are talking about how Boyd basically handed Wynn his enemies list. Wynn tells him that he now has permission to take out Boyd but that he needs to be the one to find Drew or die trying.  

Just would like to have a moment of silence for one of my favorite characters on the show that has now passed, Arlo. This week was incredible there was a lot of different story pieces that they managed to continue and they also gave us a bit of a spoiler, or hint as it were as to who Drew Thompson is. Shelby is talking to Ellen Mae and tells her that he has not seen his wife in over 25 years. Eve the psychic said that she had not seen Drew in over 25 year. Just kind of a hunch but I think that could be who Drew really is. What did you think of this week?

Next Week: The Hatchet Tour

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3 Responses to Justified – Recap & Review – Outlaw

  1. Laura says:

    I am with you on the hint. Unless it is a red herring, think we hav our Drew.

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