90210 – Recap & Review – Strange Brew

photo: cw

photo: cw

Strange Brew

Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode, Naomi tries to connect with Mark while they’re setting up the restaurant. Meanwhile, Silver and Adrianna come up with different ideas with what to do with the food truck and finally settle on documentary filmmaking.

Also, Annie’s feelings for Liam are coming back and seem to be influencing her novel. Will reworking the ending of the novel help Annie tell Liam how she truly feels? Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi– Since last week’s episode, Naomi has been busy setting up her & Mark’s restaurant for it’s opening in a couple days. All this work hasn’t made Naomi and Mark get closer on a personal level, so when Silver suggests they get together outside of work, Naomi decides to invite Mark to live with her. There’s one big problem, though: Annie. Annie wants Mark to stay with her as a buffer for her feelings for Liam. Naomi then moves on to plan B, which includes a fun trip to an amusement park. Naomi tries to get to know Mark better, but it’s crystal clear that they’re very different people who can’t relate to one another very well. While the two are stuck at the top of a gondola, Mark mentions that tonight’s restaurant opening is supposed to be a soft one, AKA just family & friends. Naomi breaks it to him that she didn’t know and invited over 100 people. When they get back to the restaurant, they find that it’s a bit of a disaster. Naomi apologizes, then helps out with the food situation. Naomi’s on her feet all night and reaches a breaking point. She tells Mark that she’s done being business partners with him. When Naomi eats some random desert, she starts to have an allergic reaction & Mark gives her some medicine. It turns out that Naomi is allergic to Argan oil, and so is Mark. They finally have something in common! They also connect again when Mark tells her that he also thought about what she was like when he was a kid.

Annie– Annie is starting to have feelings for Liam again. After she spaces out and imagines making out with him, she tells Liam that he needs to stop waiting for something to happen and figure out what he wants to do with his life. Later, Annie has a meeting with Armitage books. They like the book, but they think she needs to change the ending. Since they’re 100% sure she’s basing it off her love life, the head of the company tells Annie that she wants Annabelle & Leo (LOL) to get together. She also tells Annie to face her own feelings while writing the ending. Annie decides to block her feelings by getting Mark to move in with her as a distraction. Later, Annie tells Silver & Ade that she thought writing her novel would stop her carnal feelings for Liam but it hasn’t. Annie spends the day at Silver’s truck and hears a love story that inspires her to find Liam & tell him that she loves him. She comes home to find Liam drunk and half naked on the couch. She tells him that she stills loves him, then turns around and finds him snoring away. The next morning, Annie wakes Liam up and he asks her if they talked. Annie says no. She hands in her new ending of Annabelle & Leo driving away on a motorcycle together to her publisher. The publisher loves it and tells Annie that it feels true. Annie tells her it’s not true, at least not right now.

Silver/Adrianna/Dixon– Since the last episode, Dixon has already cut a demo for Michaela and set up a place for her to perform (Naomi’s restaurant opening). He also still hasn’t told Silver about any of this. Meanwhile, Ade & Silver are coming up with ideas for what to do with the food truck and come up with anything & everything, including mobile psychic/dog grooming truck & a travelling masseuse. Silver just wants to find something that she can focus on, so she heads over to Dixon’s studio to brainstorm. He mentions that she wanted to be a filmmaker, so Silver comes up with the idea of having the truck be a studio on wheels. Silver plans on doing big stories of everyday people and has Ade ready to interview people. Ade tries to get people over to the truck by offering free makeovers. They only attract one person, who tells them about the bumpy road it took for her & her high school sweetheart to finally realize they love each other. Over at the restaurant, Naomi has Dixon put Michaela on early so they can deal with food orders. Right before Michaela performs, Silver shows up. After Michaela’s done performing, she tells Silver about her & Dixon’s plans. Silver confronts Dixon and tells him he only cares about what’s important to him. Dixon tells Michaela he screwed up, but he’ll fix it. Over at Silver’s, Ade tells her that it was good to give people their dream moment and Silver’s doing the same thing for Michaela. Ade hands her the camera and Silver watches a vid of Dixon apologizing. He also comes up with a compromise: he wants Silver to direct Michaela’s first music video.

Liam– While Annie frets over her feelings for him, Liam is just trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. While he’s setting up the restaurant, Liam comes up with the idea of opening his own micro brewery. Before the opening, Liam has Dixon taste test his beer and Dixon thinks there’s something wrong with it. The response from the restaurant opening is none too kind, as well. Liam hawks his beer and no one likes it, so Mark tells him to get rid of it. After a drunken night of pity, Liam decides to go surfing with Dixon. Liam tells Dixon that he wants to find something that he’s passionate about. Dixon mentions that he saw the custom surfboard Liam made and would pay for one.

Navid– After Campbell, again, reassures Navid that the test was a one-time thing, he asks Navid for another favor. Campbell’s ex wants closure from their relationship, so he wants Navid to go with his fiancé, Sonja, to an event while he sees his ex one last time. Campbell also tells Navid that he’s thinking of recommending him to lead Cronus after he graduates. The rest of the episode takes very predictable turns. After the event, Navid & Sonja head to a hotel bar. When he leaves for a moment, he sees Campbell kissing some girl (presumably his ex). The next day, Campbell asks Navid to keep an eye out on Sonja at the opening while he’s at home doing homework. At the opening, Sonja tells Navid that her dad runs a huge investment banking firm and will put Campbell in an executive spot after he graduates. Realizing that Campbell is only with Sonja for her connections, Navid tells her that they should leave and surprise Campbell. The next day, Sonja calls off the engagement. Campbell tells Navid that he’s gone from Cronus, and tells him that nice guys finish last.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Life’s a Beach (oh, the puny titles on this show)

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One Response to 90210 – Recap & Review – Strange Brew

  1. raisa says:

    No no no no no no no !! Not annie and liam again gosh what happened here ? Liam and silver ending is not even clear yet . Where’s the ending for liam and silver . Liam was all “I just want to be with her so bad” and than bam , banging his prof and than this . Annie , back off !!

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