Dallas – Recap & Review – Blame Game

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Blame Game

Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Way, way back in 1978, Dallas aired an episode called Winds of Vengeance. In that hour, disgruntled husbands held the woman of Southfork hostage as payback for J.R. and Ray having dalliances with their wives. It was a gripping hour of television, with the scene of Sue Ellen in her Miss Texas bathing suit being the devastating pinnacle of the hour.

When I saw the preview for this episode, I immediately had a flashback to the previous Southfork-hostage installment. Unfortunately, this hour wasn’t nearly the focused, intense hour that we got many years ago. In fact, it was a bit disjointed as it seemingly only served to set up what’s coming…

In short… Sue Ellen got Elena’s shares of Ewing Enterprises because of Drew’s misdeeds. Pamela got 10% of the company (or 40% of Christopher’s 25%) in exchange for agreeing to an annulment and shared custody. Bobby’s pissed that Sue Ellen would side with John Ross. John Ross is pissed because Pamela backed out of their deal in order to gain her daddy’s approval.

Bobby was angry enough to break out the cloud drive he had with incriminating John Ross/J.R. information, but he has yet to learn not to watch email videos sent by his brother. Because as cute as the bulldog playing basketball was, it was really J.R.’s way of embedding a virus to wipe out the cloud drive. Although maybe I don’t know enough about cloud drives, cause I am pretty sure Bobby pulled a flash drive out of the safe? But I would love to see what level of Angry Birds J.R. can get to!

But all of the Ewing (sans a disappearing J.R, and a court-bound Ann) were present when Vicente came calling to exact his revenge on John Ross for sending him to jail. The Ewings band together, but only emotionally, as Vicente has the guns and henchman. He sends Christopher off to get his methane plans and patent, threatening to kill Elena in an hour if he doesn’t return. Christopher tries to get the upper hand on the henchman, but the “Kill Her!” text is too risky for him to succeed. He returns home, where Vicente plans to take off to Venezuela, with Elena as an insurance policy. But eagle eyed marksman Drew has other ideas, and shoots Vicente before he can take leave.

At court, Ann is worried when none of her family is present, but her hearing continues. Bobby had spoken in her defense, talking of their horse-inspired courtship. Maybe due to the equestrian passions they shared, Emma does visit Ann in jail, giving her hop, but not yet breaking free of her father. Ann begs the court for mercy and compassion, while Harris implores them to throw the book at her. The jury and the judge see through Harris’s emotional torture and sentence Ann only to probation.

Bobby hopes everything they’ve been through will be enough to get Sue Ellen to back off, but her mama bear instincts over her pained son triumph all. After John Ross introduces her as the newest board member, Bobby vows that they are in for the fight of their life.

Also, Pamela seems to have real feelings for John Ross, but he (weakly) assures her that it was only revenge sex. Bobby also offered up the extended family to Emma, should she ever choose, but she declines… for now.

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One Response to Dallas – Recap & Review – Blame Game

  1. Daniella says:

    The biggest problem in Emma’s life is her grandmother and her father but she just doesn’t see it yet. Hopefully now that Bobby offered an olive branch in an attempt to make her understand that what has transpired doesn’t change the fact that their family, eventually she’ll come around. I imagine it can’t be easy to be in her shoes. In the last few episodes and in the preview clips that I’ve watched in my office, it has looked as if she is starting to understand how twisted her side of the family really is. Perhaps she just needs to see that Ann really had the right intentions all along and that a mother’s love knows no limits.

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