Bones – Recap & Review – The Fact In The Fiction



The Fact in the Fiction

Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

When an episode starts out with “Ahhh, I just killed a dead guy!” and shortly after that, another dude rolls out the missing head onto the floor of the diner you’re eating at…you know you have a doozy of an episode ahead of you.

We finally get to meet our new intern, Dr Oliver Wells, our guy that found the head and made our dining experience memorable. He is super smart and gave Dr Brennan a run for her money…and she has plenty!

I won’t even attempt to try to explain the whole time travel mumbo jumbo to you because I just couldn’t keep up. All I know is that there was no Flux-Capacitor and no Delorean and would have been awesome if Benji’s last name was McFly but oh well. But I will say that it got our Squints to think about time travel and where would you go if it could happen:
Jack– would go back to the moment he met Angela
Angela– agrees, but we know she is lying. We later learn she will agree with Cam!
Sweets– would go back to see the Finley’s (adoptive family) and tell them how much he appreciates what they did for him.
Oliver – doesn’t want to go back, but rather forward about 5 yrs.
Cam – would like to go back and get with Angela’s EX! So would Angela!
Booth – Would like to stop Lincoln from being shot.
Bones – would stay here and now. Everything she wants is now.

As for Dr Wells, he is brilliant in all ways, has many degree’s , gives Bones some idea’s that make her re-think her original brilliant thought and change it to maybe be something else and yet can be arrogant and a bit irritating all at the same time. He is truly a Squint! I enjoyed his banter with Hodgins the most and the fun they had in the lab. Reminded me of the fun Jack had with Zack.

Bones seemed a bit irritated by the most part of Wells, but I also liked that she admitted he was smarter that her. That, of course brought out a great reaction from Booth, which was fun to see. But the best part was that she asked him about the Asteroid farming and wanted to know his thoughts…trying to get some inside info before investing , as Booth wanted…which all comes back to Booth being the smartest of them all. Ha!

So did you like Dr Wells? Will he fit in with our interns? We he be a challenge to Bones? Where would you go if you can go back in time or into the future?
If I had the chance, I would go back to when my dad was alive and tell him I love him and enjoy the day being with him.
Ok, I think I need to watch Back to the Future this week.

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2 Responses to Bones – Recap & Review – The Fact In The Fiction

  1. Martha J says:

    Ha, I love the Back to the Future reference! I was ok with Wells also, I especially liked watching him and Hodgins in the lab. If I can go back or Future: I think I’d like to see the future about 10 years and see how my kids future is turning out.

  2. Justine Case says:

    I actually really liked Wells, no one else seems to but i did :o) it was fun to see Brennan get her feathers ruffled, I hope he comes back. I loved the Wells-Hodgins interactions. You can never have too many experiments, especially when people get covered in goo.

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