The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – I Ain’t A Judas

photo: amc/gene page

photo: amc/gene page

The Walking Dead
I Ain’t A Judas

Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2013

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

It’s the age-old 80s dance question: should they stay or should they go? After the Governor’s little Walker calling-card, Rick and Glenn are for staying and Hershel is all about the bugging out. If it were me, I think I’d run… but to where? Ah, apocalypse.

When the group can’t come to a consensus, Rick tries to leave (as per usual) but Hershel has had enough of that crap. He gives Rick a good talking to in front of everyone, telling him that he needs to man up and be the dictator he said he was going to be last fall, or he needs to step down. Carl feels the same. He thinks his dad should abdicate… but does Carl want that for the sake of the group, or for the sake of his father?

In Woodbury, it’s all hands on deck. The Governor is raising an army (all adults 13 and up), but is it for defense or offense? Andrea is not too keen on the idea, especially when she learns that the Governor has already retaliated at the prison. This is all escalating far too quickly for her. She wants to go to the prison as a sort of ambassador, but big G says if she does, she can go ahead and stay there.

Back at the prison, Glenn objects vehemently to Merle’s presence. I don’t blame him at all, what with the almost killing. But at least he has training and some possible inside scoop into the Governor’s likely next move, as well as intel on the Governor’s state of mind (some of which came out when he and Hershel bonded over amputations). But the main bonus of having Merle in the prison is having Daryl in the prison. Carol couldn’t agree with me more, although she is keeping a very close eye on Merle, just in case he starts bringing Daryl down.

In Woodbury, The Governor takes a look at his eye wound. It is very gross and I felt sorry for him for a bit, until he put the black eye patch on. The villain of the graphic novel has finally showed up. Milton informs him that Andrea is planning on going to the prison and had asked for his help. I think in a test of her loyalty, the Governor instructs Milton to go ahead and help her.

Taking a page from the Book of Michonne, Andrea and Milton catch a Walker, chop off his arms, and break his jaw and teeth. It. Is. Nasty. But now she has a pet to take her through any Walkers right to the prison gates. As she is getting ready to go, who should stumble out of the forest that Tyreese and his group. Rick scared some valuable team members away, and here they are willing to join the other side. Damn.

Back at the prison, Merle tries to make peace with Michonne. It feels like empty words to me, but no time to tussle because Andrea is in the yard. She does not get the welcome she is anticipating because she is in bed (literally and figuratively) with the enemy. They all doubt her to some extent, and that is totally understandable.

Once she gets the scoop on those lost since she had been left behind at the farm, she decides to go back and try to get the Governor to negotiate. With some very wise advice from Carol (sleep with him, give him the night of his life, and then kill him) and a gun and knife from Rick, she drives back to Woodbury.

Back in town, The Governor tends to Tyreese and his crew. He tells them they can stay as long as they want, but that a war is coming and they would be better off not getting involved. When Tyreese starts talking about the prison, the Governor changes his tune. Perhaps this group can be of some help to him after all.

Later that night, with Beth singing a beautiful Tom Waits song (Hold On) in the great acoustics of the prison, Rick tells Daryl he’s making a run for guns with Michonne and Carl. Daryl is in charge until he gets back.

When Andrea gets back to Woodbury, she goes straight to the Governor and confesses that she went against his orders. But she came back because Woodbury is where she “belongs.” After some welcome home sex, Andrea pulls out the knife and holds it over a sleeping Governor. But she can’t bring herself to do it.

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