Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Correspondents’ Lunch

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Parks and Recreation
Correspondents’ Lunch

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

Newlyweds Leslie and Ben are back from their Hawaiian honeymoon, and it’s right back to business. Ben’s starting his new job with the Sweetums foundation, while Leslie and the Parks gang attend the Pawnee Correspondents’ Lunch where the government and media exchange roasts. Leslie’s written a killer speech, but what happens when a journalist from the Pawnee Sun delivers the same speech, word for word?

Plus, Ann has finally settled on a possible sperm donor and it’s someone very well known to her. Who is it? The answer may LITERALLY shock you!

It’s Ben’s first day with Sweetums and the offices are pretty swanky with their fancy lunches and breakfast trolleys. His first task is to select a charity for Sweetums to focus on, and he’s enlisted the help of Tom, April, and Andy, who needs a pick-me-up since finding out he wasn’t accepted into the police academy.

At the Correspondents’ Lunch, Leslie tells Kim from the Pawnee Sun to brace herself because she’s about to open a can of whoop-ass. In true Leslie fashion, she’s pasted the words “whoop-ass” on an actual can. It’s all laughs until Kim takes the stage and delivers the exact same speech Leslie wrote. The whole gang is in shock, until Jerry realizes his copy of the speech is missing from his coat, prompting Leslie to send him to stand in the corner and refuse dessert. They try to come up with some last minute material, but Leslie ends up crashing and burning during the few seconds she’s on stage.

Back in Ben’s office, Tom reclines and enjoys the perks while Andy suggests a music program charity for needy kids. Ben sort of writes him off completely and decides to go with his choice, and Andy gets a little teary and heads to the car. April calls Ben out on his selfishness and tells him Andy needed a win today, all while dumping some candy out on Ben’s desk.

At the lunch, it hits Ann that the perfect sperm donor has been standing in front of her the entire time. She’s entertaining the idea of asking Chris, which might be a bit complicated since they used to date. Even though he’s busy flirting with Shauna Tweed, who he broke up with a few weeks ago, Ann works up the courage to ask him (with the help of Ron by her side) but runs away before she gets an answer. Jerry realizes the speech has been in his shoe this whole time, so Kim must have gotten hold of the speech by other means. Finally, it hits Leslie: the Sun has been a step ahead of her for months and it can only mean one thing. They’ve been hacking her email; a realization that drives her smash her phone, but actually Jerry’s. Oops.

The next day, Ben calls in Andy to thank him for all his help as he enjoys more Sweetums perks. Andy tells him he could probably help a zillion more charities if Ben got rid of all the extras that he really doesn’t need. Ben thinks it’s a great idea and decides to give up his enormous office and all the other little goodies that came with the job. He also offers Andy a role as his “idea man,” which Andy accepts with a big, awkward hug.

Back at City Hall, Chris tells Ann that he’ll think about becoming her sperm donor. Leslie, still sure that the Sun is hacking her email, plans a press conference about the Pawnee Commons with the help of Donna. Sure enough, Kim is in the crowd and Leslie openly accuses her of email hacking once Kim asks her a very specific question about the park. Donna proudly announces she sent that certain email as a trap which Kim walked right into, and Kim leaves, embarrassed.

What did you think of this episode? Will Ben and Andy work well together, or is it a recipe for disaster? What will be Chris’ answer? Share your TwoCents below!

Next Week: Bailout

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