Nikita – Recap & Review – Black Badge

photo: cw

photo: cw

Black Badge

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2013

Andrew – TwoCents Reviewer

Someone in Canada fudged up scheduling Nikita on Friday, leading to an Undercover Boss airing at 8 PM, instead of our usual heroine. That’s why this review is coming to you late, so I’ll just drop some quick thoughts about the episode below.

For the second half of the episode, “Black Badge” was classic Nikita, with a clear mission and personal stakes in the rescued character, Sean. I loved seeing Alex and Nikita back in the field together, even if they didn’t have much interplay. Particularly, the medical room scene between them, when Nikita fought off Naomi displayed trust between them. When Naomi proved to be a tough combat opponent, Nikita told Alex to stay with Sean rather than help her. One can argue she’s extremely invested in Sean now that it’s an easy decision for her, but I’m not sure Michael would’ve obliged without any hesitation.

That battle ended with a new kill move, too. Nikita caught the upended knife midair and torpedoed it into Naomi from above. Fight scenes have been lacking this season in their choreography, which are understandably tough to be creatively fulfilling week after week. The Naomi character didn’t feel too overplayed; her cover obviously had Nikita fooled.

The first half though, was problematic. The episode’s endpoint, to feature Sean as a new person, didn’t have enough foundation to hold up. I would’ve liked the first half to feature more Sean – I haven’t really bought into the Alex relationship – or some more spotlight on his mother, who dedicated viewers know well. Because of this, we didn’t really get a smooth transition into Sean’s decision to forgo his Navy SEAL life, and what that could’ve been motivated by.

At times, it nearly slipped into CBS procedural territory. Thankfully, the second half was stellar, and I enjoyed the attention to detail in obtaining Sean’s consent, as well as faking his death.

Bullet points:
• Amanda only had a few scenes, and most of them were on phone calls. Nevertheless, the tension heightens whenever she’s on screen, and they saved the first half from being a total drag. Her overall plan this episode, was deliciously ruthless as usual.
• Was that the first time we’ve had a “silent” theme intro, after the CIA director’s car exploded?
• Did anyone else in Canada miss the episode?

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