Malibu Country – Recap & Review – Bowling For Mama

photo: abc

photo: abc

Malibu Country
Bowling For Mama

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

As tonight’s episode begins, Reba is looking through a catalog for a birthday gift for her Mama and seems really frustrated that she cannot find a thing. Kim, her neighbor is sitting with her and comments that soon her own little baby girl, who has yet to even be born, will be doing the same thing. Cash comes in looking to see if his report card has come in the mail – and he seems really nervous about it. Reba asks Cash what he got her and he asks when her birthday is…and it is this weekend! Kim wants Reba to get her mother Botox. June brags that her gift is going to be great – a half-day fishing trip. In order to get out of finding a gift, wants to go with her on the gift. But he doesn’t even have the money to give her and wants to borrow that, too!

What will happen in tonight’s episode? Let’s see….

Lillie Mae comes in from her bowling game. Reba makes a comment about her bowling ball and even suggests having a second one. If one of their competitors loses one more game, Lillie Mae’s team will go on to the finals! Of course, Lillie Mae has to ask Reba to take over for one of the other teammates. Reba, however, thinks it is a bad idea. But this is Lillie Mae’s one wish for her birthday. Reba reluctantly agrees to go.

While at the bowling alley, Lillie Mae introduces Reba to her team and even has one of Lillie Mae’s teammates, Ricki, asking her to give the record label a CD of her music. Lillie Mae makes jokes at the team that they are competing against, trying to throw off their game. When the opposing team fails to bowl a strike, it is up to Reba to bowl that same strike that is needed to win the game….and she does it! Ricki, the same woman that gave her the CD shows up at her door asking Reba to replace her mother and help them win the championship. Ricki says either way, her mother is off the team. What do you think about someone like Ricki that backstabs someone just so that they can win?

June and Cash talk about Lillie Mae’s birthday. Cash’s idea is to pay $11 for a fishing boat picture and put it in a frame. They start arguing over June feeling as if Cash is stealing her idea. Reba steps in and yells at both of them, reminding them that a gift is from the heart. But, it is not the same gift, right? A picture and an actual fishing trip; do you agree that they are different?

Lillie Mae walks in from a bowling practice, and she was in the “groove” as she puts it. Reba sits Lillie Mae down and tells her that her trash talking has gotten her kicked off the team. Lillie Mae wants to know her replacement. When she finds out it is Reba, she says they will never win with her on the team. Lillie Mae is steaming mad, but gives Reba her bowling ball.

June gives in and tells Cash that his idea is a good one and that he should still give it to her. However, Cash’s gift has fallen through and he is bummed about it. The gift he wanted to give Lillie Mae? It was an actual boat, costing $11,000! He apparently did not read the ad. June does remind him that he still has time to get her something. What would you do in this situation? Would you make sure to read the ad correctly before getting all excited about something?

Lillie Mae is asked by the opposing team to join them in the championships after hearing that she was dumped by her team. Reba and Lillie Mae bowling against each other? Who do you think will win? Is Lillie Mae doing this to exact revenge?

Yep, she is doing it to exact revenge. She makes fun of one of her former teammates. Reba tells her to cut it out. But do you think she will? She did it to the opposing team last time. Will she do it to her own daughter? She does and it rattles Reba, and ensuring that Reba does not make a strike! Lillie Mae finds that winning is important to her. Reba has her singing as an identity, but Lillie Mae feels she does not. Lillie Mae thinks that Reba does not understand but she does. She has a heart to heart talk with her regarding Reba’s ex husband and what it has meant to her for the support that has been given. After their little talk, Reba loses her confidence and Lillie Mae gives her advice – that fails! Lillie Mae’s team has won! What a birthday gift!

In the end, June gives Lillie Mae her fishing trip and Cash gives her three limes. The limes are a part of the gift. Lillie Mae thinks it is for margaritas but Cash says he intends on teaching her how to juggle. She loves her gift – calling it imaginative. Reba is sad because she never got her a gift…and Lillie Mae tells her that she has.

With three more episodes this season, what did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you like Cash’s and June’s gifts? What do you think of what Reba did for Lillie Mae? Who is your favorite character?

Time for your TwoCents!

Next time on Malibu Country: Oh Brother! (Guest starring Blake Shelton!)

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