The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Monster Isolation

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Monster Isolation

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Kym Caffrey – Senior Reviewer

Picking up where we left off last week, Raj is out for coffee with the girl from the party and talking way too much about himself. She, on the other hand is all about awkward silence. It’s no real surprise that she bails on him – or that he’s completely unaware of how uncomfortable she was.

Is it just because Raj is babbling? Or is she as nervous around men as he is around women and just got scared? She looked scared.

First, Sheldon seems to have suckered Penny into doing an episode of Fun with Flags with him. I doubt she knew he was going to divulge the details of her sex life in the process, but she seems to be taking it in stride. Of course, he also doesn’t realize she’s mocking him, just a little bit anyway. He wouldn’t know that people don’t stand around talking about flags at the kind of parties she goes to. She’s also trying to help him open up a little and be less “robotic”, as his viewers have described him. It doesn’t really work for him though – in fact it’s even more awkward after that, but he doesn’t notice. Later we see him talking to Amy online – I love her comparison between her nicotine addicted monkeys and her marijuana abusing flatworms. She has an interesting job. Too bad she gets kicked off the project later for throwing the monkeys’ feces back at them. Anyway, he tells her about Penny’s help with his acting, and she points out that he should have thanked her for it. Again, a social nicety that Sheldon has completely missed the importance of. He abandons his call with Amy to go and do so immediately, but first gets thrown off when Penny opens the door before he has a chance to knock. He makes her day with his compliment, sneaking his knocks into it along the way, then screws it up completely by blowing off her invitation to the play her acting class is putting on. Amy sets him straight on that too and he’s off across the hall again to fix it. He still can’t get it right though, Penny knows he doesn’t really want to come and is still kind of ticked off at him. But, he and Amy are going to the play with Leonard – once Leonard confiscates his Nintendo DS and Playstation PSP. Oh, and a GameBoy. And even a Rubik’s Cube. And an Etch-A-Sketch. I guess he was pretty sure he would be bored, but he actually seems to be enjoying himself, even though there aren’t any actual streetcars in “A Streetcar Named Desire”. And Penny is really good.

Meanwhile, Leonard, Howard and Bernadette are going to check on Raj. Howard just knows when something’s wrong with him and Bernadette finally questions how close they were before they got together – a question Leonard advises her not to pursue. Raj apparently hasn’t been coming to work or answering his phone – and it looks like he hasn’t showered either. Or cleaned. I can see where having your “date” sneak out the bathroom window to get away from you would be depressing. I do feel bad for him, but he does need to leave his apartment eventually or Sheldon will start interviewing for his replacement in the group. The girl in question shows up in the comic book store though and asks Howard to give Raj her number. I’m thinking she did just get scared, but Raj has sunk even further into his despair and wants nothing to do with her – or clothes either now. He sends Howard away with the phone number, then chases him down the street in nothing but a lobster bib and his underwear to get it back. He cleans up, dresses and calls to invite her over, but she doesn’t want to stay. She just wanted to apologize for running out on him at the coffee shop. He stops her in the hallway to at least ask what went wrong and she admits that she has trouble with people she doesn’t know and was only at the party because she’s trying to force herself into getting used to it. He asks her out again and she tells him he doesn’t want to do that because she’s “broken” and he tells her he’s “broken” too, even confessing that he’s only able to talk to her because he’s had a beer. She agrees to try one date. Then runs. I think they could be very cute together.

So, do we finally have a potential girlfriend for Raj? They’re both socially handicapped, but are they too broken for each other? It should be interesting to watch regardless. At least they’ll be understanding of each other’s flaws. It’s about time too – Raj has been alone too long.

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3 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Monster Isolation

  1. Eurydice says:

    The girl from the party (does she have a name?) reminded me of how awkward and weird Amy was when she first came on the scene. Not that she’s all suave and sophisitcated now, but she’s certainly more socialized. And I loved Raj’s litany of all the ways he’s broken, because it’s too, too true – the other guys (even Sheldon) are on an upward path, but Raj has been left behind. It looks like his path will be a little different from the other guys – by helping out the girl instead of her helping him.

    But what I really, really loved was seeing Penny be successful and talented. She’s the other character who’s been left behind and it was wonderful to see the surprise and acknowledgement on her friends’ faces as they recognized her talent.

  2. maggie C. says:

    Penny was very good. I hope she gets to do more and become a success.
    I am glad that the girl that Raj met is a nice girl. Maybe if the Penny meet her they can coax her out like she did with Amy, or not…

  3. maggie C. says:

    Oh goodness! my second paragraph sounds like I just fell off the boat from the old country. I meant to say if Penny meets the new girl, maybe she can coax her out like she did with Amy. Yay.

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