Suits – Recap & Review – War

photo: usa

photo: usa


Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Marriage is a merger of two lives – you have to make sure both parties are on the same page. There are assets to combine; which couch will stay, whose TV to keep. Baggage will be inherited and problems need to be solved together. Marriage, like a firm merging, is complicated – that’s why all the players need to be on the same page.

Guess who’s not a willing participant? Harvey Freaking Specter. Edward Darby wants to win Harvey’s respect and Jessica needs to keep The Closer after the merger – he’s a valuable asset they need after the wedding. The solution? Like adults who understand the severity of a merger/marriage and the impact it has on multiple lives, they bet on a case.

If Harvey wins, the merger will stop. The Peacock doesn’t want to know Darby’s terms because he’s that confident. Well, Jessica is joining the festivities – if Edward wins, not only will the merger happen, Harvey will have to sign an extension of his non-compete and earn his right to have his name on the wall. She’s playing hardball.

Let’s just say Darby is good. Dude isn’t in his position because he’s a dumbass. You know who’s a dumbass – but in a cute way? Louis!! He’s met his British counterpart, Nigel. The two hatchet men are tasked with preparing an efficiency list – redundant to have two people prepare efficiency lists, no? They don’t start off on the right foot – they tried to out “mud” each other (I have no idea what that even means but it’s something Louis enjoys and “mud” has been in crevasses that I can’t even imagine – is it code for something?). It doesn’t help that Nigel graduated from Harvard AND Cambridge – a doubly pretentious asshole.

Louis, needing to beat Nigel out of fear of inferiority, helps Harvey gain access to Darby’s information but it’s against the law – they broke the Chinese wall, an imaginary wall to prevent information leakage within a firm that has competing interests. Jessica prevents Harvey from using this information – she wants Darby to win.

That’s when Scottie confesses to Donna she’s in love with Harvey. She needs guidance on how to get him to stop being angry with her. Donna advises on sacrificing – prevent the merger to show Harvey she loves him. Taking Donna’s advice, Scottie gives Mike a file to win the case. Harvey doesn’t want to use it – it’s from a deceitful woman. Donna talks some sense into Harvey and the file is placed into play.

That would have been the end of the merger but Jessica trumps Mike. She tells him to lose the file or else she’ll report his fraud – she was for real. Mike, being in a tough spot, decides self-preservation is most important and sells Harvey out.

Harvey isn’t happy he lost. In one of the best scenes (the best scenes are always in the bathroom!), Harvey confronts Mike. The Closer has put himself in harm’s way for Mike over and over again – this is how he’s getting repaid? I get Harvey – his beef with Mike is not about the lost but the betrayal. Mike tries to rationalize it – he did it for Harvey, now Specter will be on the wall…except it will not; that part of the deal was dropped. Mike didn’t know it but, as Harvey pointed out, he shouldn’t have to tell Mike because Puffin shouldn’t have betrayed Peacock.

Jessica comes into the men’s room – I guess hearing the commotion results in the managing partner visiting the men’s room. She dismisses Mike but not before Harvey fires him (Jessica says don’t worry about it). Alone, Jessica basically tells Harvey to suck it up – he lost. Yes, she cheated but she’s going to prove she can control him. This is when Daniel Hardman’s words start to resonate with Harvey – he tells Jessica Herpes was right: Jessica doesn’t trust Harvey; she’s afraid of him. Well, she just kicked his butt, so no – she’s not afraid of him. Jessica tells Harvey he’s going to stay, be humble, and learn his place.

Harvey reflects in the mirror and leaves the bathroom, reeling from his confrontation with Jessica. Gabriel Macht was awesome in this scene – no words, just his pretty face. I saw the hurt, the betrayal, the humiliation, the defiant-acceptance – all wrapped in a gorgeous face.

While walking back to his office, Harvey spots Scottie and is informed she’s been fired – Darby found out she gave the file to Mike. Being a loyal person, Harvey goes to Edward to keep his end of the bargain (welcoming Darby to the firm) and tell him it wasn’t Scottie who gave him the file. Edward calls his BS but he’ll hire Dana back – he thinks it’s a gallant gesture. One question: does Harvey want her to work in NY or London?

In other firm news, the efficiency list has been finished. In a chance meeting, Nigel and Louis talk and realize they are very much alike – friendless misunderstood perfectionists. They recognize the efficiency list will indicate one of them is redundant. The two, becoming fast friends, decide to keep each other off the list…except Louis didn’t keep his end of the bargain. He thought Nigel would do the same but Nigel was true to his word. I feel bad for hating Nigel in the beginning.

Seeing as he’s such a bad friend to Nigel, Louis wants to be a good friend to Rachel. It seems Rachel wants Mike to write a letter to expose Sheila’s true (fake) reason for denying Rachel’s rightful (not really) place in Harvard. Mike can’t sign the letter because he’s a fraud so he approaches Louis but he can’t sign the letter either – he lied to Rachel. Louis tells Rachel the real reason she didn’t get into Harvard – bitch is not good enough.

This leads Rachel to angrily yell at Mike for not signing the letter. I mean, she just found out Louis told Mike the truth but wanted Mike to blindly send it anyway? What?!!! This scene is so contrived but I’ll roll with it. Mike, after being (not really) fired by Harvey knows he’s lost Harvey’s trust. With Rachel badgering him, he tells her he doesn’t want to lose her too so he…tells her he doesn’t really have a Harvard degree.

I don’t get the reasoning. The one thing that can drive her away – the ultimate lie – he tells her to keep her? Huh? I guess it’s so they can have angry sex in the file room. Whatever. The whole time I was thinking they’re not using a condom and that’s just nasty. STDs are not a laughing matter and it’s just wrong to condone such actions.

This sets things up for next season. So many questions, so many relationships damaged. Also, Mike and Rachel better get tested, ick!!

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. How old-school is Edward Darby? He stands by Donna’s cubicle, not entering Harvey’s office because he needs to be announced. Really? Loved Mike’s reaction to Darby’s code (what century are we in?). Also love? Mike’s attempt to “announce” Darby!! Very “Downton Abbey” of Mike.

2. An amendment to Darby’s code of etiquette: if summoned, he does not need to be announced. I don’t get it but it’s funny.

3. It seems that everyone thinks Donna is in love with Harvey (she totally is). Who wouldn’t be in lurve? Dude’s hot, cocky, smart, and vulnerable. Dana is openly in love with Harvey. Is he in love with her? My guess is no, he has too many relationship fears. Also, he doesn’t trust her – how can you love someone you cannot trust? That’s why Donna is perfect for him – will he finally realize how awesome she is?

4. I loved why Harvey is mad at Dana. I think Donna was half right; Harvey is scared – if Scottie can cheat on her fiancé, she can cheat on Harvey. The other half is Harvey’s unwritten code – he never wants to be the third party. It’s the ultimate offence to him – he saw what it did to his father. Dana made him an unwitting third party – he was upset he made a fool out of a man he didn’t know. I think my Harvey-love increased.

5. More Harvey-love increase? Dana telling Mike about Harvey’s brother. To cover his brother’s medical cost, Harvey gave up his tuition money. Another tidbit about Harvey’s mom? She gave money to Harvey’s brother so the loan can be repaid to cover the tuition. Harvey is that stubborn – he wouldn’t take his mother’s money.

6. Jessica was really on fire tonight. I understand she felt Harvey was ruining her plans but her words were harsh. I think the schism in that relationship will be hard to bridge.

7. I guess it’s “they will” for Mike/Rachel. I abhor Rachel’s character. She’s going to be on her high horse and start judging Mike again. Also, the slaps – really? Does Mike lying about his education warrant slaps? Plus, now that everyone and their mothers know Mike is a fraud, is it a secret anymore?

8. I understand Harvey’s reluctance for the merger. It’s like they just got out of an abusive relationship and now they want to jump into another one – with a more powerful man. I also understand Jessica’s eagerness – with the merger, they will not fear their exes (ie Herpes) because Darby’s firm has the money. No one is right, no one is wrong but the rift between the two still exist.

9. Loved Louis confession to Harvey about his merger fear – he’s scared he’s going to be insignificant after the merger. His counterpart is a formative foe – Nigel out-Louis-ed Louis.

10. The “Downton Abbey” references were awesome. So British and proper.

This season was close to perfection, will next season measure up? Will the relationship between Harvey/Mike and Harvey/Jessica heal? How will they interact? Will they learn to trust one another again? Will the merger succeed or fail? Did Harvey opt for NY or London for Scottie? Will Harvey truly accept the merger? See you in the summer!! Tell me how great this episode sets up for next season and what you anticipate the most!! Discuss away!!!

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3 Responses to Suits – Recap & Review – War

  1. mariatv101 says:

    I was actually grossed out by the Mike/Rachel sex scene. Perhaps that’s my British sensibilities, but it just made no sense and I couldn’t see the chemistry. Especially compared to the chemistry everybody has with Harvey.

    I don’t trust Scotty. I’m not sure her feelings for Harvey are real, or if she’s just playing him somehow, especially as she confessed this all to Donna. Donna bought the story far more than I think Jessica or Mike would have, and even argued Scotty’s case.

    I like Darby. He seems mild-mannered and gentle, but I’m sure he could have a real killer edge in the court room. I think he’d be a fantastic asset, but Pearson’s firm really seems to have trust issues and does not work well with others, mostly due to their own crippling insecurities and power plays.

    Oh, Louis. Poor Nigel. Poor both of them. This Suits finale has been full of moral tales, not only for the characters but for the audience. I think Nigel was supposed to come off as unlikable at first, but first impressions are not everything. Nigel’s character is a good reminder of that.

    The Jessica/Harvey relationship is so complex. She is the ultimate dominant at work, but it turned him into the ultimate submissive personally. Donna hit the nail on the head. He fights so hard for the company, but does not fight for matters of his heart. He’s so confident when it comes to the job, but when it comes to himself he’s just passive due to fear of failure.

    What I’m mostly getting from Suits is that although the characters are so awesome professionally, the personal sacrifices and insecurities are extensive. They are broken individuals. I just want to give Jess, Harvey, Donna and Louis. (And Nigel)

    Can’t wait to see what the new season brings.

  2. Dan says:

    Lying about your education warrants slaps because it’s all about Rachel. We keep hearing she’s got an inferiority complex, but she soldiers on enough to ensure the entire world revolves around her, whilst simultaneously making sure that nothing is ever her fault. Every decision or mistake that Mike has made since childhood are now hers to throw a fit over at her time of choosing. I’m so done with this show. It’s unrecognizable from the first season.

  3. Dan says:

    Something else I forgot to mention regarding the slap. I’ve seen a few other people/reviews refer to the slaps as something Rachel had a right to do. On what planet does anyone have a right to physically abuse another person? Why is that kind of attack taken so lightly, when if the tables had been turned there would be an uproar? (and rightly so.)

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