Elementary – Recap & Review – Possibility Two

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Possibility Two

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Laura Kelley – Associate Staff Writer

Last week we saw Watson agree to stay on with Holmes to learn from him, and this week Holmes decides to test her knowledge involving their current case as well as a sketchy dry-cleaners. Oh, and there’s a bee running amok, but we’ll get to that later.

Possibility Two’s mystery starts with the shooting of several guards from a security firm, and Watson misses that one of the dead guards was not a real guard who had wanted to get into a museum’s garage to steal car registrations. As all this unfolds, a mysterious man asks Holmes to take a strange case…he thinks the disease he has was given to him deliberately. Hit the jump to find out more.

Holmes doesn’t want to take the man’s case. The man, Lydon, has a rare disease called hereditary CAA and has no hereditary predisposition to it so he thinks it was purposefully given to him. While Watson works on her Holmes-ordered reading, Lydon sends Holmes the gift of a bee, which Holmes does not take. Holmes gets a call from Gregson, telling him Lydon shot and killed his driver. Lydon has dementia and has no idea why he would have killed his driver; he begs Holmes to take his case. He does, and he gets the bee too. I have an X Files-related aversion to bees so in my mind this cannot possibly bode well! At the lab that helped diagnose Lydon, Holmes asks the man in charge is what Lydon claims could be what happened; a researcher called Natasha says yes and there aren’t many people who could make someone develop a genetic disease.

After Holmes delegates picking up his dry cleaning to Watson, who is just as thrilled as one might expect, he says they need to go to talk to a Dr. Invald in Norway; Dr. Invald is a doctor who’s just bought a very nice house paid for by one of Lydon’s sons. He gets a message from an unknown number that tells him Lydon’s disease can indeed be given to someone and that they are getting closer. The message tips Holmes off that the sender was researcher Natasha, but when he and Watson show up to meet her she has been killed. Detective Bell thinks it was a botched robbery but Holmes disagrees since nothing appears to have been stolen. Watson says that the killer’s blood was left at the scene because Natasha fought him before she was killed. Natasha’s fiancé points them to Benny, someone Natasha worked with on a gene project.

In the message from Natasha, there was also a picture of a molecule that Watson shows to a former teacher who tells her it mutates the CAA gene. Benny, Natasha’s former research partner, denies killing her but admits they did have an argument when she didn’t help him reduce the time on the sentence he is serving. Holmes doesn’t think Benny killed her, and he and Watson go talk to Lydon’s son. In a cute scene, he and Watson both separately steal something with the son’s DNA on it so they can test it. After Watson goes to pick up Holmes’s dry cleaning, they find out that the blood from the crime scene belonged to Benny who has an alibi. Holmes invents another excuse to send Watson back to the dry cleaner, where she realizes that he’s doing it because he wants her to figure out that the dry cleaner’s is a front. Natasha’s fiancé tells them that she found out he had a gene she had linked to sociopathy, and she started cheating after she found out. He admits that he did kill Natasha but did not cause Lydon to get CAA.

Part of the name of Natasha’s lover actually belongs to an old woman with dementia, leading Watson to believe that rich people are being given the disease to get them to donate money for it and Natasha was trying to expose it. The owner of the lab company where Natasha worked tells them that he needed the research to make progress because he found out he has CAA himself; he was the one responsible for giving the disease through hospital IV’s. Elsewhere Watson figures out the dry cleaners are laundering (ha ha) money and they get arrested. Meanwhile Holmes finally finds the escaped bee in his apartment. This week’s mystery was not my favorite but I did really like Holmes trying to get Watson to deduce things on her own. And he didn’t even have to throw things at her to get her to do it! What did you think? Leave your two cents in the comments and I’ll see you next week.

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