Community – Recap & Review – Conventions of Space and Time

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Conventions of Space and Time

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

Britta and Troy watch Inspector Spacetime half naked in bed when Abed knocks on the door. Britta hightails it out the window. They don’t want him to know because Abed is weird and needs to be eased into the transition of Troy and Britta’s dating relationship. Britta does some pretty awesome moves out on the fire escape. She gets dressed and runs around to the front door pretending she’s brought donuts for her breakfast date with Troy. Abed says he’s known for weeks that they’ve been sleeping together but he just really likes donuts. Well, I certainly can’t fault him there. Donuts are delicious.

The study group is planning a road trip.  Troy and Abed are going to the Inspector Spacetime convention and Jeff wants to go skiing with Annie. Unfortunately, the slopes are closed due to an avalanche killing some tourists. Bummer.

At the convention, Jeff wants Annie to come hang out with him but she thinks it might be fun to stay so he ditches her. Also, Jeff looks just like Thoraxis, an Inspector Spacetime villain. Troy wants to take a photo with Glueon, but Abed is having fun hanging out with his penpal superfan, Toby, a sketchy Englishman with a job in Nigerian banking, with whom he’s agreed to meet up. So he’s the one that’s been sending me all those emails! Troy feels like he’s being replaced and he’s not wrong.

Back at the hotel (Jeff told Annie she could hang in his hotel room while he did not lame things), which is super swank, Annie calls for room service and is charmed when the operator calls her Mrs. Winger. She makes up this whole weird scenario where she and Jeff are married.

Jeff meets a gorgeous woman in the lobby who thinks he’s the Thoraxis actor. He goes along with the ruse because she’s totally hot. The staff has really grown attached to Mrs. Winger so the bellboy shows Annie how her husband is totally cheating on her. Drinks are thrown and Jeff’s day is totally ruined.

Troy goes all psycho girlfriend on Abed and Toby. Toby tries to get Abed to be his new best friend and there’s a Winger-esque epiphany  by Abed.  Toby locks Abed in whatever Inspector Spacetime calls his TARDIS.  Abed knows that Troy will save him because they’re best friends. Troy does find him and they make up.  ♫Troy and Abed being best friends!♫

Jeff wants to know what’s going on with Annie. She says she was pretending they were married because she was hurt that Jeff ditched her. He says the if they were married, he wouldn’t flirt with anyone else. They have a really sweet moment together. I like Jeff and Annie as a couple, even though they aren’t. They make up and head back to the convention. Jeff is in a good mood so so he pretends to be Thoraxis and says the catchphrase “Bow before Thoraxis” with his shirt ripped open. Everyone in the convention bows because why wouldn’t you?

This felt a lot more like the Community I’ve missed the past few months. Lots of laughs, lots of awkwardness, Troy weirdness. We got Jeff abs and that’s always a good time. Let me know what you thought. Leave your TwoCents in a comment!


About Shannon

Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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