Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Super Hoagie

photo: amc

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Super Hoagie

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

We open on Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan discussing how much damage The Avengers’ battle sequences would cost in real life. Walt thinks that if a superhero saved you, but your car was destroyed in the process in no way would you make the superhero (or your insurance company) pay for the lost car. Right. My “eternal gratitude” would last about two trips on the bus.

The guys are talking about their all-time favorite robots, when Bryan bursts in and slaps down a menu from Readies Fine Foods and points out that there are 97 sandwiches on their menu named after local Red Bank establishments, but nothing for the Secret Stash. They make Ming cold-call cuss-out the owner and demand he come to the Stash to explain himself. The owner, Tom, arrives at the store and Walt points out the omission of the Secret Stash from his menu. He agrees to put a Secret Stash Superhero Sandwich on the menu, but only if the guys pair up and compete for who’s sandwich makes the cut. Walt tries to quickly team up with Mike the only member of the Comic Book Men who’s also a Culinary Institute trained chef, but Ming quickly points out that the teams are always Mike and Ming versus Bryan and Walt and Walt relents.

A pretty buttoned-down lawyer comes into the shop to sell his Flash of Two Worlds Statue. Walt explains that sometimes there’s a perfect storm when a customer comes in who looks like they could handle a little good natured ribbing and one who’s selling something that Walt doesn’t really want all that bad. Walt tells the reserved looking gentleman that today’s the day that he should let his hair down and party with the guys at the Stash. Walt even encourages the lawyer to take it easy and smoke some crack. Ha!

Later, a customer brings in a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man but he’s asking too much and the Comic Book Men can’t make a deal. Finally the last customer of the day brings in a Star Wars Chewbacca model.

Finally it’s time for the sandwich competition. Mike and Ming have created a sandwich with fried chicken, bacon, cheddar and apple jam. Sounds delicious. Walt and Bryan have created a sandwich with two types of bread, two cheeses, chicken two ways, roast beef, turkey, bacon and lettuce. It sounds delicious but you can almost see the dollar signs rolling into the back of the restaurateur’s head. He picks Mike and Ming’s more simple and delicious sounding sandwich to be the Secret Stash Super Hero. It’s now #60 on the Readies menu. #60 THE SECRET STASH SUPER HERO – Fried chicken cutlet, crisp crisp bacon, aged cheddar and apple butter. The chef wins!

This episode was great. Lots of stuff for sale. Lots of joking around. More laughs. More Mike, which was lacking last week. I’m grading this issue of Comic Book Men a 9.8 Near Mint.

Items sold at the Stash

Customer offers a set of knock-off Wolverine claws. These are custom versions with some pretty cool bone designs. Customer wants $60. Walt offers $30 but they settle on $40. Sold.

Flash of Two Worlds Statue. Based on the Flash #123 cover by DC Direct. Only 1500 were produced. Customer wants $450. Walt offers $50. No sale.

Amazing Fantasy #15 from 1962. First appearance of Spider-Man. Customer wants $18,000. Walt calls in Robert Bruce the store’s expert who grades the book a 2.0 and offers $2,500. Walt even ups the offers to $3,000 but the customer asks for $8,500. No sale.

1994 Star Wars Chewbacca model. Customer wants $30 to cover the gas it took it him drive from New England. Walt originally offers $10, but agrees to $30 because he likes the guy and he reminds him of Captain America.

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