1600 Penn – Recap & Review – Skip The Tour

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

1600 Penn
Skip The Tour

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight’s episode begins with Skip eating breakfast while walking outside the White House when he runs into a White House tour. He greets them enthusiastically. He thinks that the people on the tour should know who he is by giving them all sorts of clues. Some of them try and take pictures, but the tour guide says they cannot. He continues to lead the tour and Skip decides to tag along. Little does he know what happens….

We cut to the White House private family residence where Dale and his wife Emily are discussing the impending visit of Dale’s brother, Doug. Apparently this is not going over well with Emily. Dale says that there is nothing to worry about since he is staying in a hotel and not the White House. Emily comments that the only reason that Doug is staying in a hotel is because “the White House is too good for him”. Apparently she is still mad at him about comments he made at their wedding. Without notice, Doug enters into the Oval Office.

Of course Doug makes comments about the Oval Office “This is the Oval Office. It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Have you ever thought about pushing out the walls?” Emily’s comments about Doug seem to be spot on after what he said. What do you think?

Marshall, the President’s press secretary is trying to prepare Becca for an interview with DB. DB interrupts the preparations, thinking that questions that are being asked are meant for him. Becca insists on answering the interview questions; in other words, DB should just be supportive. DB walks out. Marshall is not happy with Becca, saying he could have been spending his lunch hour doing other things. He gets called out of his office and Becca takes the opportunity to look at his texts. She sees one from another woman from a time when Marshall had said he was spending time with his ailing uncle. She feels compelled to answer it. Of course, as soon as she sends it, she regrets it, tries to delete it but does not realize that since it was sent, it cannot be taken back.

Doug tells stories about Dale from he was young, including a story about Dale getting mono. Dale and Emily do not find this funny and tell the younger kids, Marigold and Xander, that they have to get back to school. Emily and Dale talk once they get away from Doug; Emily is still insulted by the way that Doug treats Dale. What do you think about how Doug treats his brother?

Before we know it, we hear music from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Skip steals whomever he can from the tour that they are on, promises them that history is about to come to life, and the people clap. What do you think about Skip trying to portray Willy Wonka? Do you find it to be too much?

Skip takes the people on his version of the tour of the White House. He gives a portrayal of the building of the White House as well as other things that simply put is not true. He is letting them touch things that they should not; getting nervous when there are fingerprints everywhere. Skip even starts to get annoyed and argues with a person on the tour; somebody who knows Skip is wrong is not afraid to dispute it. What bothers me is that Skip took them way behind the scenes, and into the private family residence. In order to not be found when Dale and Emily come into the residence, the group is forced into the bathroom, where they hear too much.

Marshall confronts Becca about the text that she sent. The woman she sent it to drops in for a visit to the White House and confronts Marshall about it. Of course, Becca blames her actions on her “pregnancy hormones”. Marshall is not happy and tells Becca that she is with DB and needs to move on. DB certainly knows how to come in at the right time and saves the day.

Doug and Dale finally get the chance to sit down and talk over a drink. The one thing that they agree on is that they are happy there is time to talk alone. Dale makes a comment about a wrestling match from when they were that still upsets Emily to which Doug says nothing.

Remember how Becca made the comment earlier about how she should be allowed to handle the interview? Well, he does. He sits there and smiles until Becca start to cry after being asked how she feels about being pregnant in the public eye.

As we begin to wrap up tonight’s episode, things between Dale and Doug come to a boiling point. Next thing we know, an all-out brawl breaks out. Dale finally fesses up that he faked mono in order to stay home forty years ago. He did not want to fight the opponent he was supposed to fight. They make up from their fight with a hug.

Skip and his “tour” come to the door of the Oval Office, where he takes a bow, and tells everyone “tell your friends to skip the tour!”

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Time for your TwoCents!

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