SouthLAnd – Recap & Review – Heat

photo: tnt

photo: tnt


Original air date: Feb 20, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

Last week, we saw the return of our favorite Los Angeles police officers. Cooper was recovered but left alone; Sammy was enjoying being a father while Lydia was hating being a mother; rookie Steele couldn’t get his time in the military out of his head. We met Mendoza (Chad Michael Murray), who was new to us but apparently has a backstory with our guys and we settled in for the fifth season of SouthLAnd. Tonight, we learn more about Mendoza and see what kind of life change is next for Lydia.

“Being a cop in Los Angeles is different than patrolling other cities. Not every officer can take the heat.”

Opening scene: Lydia is chasing down a woman and is able to keep up with her. She takes her down and they fight. The woman punches Lydia, hard.

Sammy and Sherman visit Mendoza in the hospital, who has been shot by a gang member. Lydia is working out while her mom takes care of the baby. She feels stronger now that the baby is sleeping longer through the night (a whole four hours). Her mom reminds her to not work out too hard or her milk will dry out (Lydia doesn’t seem to care though). During the morning briefing, the cops are warned about the extreme heat and muffins left by Cooper’s girlfriend. Huh? No worries, it appears to be a woman with special needs he is familiar with and has obviously repeatedly asked to stop coming by. Sherman announces he’s helping lead a fundraiser for Mendoza and is donating his sick days, because Mendoza has always done those kind of things for them and asks the rest of the guys to do the same. Cooper and Steele get called to a case of an elderly man whose GPS landed him on a golf course. He has an expired license but Steele has a soft spot for him since they are both veterans and Cooper agrees to let this case be a “catch and release,” but impounds the vehicle. Lydia and Ruben are called to a body discovered in the hills.

Steele and Cooper discuss the incident and Steele says Cooper would understand why the impounding of the vehicle is still a punishment since the man wouldn’t be able to afford it. Lydia and Ruben go to a boxing ring and we’re introduced to the woman who will eventually punch Lydia. Her name is Mrs. Dawson and Lydia looks around the room and appears to find something. Sherman asks why Sammy isn’t donating any of his days to Mendoza and Sammy says it’s because he needs to save them for himself and that Mendoza was “hanging out with” a gang member’s girl (and makes a remark about knowing him longer, implying he doesn’t trust him…). While on a break for ice cream, a woman confronts Cooper and Steele about how they’re wasting their tax dollars. Of course, Cooper answers back in the Cooper kind of way. Lydia tells Ruben what she saw in the office – brand new carpet, not even tacked down. She also says she’s not breast feeding anymore and there is a party later for a friend’s birthday and invites him. He politely declines. Sammy and Sherman pay a visit to the gang that Mendoza said shot him. One of the guys they know will talk tells them it wasn’t their gang, it was their rival. How do they know he’s telling the truth? He’s fresh out of prison and celebrating his son’s birthday for the first time – and swears on his son’s life he’s telling the truth. After Sherman stares into his eyes for way too long, they leave. What’s Mendoza up to? Something isn’t right.

Sherman and Sammy take their information and go pay the other gang a visit and one of them immediately starts running. He goes into the courtyard of what appears to be houses of some kind and Sherman goes in alone. Just as the guy runs out the door of the courtyard, Sammy pulls up and he runs into the car (but doesn’t get run over). He says the other guy has a thing with him because he thinks he’s hanging out with his sister (sound familiar?). Lydia and Ruben discuss her diet and wanting to lose weight and she is obviously not happy being a mother. Sherman and Sammy are informed Mendoza lied about being shot by a gang. He shot himself for insurance money. Lydia and Ruben put all the pieces together about the dead husband and go off to arrest the boxing widow. In a horrible twist, Sherman and Sammy are called back to the original gang’s house, where the birthday party has now become a crime scene. But it’s heartbreaking when they find the son has been shot. Sammy goes into dad mode, holding up one of Nate’s toys he’s had with him all day. Sammy and Sherman have an eye conversation that probably would’ve sounded something like “Yep, Mendoza did this.” And Sammy’s internal thoughts probably involved a lot of curse words about Sherman.

Ruben and Lydia go to the boxing gym with a warrant to search Dawson’s office. She runs and Lydia chases her (the intro scene). She puts up a fight and Lydia puts the smack down on her with some mean wrestling moves, eventually taking her over. Sammy attempts to comfort the little boy’s father, who is sitting in the hallway covered in blood. He doesn’t want the comfort but he sits with him in silence. Cooper and Steele are called to a house where a woman says her elderly neighbor hasn’t come out for a few days and she’s worried about him. They go to the back of the house and find an elderly man in his military dress uniform who has shot himself. Sherman pays a visit to Mendoza, who doesn’t feel bad for a gang member taking the fall for him and explains how bad his debt was. Sherman just listens and doesn’t say anything. Cooper and Steele get caught up in gunfire exchange during a traffic stop and Cooper finds Steele huddled behind the car covering his ears. PTSD, anyone?

Steele tries to explain what happened to Cooper and he has a look of disgust on his face. Cooper takes his badge off and walks away. Lydia leaves work to go to the birthday party and Ruben tells her what kind of beer helps produce milk. Really? Sammy and Sherman get into it about Mendoza and Sammy blames Sherman. They really have trust issues they need to work out. Again. Cooper leaves the station and sees his “girlfriend.” He sits with her and talks. While Lydia is at the bar having a good time, Ruben comes and has an expression on his face that something bad has happened. He drives her home, lights flashing, where there is an ambulance and she’s handed her baby. The paramedics take her mother away, but she has already passed.

My TwoCents:

  • I knew Lucas Scott with a pornstache would end horribly. I mean, did you watch the last season of One Tree Hill?
  • That being said, the Mendoza situation just might have been the straw to break the camel’s back on Sammy and Sherman’s partnership. With Steele gone (it appears that way), will Sherman go back to being partners with Cooper?
  • I enjoyed seeing the softer side to Cooper. It’s rare. But it makes me wonder if it won’t be part of a bigger story for him.
  • Lydia. I don’t even know what to say. What will she do without her mother? And how bad is her guilt going to be now? So many questions with her.

Those are my TwoCents. What are yours? Leave your TwoCents below and feel free to chat with me at Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV.

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