Modern Family – Recap & Review – Bad Hair Day

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
Bad Hair Day

Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Our past is our past. We might wonder “what ifs” but our life is our chosen path – we’ve decided this is our course. Sometimes, when the opportunity arises, we might try to peek into the “alternative life”.

Claire is going to her college reunion sans Phil who is preparing for a bowling tournament with Jay. Unfortunately, Jay calls to boot Phil for a better player so Dunphy goes to the reunion. He meets Claire’s ex, the one that dumped her – a professor with a (fake/pretentious) British accent.

Claire wants to see what her life might have been…and it wouldn’t have been pretty. The professor is married to an ex-student and it seems life sucks – they don’t own many things and live in a small apartment. Claire is grateful for Phil…awwww.

Gloria is reveling in her new identity – from pampered diva to mother/hard-worker Gloria. To reassert her new persona, Gloria throws out an expiring spa coupon from Jay due to her busy schedule. While looking for Mitchell’s boa, Gloria tweaks her ankle so Mitchell volunteers to take care of Joe.

At home, Cam is taking movie-theme photos for his upcoming Oscar party with Lily as the model. After 6 hours, Lily quits so Joe is the new model. All goes well until they switch sets – Joe’s wig is glued to his head by Lily because it kept falling off (she’s a problem solver, that one). Cam’s solution is to cut/style the wig as a mini-Bieber – to which I say ick!! The eventual solution? Cut the darn wig off along with Joe’s hair.

Mitchell is afraid to tell Gloria – she hits and her rings hurt like a mofo! So he makes a deal with Cam – he takes the blame for Joe’s atrocious haircut and Mitchell will go to Missouri with Cam to see his family…for 10 days (he’s THAT afraid of Gloria). Cam chickens out and gives Manny the lead in the show if he takes the blame. Manny bails and gives Luke a pen for his false confession. Luke pulls out and blackmails Jay into being dead man walking – Jay’s substitute for the bowling tournament was a pro; it’s against the rules. Luke is kinda awesome.

Jay tells Gloria the bad haircut was a father/son bonding gone awry. Instead of going Colombian, Gloria is appreciative Jay told the truth. Gloria knew what the others expected but she wanted to keep her new image so she played the understanding wife. When everyone leaves, it turns out Gloria hasn’t changed that much – her ankle is ok; she didn’t go to the doctor – she went to the spa!

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Jay gave Manny $50 for the bus. With that kind of money, can’t Manny take a cab? Safer, no?

2. Manny lost another lead part in the school musical. He was moping and needed shopping therapy. Maybe entertaining isn’t his strong suit? Time for a new dream?

3. The Dunphys know a person by name when they call Poison Control. Carol, how often do they call?

4. Luke was trying to get his failed assignment signed by a parent. We never saw if he succeeded but he can blackmail Jay to sign it, no? Also, Jay may have won the tournament but he cheated!!!

5. I have a face for hats too – it’s because it’s so darn big, all you see is face. Manny has the same problem/blessing.

6. How cute is Joe? Even with the spiky crazy haircut, he’s adorbs!!

7. The Bieber haircut is played out. Every time I see a boy/man with this haircut, I want to shave that atrocity off. I might snap one day and just do it – beware Bieber/bowlcut, you are my enemy.

8. Quote of the episode:
“I’ve had my dad’s baby for 45 minutes and he’s already in a dress.”
~ Mitchell, probably imagining Jay’s face and his concern.

9. Family moment(s) of the episode:
When Jay forgo his pre-tournament ritual to chase Manny on the bus to encourage him to sing in public so he can get the next lead. That’s a great father – he encourages his children to pursue their dreams.

Wasn’t Joe adorable? Gloria hitting WITH rings, scary, no? Lily is becoming such a diva – she has more Cam in her than Mitchell, no? Luke is diabolical and I love it, don’t you? What’s your favorite quote? Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Modern Family – Recap & Review – Bad Hair Day

  1. Mandy says:

    I thought Claire was a little sleezy in this episode. She cted like she wanted to be banged by the professor guy. Then she found out he wasn’t much so she fell into her husbands arms. Never saw her character like that, and thought it didn’t fit with her. No Bud and Al scenes?? Overall the worst episode of the shows history.

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