Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Deadly Ambition

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Law & Order: SVU
Deadly Ambition

Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

It’s always fun when SVU plunges straight into action. The only thing is, this action is part of a training sequence. It’s the first time I can ever remember the characters participating in such a thing. Better late than never, I guess?

The episode focuses on Amanda, whose sister Kim is back in town. She shares the good news that she’s pregnant. At least, she calls it good news. Overall, it would probably be better if the father weren’t a man who just hit her across the face.

Kim at least says she’s broken it off with Jeff, but is also worried he could follow her to New York. And he does. The other detectives are eager to help, with Nick and Fin stepping in to try and tell Jeff off. He responds by confronting Kim and Amanda at a baby store. Amanda talks to a group about Kim, but for a bit, things are okay. Then Jeff attacks Kim at Amanda’s apartment again. She walks in and, when he pulls out a gun, shoots him dead.

Scrutiny around the incident starts up immediately. Lieutenant Tucker, after previous run-ins with the SVU, is eager to press charges. In the meantime, Amanda is sent to a department psychologist, where she insists she’s doing fine. Given the circumstances, she should get off easily, but then Kim goes to Tucker and changes her story. When Amanda confronts her over the fact, she says she took out a life insurance policy on Jeff and if his death looks like an accident, they’ll get paid a lot of money.

Amanda takes this new information to Tucker herself. He’s not sympathetic, challanging her over her past gambling addiction and the fact the insurance names her as a beneficiary. Still, she wants to stick up for her little sister. Kim doesn’t seem to feel the same way. In an interrogation room, Tucker asks her who really took out the insurance policy, and she acts like she doesn’t want to get Amanda in trouble. Shortly later, Tucker arrests Amanda for Jeff’s murder.

Locked in a cell, Amanda meets her lawyer while everyone else tries to figure out what to do. Nick sticks up for Kim a bit, but the others suspect she set Jeff up to be killed and then revoked the rape charged after realizing it would keep her from getting paid. The Captain pays Amanda’s bail (where’d he get that kind of money?) and tells her to avoid Kim- advice she promptly ignores. On their next confrontation, she learns Kim really did set her up, and that she’s not actually pregnant.

Amanda goes back to her shrink, and Kim tries to appeal to Nick’s sympathies. She gets him to take her out to dinner, and tells him that she lost her baby. It becomes clear that he’s actually the one playing her once he gets her to talk about everything she did. He takes the tape to Tucker, who tells Amanda they’re going to pursuer murder charges against Kim. Amanda breaks down, saying she still cares for her sister, only to find that Kim has ransacked her apartment and disappeared.

Does anyone on this show have normal relationships with their family? We’ve only seen her twice, and Kim is certainly making a case for the worst sibling of a detective. I don’t have much sympathy for Jeff and do believe he hurt her, but she doesn’t seem to care much about anyone else, either. On a somewhat less dismal note, we got to see the inside of Fin’s apartment for the first time. He has a pretty nice place for a detective’s salary. Maybe he can loan Amanda some furniture.

Next Week: Funny Valentine

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