Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – This Is Why We Fight

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
This Is Why We Fight

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Once again, patient care took a backseat to hospital business. However, this hour had more momentum, more emotion, and most importantly faster pacing than last week’s outing. Hopefully going forward they can move out of the business meetings and back into the supply closets, the on-call rooms, and maybe even bedrooms.

We never did get a name for the incorporation of the five doctors trying to buy the hospital, so hence forth I shall call them The Flying Five, as they only are in this predicament because of the plane crash. Is it a little morbid? Sure. But the dark and twisty sisters are part of it, so it’s somewhat fitting.

The Flying Five are still trying to stealthy fly under the radar with their plan to buy the hospital. However, the rest of the doctors remaining at Seattle Grace Mercy West (SGMW) are trying to keep the hospital afloat, after the mass doctor exodus, followed by resigning nurses and lab techs. Owen is keeping his chin up, Richard and Alex are suspicious of The Flying Five’s motives, and Bailey is suited up for interviews. Owen implores Bailey not to leave, declaring her the heart and soul of the hospital.

While The Flying Five are trying to secure an investor, Meredith has Mousy (aka Heather Brooks aka Tina Majorino) playing spy on her old patients and keeping her abreast of developments at the hospital. While Mousy does a good job using Meredith to help Bailey save a seemingly lost cause of a patient, she also has impeccable timing for being in the right place, as she over hears Alana Cahill tell one of the board members that Pegasus is back at the table, but only to buy the hospital, fire everyone, and sell it off for parts. Anybody else have a flashback to Julia Roberts comparing Richard Gere to a car thief in Pretty Woman?

Jo and Alex are once again dancing around their burgeoning romance, this time by dealing with a young patient who is getting a tumor removed. Being that Alex is the now-adorable Alex, the patient’s tumor is named Phil and everyone wears “Adios Phil” buttons and talks about how gnarly the mass is. After a successful surgery, Jo once again bursts into tears, but these aren’t her previously faked ones, as she is despondent that she will never work with someone as awesome as Alex again. We all know a coupling is the end game of this paring, so this will-they-won’t-they flirtation is getting a little tiresome.

The Flying Five are trying to get Crest Capital, an investment firm, to pony up the $175 million they need to buy the hospital. They make it past the pitch meetings to the junior executives and the next level, but when they finally get face to face with Julian Crest, he knows all of their medical resumes, but logically points out that they have nobody with management experience on their team. So Meredith goes to Richard, who sweetly offers up his three (!) million in savings before hearing just how much they need.

Owen is beside himself when he learns, through the intern rumor mill, about the proposed dismantling of SGMW. At just the right time, Cristina appears and tells him about The Flying Five’s plan. He bursts into the boardroom, begging them to delay the Pegasus deal in order to give the doctors’ plan a chance to happen.

With Richard in tow, the prospective buyers re-approach Julian Crest and get his ear. Richard and Derek accompany him on his helicopter (he’s leaving for Dubai, rough life) and make a final pitch to get him to invest. We see them exit the helicopter, but their expressions are stern and not celebratory in nature. Cristina goes to Joe’s to meet up with Owen, who got the board to postpone the Pegasus deal, but dejectedly informs him that Crest passed on the deal, as he wasn’t “feeling it.”

All of the doctors bemoaned their forthcoming lack of employment. Oddly enough, millionaires Callie and Arizona were the ones discussing their future, not Bailey who sadly noted that she *was* the heart of the hospital. Stephanie watched Jackson make plans to go to another hospital, mocked herself for considering moving for him, and then he touched on the fact that he wouldn’t mind being in close proximity to her. But Richard seemingly took the news the best; even it would mean him looking for a new job at his advanced age, since he simply isn’t ready to retire. Instead of fretting over finding a job in his salary bracket, he went to bed with Catherine Avery. And there in bed, he shared with her the $175 million dollar figure that the doctors need.

Cut to the next morning, in an empty hotel conference room, where Richard has summoned The Flying Five and Jackson. Catherine announces to the assembled group that The Harper Avery Foundation is going to pony up the necessary funds to buy the hospital, only asking for a member on the board of SGMW in return. They all celebrate, except for Jackson who is bummed when he assumes that his mother will now be his boss. She corrects him, advising him that the board seat for is him, and as the majority shareholder, he’ll be boss of the hospital. “Give your momma a kiss; she just bought you a hospital.” To say that everyone is stunned is an understatement.

So do you think, outside of the awkwardness of Jackson being in charge, that this means the end of the business aspect? How will Bailey and Alex react to realizing they are working for their peers now? And are you ready for some fun and sexy times to return to Seattle?

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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One Response to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – This Is Why We Fight

  1. Absurdist says:

    Telegraphed the ending from the moment Catherine showed up on the screen. Other than that minor disappointment, it was a pretty okay episode.

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