White Collar – Recap & Review – Shoot The Moon

photo: usa

photo: usa

White Collar
Shoot the Moon

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2013

Jules – News Editor

Just when you thought she might have been gone forever, Sara’s back and enlisting Neal’s help on surveillance of Marie Antoinette’s perfume that her company is insuring, but as always, they end up wrapped up in a case. So is she here to stay?

Meanwhile, Elizabeth has been supremely involved in cases this season with amazing results. This week, she’s not just involved, she’s at the heart of it and with Peter. Mr. and Mrs. Suit are the core couple of this show and when it’s compromised, you better believe the whole team is in on figuring it out.

Apparently, Sara and Neal have been keeping their relationship casual. Whatever, I’m just glad to have her back as it seems to keep Neal on mostly good behavior. They make a good working pair.

Meanwhile, Peter’s planned a much needed surprise vacation for him and El. No work for two whole days, but not before Jones stops by with some information about Ellen’s tax returns that reveal a possible connection to the Empire State Building, but that’s a huge building, how will the two search it? They won’t. Peter already has plans to get Neal to do the searching for them while they keep their distance. More on that later.

So the event is here and the perfume is in all its glory. Peter makes the “Does it smell like cake” joke because you know only he would and could. At the event, Neal ends up being the one to watch Satchmo since the Burke’s sitter is unavailable, but at his place, since Peter doesn’t trust him in his house, even though Neal has to go there to get him! Also, El and Peter have figured Sara and Neal are together.

The Burkes leave for their getaway, while Neal and Sara watch the surveillance when he realizes there’s a robbery going on. Sara, more worried about the robbers not being able to get to the perfume, comes down and breaks the glass, so the Bonnie and Clyde wanna bes can grab the perfume and run away.

They don’t get far, with their car is blocked in. They end up stealing Peter’s car, along with Peter and El. So no vacation. Luckily, El plants a clue for Neal by taking off one of her earrings and dropping it on the street. Nice. I wish I was so calm under so much pressure.

Peter and El try to talk their way to being let go, but end up zip tied while the couple figure out what to do next. They think the Burkes watch too much Law and Order. They wish.

We learn the robbers are Nate “Oz” Osborn (Jackson Rathbone) and his lady love Penny Chase (Jessica McNamee). She fell in love with him when he was in prison (Mugshot monthly, anyone?). He was put in prison for harassing an officer, but he was really wrongly convicted (bad cop) and she helped him escape prison and here they are stealing items that symbolize promises Oz made to Penny through the hundreds of letters they exchanged. Yup, modern day love.

When picking up Satchmo, Neal brings Moz, which means he ends up snooping and finding the paperwork on Ellen. Inevitable, no?

Back at their hideaway place, Oz returns with supplies for dinner and Peter and El’s belongings from the car he’s obviously ditched. Bad thing is that Peter’s FBI badge is about to be revealed from a pocket, but he does have a gun in his bag. Now how to get to both before Oz and Penny realize who they really are….Shouldn’t be too hard with the Burkes around!

El sweet talks her way into getting her ties off and into their kitchen. Loved her putting her sweater over Peter’s jacket pocket. El and Oz get to know each other, while Peter does the same with Penny. El gets Peter’s bag close to him and learns about the evidence that shows Oz was wrongly accused.

Their dinner is rather adorable and gets Peter out of his ties, too, but only for dinner. Afterwards, Peter gets El to create a diversion, but it back fires when Oz sees Peter reaching for his bag and then finds his FBI badge.

Back to the case on the other side, Sara tells Neal that she’s up for a new job in London, but she could lose it if she doesn’t get the bottle of perfume back. So she’s very vested in this case.

Diana finds El’s earring and Neal helps piece together the missing info that something happened to the Burkes, coupled with the fact Neal hasn’t been able to get ahold of either of them yet. Just to keep abreast on the case since Peter didn’t want to be disturbed unless someone dies.

From there, Jones and Diana find Peter’s car, their phones and finally, half way through the episode, the team realize the Burkes have been taken. Time for Neal, Moz and Sara to comb through the letters to reveal Oz and Penny’s next target. It’s Sara who gets a moment of inspiration that Oz’s final gesture is to get Penny the moon, or at least a piece of it.

Peter tries to give Oz advice to turn himself in and let them go, but Penny wants them to finish their last heist, then skip town as planned. For now, they can use Peter and El to help them. Peter’s badge gets them inside the museum where the rock is. At the same time, Neal and Sara rush to the museum. His plan is to steal the moon before Oz and of course, Sara stays to help. Everything for the Burkes. Just as Neal and Sara try to steal it, Oz sees them on the security camera.

Oz, with Peter and his gun, confront Neal and Sara. Neal tries to one up Oz in knowing his plan, but doesn’t anticipate that Oz has Peter’s gun. Someone might actually get hurt now. Neal tries to get Sara to smash open the container the rock is in, but Oz rather have the rock than Peter, so lets him go to reunite with Penny, while Peter rushes to get El back.

El and Penny. El again gets Penny on her side. Loved the look on Penny’s face when El says this isn’t even her first kidnapping. Ha! El gets the gun away from her, but Penny runs away to find Oz. They still plan on escaping, but now the FBI’s got them surrounded. Luckily for this couple, they have the Burkes on their side, who talk them out of getting themselves killed. He’ll still have to serve time, but at least it’ll be a fair trial this time.

In the end, El tells Peter about asking Neal to lie to protect him. Yay! Finally! No more secrets. Oh and Peter wanted Neal to find the evidence –as we knew to go hunting. Neal and Moz do dig and figure that the box is on the 50th floor.

Mozzism: For guys like us, the only regret is permanence.

That was a pretty fun episode. I love when the Burkes work together. They make a great team and I enjoyed Peter’s monologue about their life and making it work, because it seems pretty good. Interesting parallel between two very unlikely couples. On unrelated note, loved how Neal stole the perfume from evidence for Sara in the end. Does this mean Sara’s gone or will she be back? And what was up with Diana’s hair? I just had to say it! There’s my thoughts, share your TwoCents below.

Next week: The Original

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