Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – Honey Badger

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan
Honey Badger

Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

Lots of good stuff this week. Phillip calls someone else a narcissist. Brandon calls someone else a bully. Cochran calls someone else unpredictable. Someone refers to Shamar as his or her own “Phillip” and not in a nice way (but, really, no, that couldn’t be taken as a compliment by other than Phillip).

But wait! There’s more! Someone finds a hidden immunity idol! Someone invokes Russell Hantz’s name. Malcolm gets a Stealth Inc. codename. Someone gets what’s coming to them in Tribal Council (and I don’t even mean the person who gets sent home).


Dawn and Brandon talk after getting back from Tribal Council. Dawn tries to explain where she’s coming from but Brandon isn’t really listening, “First person voted out, twice. That’s the harshest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.” (If that’s true, obviously he hasn’t seen much.) (Also, he’s done harsher things, like targeting a woman to be eliminated just because she was a woman.) Brandon carries on for a while, saying that Dawn and Cochran are going to lose based on that move. Dawn doesn’t really want to take it after a bit and walks away to be by herself. She gets upset about mean he was and that he probably treats other people that way.

Meanwhile, Brandon is telling Erik that he feels like going “Russell Hantz” on everyone. Good grief, dude. He wants to make camp life miserable for every and go out with a bang. Whatever. I hope, eventually, that he gets the professional mental health help he needs.


Here’s who’s left.

Gota — The Fans

Allie, 25
Eddie, 23
Hope, 23
Julia, 21
Laura, 23
Matt, 38
Michael, 44
Reynold, 30
Shamar, 27
Sherri, 41

Bikal — The “Favorites”

Andrea, 23
Brandon Hantz, 21
Brenda, 30
Corinne, 33
Dawn, 42
Erik, 27
John Cochran, 25
Malcolm, 25
Phillip, 54

Fans. Day 4. Shamar tells us how he’s trying to sit in the shade. Allie tells us he has to go. Sherri, on the other hand, pulls Shamar into the non-Cool Kids alliance, which is a majority alliance because along with being cool, the Cool Kids are also math-illiterate apparently. Sheeri calls Sharam her “Phillip” but she can control her Phillip.

Favorites. Brandon talks with Cochran. He’s calmer and he tells Cochran that he’d been planning on doing things like throwing challenges and dumping the beans with the idea, “Well, you think you can win without, let’s see you try.” But Brandon didn’t want to be known as a bad guy. He’s out there for his kids. Whoa. Think about that. He’s some child’s father. Cochran says the way Brandon swings between rage and calmness and pleasantness reminds him of a sociopath. Cochran says that Brandon is only predictable in his unpredictableness and you don’t want to deal with that in Survivor. He’s right. You want to be able to see what people are going to do, whether they’re in your alliance or working against you.

Phillip wanders over and joins the pair. Phillip essentially tells Brandon, no, I don’t trust you. Phillip tells us that Brandon is a narcissist. Actually, he says Brandon is “narcisstic,” which, oh so close to being a word, Phillip. Anyway, that doesn’t seem right, either, and. really, Phillip is calling someone else a narcissist?

Brandon goes back to a few other people at camp and calls Phillip a bully, which is true. He’s been incredibly bullying so far.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Day 5 and we’re at an Immunity Challenge.

Along with immunity, the winning tribe with get a fishing kit.

Three people get on a raft, which is pulled to a dock. The three people dive into the water and pull bamboo poles out of a cage underwater, which releases ring-shaped life preservers. Once all nine preservers are freed, they all go back to shore and someone tosses the preservers at three posts. First tribe to get a preserver on each post wins.

Laura will be sitting out for the Fans.

It’s dead even to the point where they jump in the water. The Favorites take a good lead in pulling the bamboo poles as they rotate through while only Sherri is diving down for the Fans. The Favs take a 6-1 lead on the rings. It’s 9-2 and the Favorites are heading back. The Fans get their last ring as the Favorites get ready to start ring tossing on the beach.

Malcolm is ring-tossing for the Favorites. He gets two quickly but can’t hit the third one. the Fans make it to the beach and Reynold is tossing for the Favorites. He lands one. Phillip takes a turn tossing and eventually hits the third and the Favorites win immunity.

Reynold tells us that tonight is an obvious vote for Shamar since he doesn’t contribute and ruffles feathers.


Favs. Phillip and Malcolm go gather wood. As they do so, Phillip announces that Malcolm’s codename is “Enforcer.” Malcolm acts as if he’s overjoyed. But, he tells us Phillip is ridiculous but he can hang in with it for a few days. He just hopes it doesn’t last for the rest of the game.

Fans. They get back to camp and talk about how there was no leader. Reynold tells Shamar that his “behavior is unacceptable where I come from.” He goes on to call Shamar childish. The two of them go back and forth. What does Reynold think will happen? Does he think he has votes?

Matt, Michael, and Eddie talk about voting for Shamar but he tells us he and Michael need to make a decision. Matt, Mike and Sherri talk about it and Sherri says Shamar will chill once he realizes he’s safe for a while. Laura walks over and says she’d like to vote for Allie. Laura tells us Allie seems like the only one of the “four pretty people” that is thinking.

Reynold goes looking for a hidden immunity idol and good gravy, he finds it. Crud.

Laura tells she noticed a bulge in Reynold’s pocket just before Tribal Council. She says there’s not enough time to talk to her alliance but she hopes he doesn’t pass it to Allie.

Tribal Council

Allie explains that her foursome became friends because they’re the same age and have the same things in common. They weren’t excluding anyone. You know, Julia and Laura are also the same age, how come you’re not hanging with them, too, Allie?

Shamar says he’s used to harsh conditions after serving two tours in Iraq but in Iraq there were leaders while here, not so much. Everyone is being an individual. Reynold looks like he wants everyone to appoint him the Leader.

Michael agrees. He says he knew while they were strategizing before the challenge that they were going to lose.

Reynold says everyone is tired of Shamar’s critiques. Eddie says Shamar was in the hut for 19 of 24 hours the previous day. That seems like an awfully exact number for someone that doesn’t have a watch.

Shamar says he’s a good scapegoat since he’s big and loud.

Jeff asks Laura for her thoughts before they vote. She says she saw someone with a bulge on their way to Tribal Council. She won’t say who but Jeff points out she’s looking directly at Reynold. So, Reynold pulls it out and tells everyone he brought it but he thought everyone was voting unanimously (“for Shamar” remains unsaid). Laura catches him in his obvious BS: “If we were voting unanimously, then why bring it to Tribal Council.” Ha! I like Laura. Reynold says it’s Survivor and you bring it. He does to try to shame everyone and says he’s going to play it that night and there won’t be any more idol. What. A. Condescending. Prick.

Sherri says she’s sticking with her vote. Maybe.


Reynol sticks the idol back in his pocket.

Shamar, Shamar, Shamar, Shamar, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie, and Allie is going home. (I’m enjoy the different way they’re revealing the votes this season.)

Reynold looks crestfallen. Eddie looks like he doesn’t understand what just happened. He probably doesn’t.

Bubbling Under

How will the Favorites deal with Brandon? How long can Malcolm put up with Phillip’s Stealth Incorporated nonsense? Over on the Fans side, how will Reynold and company deal with being in a severe minority? The majority alliance can now split their votes 3 and 3 between Reynold and someone else and flush out the idol.

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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4 Responses to Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – Honey Badger

  1. Scheddar says:

    Phillip and Brandon (who actually said he wanted to pee in the rice and beans… psycho!) deserve each other. Nothing better than seeing an asshat come face to face with another asshat and then going whining about it to the others, lol. And you just know that when Shamar was in the Marines that everyone there he was a douche too, so his having been in the military doesn’t alleviate any of his poor behavior.

    I’m really not liking any of the fans, no one I really care to root for (yet). Loving Cochran and Dawn, glad to see them working together again. And I’ve always had a soft spot for Erik, and Malcom is due!

    Best part of tonight’s episode was that it totally blew the “boot” list I’d actually stumbled upon, out of the water. Yay!

    • ryanoneil says:

      Oh, did he say he wanted to pee in the rice and beans? Yikes.

      Yeah, the two of them deserve each other.

      I kind of question how much of a fan Shamar is. Would any fan start the game the way he is?

      I like Cochran and Dawn and, yeah, I have a soft spot for Erik, and I still like Malcolm a lot.

  2. Maggie C says:

    Laura was not thinking. Maybe she wanted to turn the other fans against Reynold, but she just let the others know she can’t keep a secret. She would have done better had she kept her mouth shut and let Reynold know she knew. Maybe he would have shared.
    Shemar is good to keep for the challenges. It looked like he was pulling the raft in by himself.
    Phillip is a hoot. He is a bubble off plumb, or maybe that is an act. Either way, I like watching him and I hope he wins this time.

    • ryanoneil says:

      Laura made a good move by declaring that Reynold had the idol. This wasn’t a secret anyone on her alliance would’ve wanted her to keep from them, which is more important. She’s in the majority. There’s no advantage in keeping the secret and a major disadvantage in doing so.

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