Pretty Little Liars – Recap & Review – Hot Water

photo: abcfamily

photo: abcfamily

Pretty Little Liars
Hot Water

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2013

Lauren A – Senior Reviewer

The revolving door of parental figures has swung again, but I like the Liars better when they’re unsupervised. After so many things went missing last week – the picture of Ali and Cece with Det. Wilden, the money covered in dice sketches that Hanna put in the church offertory, and –oh, yeah – JASON, the Liars are working overtime to regain what ground they can.

Aria’s mandate is that, from now on, all evidence gets stored in the cell phone. Yeah, because A clearly doesn’t have access to THAT. These and other random suggestions and storylines made this week’s PLL a little jumpy and all over the place, especially when all of the driving around in circles (and over Wilden!) lead us back to one elder Hastings sister…

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We open with Wilden threatening the girls, and Hanna replies by telling him they know about him and Ali. Reason #248 why Hanna rocks. Only this time, Ashley is on the trail as well, interrogating Hanna about Wilden. Hanna tells Ashley she wants to know why he’s always after the Liars, and I am about to throw a “Someone Is Coming Clean” party, when Ashley kind of reprimands Hanna for making accusations like that about an adult. This irked me… no wonder these girls feel like they’re fighting a battle by themselves!

Later, Wilden tracks down Ashley at a restaurant and starts throwing their “please don’t arrest my daughter” fling around. He tries to convince Ashley that the girls need to back off, but Ashley isn’t falling for his lies. He follows her down the road and pulls her over for drinking and driving (which he knows she hasn’t done), and when she doesn’t back down he gets pretty aggressive. Then, in Unnecessarily Dramatic Fashion, Ashley runs him down with her car. She calls Hanna to help her decide what to do (file under inappropriate parent/child dependency issues) and when the two return to the scene of the crime, Wilden is gone… But the whole incident is caught on tape in his squad car. We were really onto something with the Byron/Meredith storyline, and even the dark drama of the Hastings family… Why is it Ashley who is putting herself back on A’s radar?

Meanwhile, Paige is giving us a major product-placement search for the Rosewood shop where the QoH costume came from. Emily and Hanna catch her and tag along to keep her safe. They meet Shawna, who conveniently forgot she couldn’t give out that information back when she thought Paige would be playing Nancy Drew solo. Neither Emily nor Hanna are convinced about Paige’s pure intentions with Shawna. Emily manages to email herself the receipts for the QoH costume, and Paige confronts her about it later saying it almost cost Shawna her job. Paige is pissed that Shawna got in trouble for Emily’s email. Also, Emily went to Haiti for 3 weeks? Who knew? Well, Paige did – it’s why she dated Shawna over the summer. But don’t expect any big Spoby-like drama between these two; they’re happily entwined by the scene’s end.

A breakup doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Ezria, either. Ezra returns to tell Aria that his feelings haven’t changed, and he wants her to be a part of his life even with his newly-discovered son and baby mama in the picture. He just needed time away to figure out his life. Understatement of the year. Aria conveniently leaves out the part about Little Fitz kissing her last week. She probably figures she’s suffering enough when she takes a meeting with Lady Fitz, who reverse-psychologies Aria into rethinking her relationship with Ezra now that so much has changed. That is, until Aria catches Fitz in the middle of a fight with his mom. She’s never been more turned on by an older, responsible father. However, she’s still less than pleased when Fitz is fighting for Maggie’s rights after Lady Fitz cut her and the baby off.

Melissa’s been doing some cutting off of her own – she returns with a cute new ‘do! Sorry, just a little frivolous indulgence on my part. Melissa is pretty much over Spencer’s sulking post-Spoby breakup, but she’s not exactly pleased to see Wren show up. He confesses that he went to care for Spencer last week thinking he had a chance with Toby out of the picture. He asks Spencer to dinner, and she SMILES! Is normal Spence making a return?? As they walk home, the two kiss. But this wouldn’t be PLL if someone wasn’t spying on them.

Meanwhile, Cece is making a run for it. She tells Em she thought Wilden was the one to get Ali pregnant and kill her. Cece says Ali called needing help with the NAT videos which “Spencer’s big sister” wanted “more than anyone”. Cece also says Melissa is the one who took the picture of Ali and Cece on the boat with Wilden. Emily isn’t exactly surprised to hear about Melissa’s involvement and, frankly, neither am I. I’ve had my eye on that girl from the beginning. The only thing is, I’m not exactly sure what her motivation is now that Ian is out of the picture. She does still seem the most connected to all of Ali’s dalliances, though.

Back home, Spencer takes a shower in what appears to be the same contraption Girls’ Hannah was in a few weeks ago… with equally poor results. Someone locks Spence in the sauna, and it’s only thanks to Aria showing up (completely out of the blue) that she survives. A left a note about Wren on the steamy mirror, and Spence is ready to ‘fess up that she knows who’s helping Mona. But, the question is, will Spencer turn in Toby or her sister? Leave your TwoCents below!

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One Response to Pretty Little Liars – Recap & Review – Hot Water

  1. Julia says:

    Ashley doesn’t call Hanna, Hanna finds her in the kitchen.

    Unrelated to this episode, but I find it funny how many single mothers exist in this town. (Well, it is the town from Gilmore Girls after all.) Hanna’s mum, Emily’s mum is mostly raising her on her own, and Aria’s parents aren’t together at the moment either. And yet, they’re all driving fancy cars, not just Paige.

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