NCIS – Recap & Review – Hereafter

photo: cbs

photo: cbs


Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Director Vance is still struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife, whilst Acting Deputy Craig still isn’t cut out for management. Vance decides to come back to NCIS after uncovering some financial information about his deceased wife, but his return has little to do with work.

The case begins with the death of Lance Corporal Crowe, who collapsed during a routine training operation.

Crowe died of a brain hemorrhage but also had multiple wounds on his body, including sharp force trauma which had been self-stitched repeatedly. The wounds had traces of fiberglass inside.

Private Holland is quick to show our NCIS Agents proof that Crowe was in a Fight Club off base, but when they question the owner of the warehouse used to host the fights, the owner knows nothing about it. The video shows a man fighting Crowe, an employee at the warehouse. Seems the perfect murder suspect, right?

Of course it’s never the first suspect. The guy had a medical alibi, and he also says that Crowe hadn’t fought for months. The Fight Club was supposed to be a safe outlet. Unfortunately, Crowe wasn’t safe after leaving the club.

Meanwhile, Director Vance is still struggling with being a single father after Jackie’s death. He’s trying to sort out their finances when he stumbles across the fact Jackie had a separate bank account. The bank won’t let him close it without Jackie’s permission, and Vance still can’t voice the words to tell others that she’s dead.

Vance fishes for information as to why Jackie had a separate account, but instead he gets a babysitter so he comes back to work, just to tag along and maintain some semblance of authority over his life. He still looks more of a Director than Jerome Craig, bless Craig.

Holland becomes the new suspect in terms of the death of Crowe, since internet chat discussions show contention between them, and Holland is revealed to have also been a member of the Fight Club. Perhaps the safe outlet became a deadly battle.

Except, when our NCIS Agents go to talk to Holland he’s dead. He died from a bleeding spleen, and has similar injuries to Lance Corporal Crowe, right down to fiberglass imbedded in his flesh, so the person inflicting them must have had access to both of them. Other marines training with Holland and Crowe also had similar wounds.

Suspicion falls on the Captain, Jonah Ellis, and a background check brings up some familiar images. Ellis’ brother was killed in Kabul, tortured by fiberglass grenade casings. The wounds are similar to that the unit suffered. Ellis was trying to prepare them, to help them survive what killed his brother. Poor guy. I can understand why the Marines were loyal to him, even at the cost of their own safety. Such a tragic story.

Speaking of tragic stories, McGee questions Vance’s well-being but Gibbs insists he’s fine. Craig questions Vance’s presence at NCIS, but his presence is less to do with the case, and more to do with an excuse to confide in Gibbs about Jackie’s separate account and that he’s at a loss with how to interpret that.

For most of the episode, DiNozzo and Ziva have been put on a special assignment by Vance. That assignment is revealed to be babysitting his children. DiNozzo, being a big kid himself, is a natural with them. Vance is grateful for the joy Ziva and DiNozzo have brought his children at such a sad time.

Gibbs may be a man of few words, but the words says tend to be able to fix a lot of things. Vance goes down to Gibbs’ basement, where Gibbs is working on… something, but he already had the alcohol prepared for Leon’s arrival. Gibbs simply tells Leon that the great love of Gibbs’ life, Sharon, had a separate account because she was scared Gibbs would get killed on the job.

It seems so obvious, but with Gibbs’ light what seemed to Vance as his wife distancing herself from him is now an act done out of love and concern for their family. It’s also a reminder that we have to be prepared to lose loved ones, and we have to move on.

Did you suspect that Crowe’s CO caused his death? What do you think the future holds for Director Vance? Would you hire DiNozzo and Ziva to babysit for you? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.


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2 Responses to NCIS – Recap & Review – Hereafter

  1. Colleen says:

    I have to say that I enjoyed NCIS more this week than I have lately. It was nice to see Leon Vance get involved again, even if he wasn’t ready to re-take the reigns as Director. He will be back; he just isn’t ready yet.

    Jerome Craig just can’t cut it as Acting Director. How did he even become Assistant Director with his lack of people and director-type skills? Even Leon Vance is able to see how Jerome Craig is handling things in his abscence. Jerome Craig really thought Leon was back to take over NCIS again. Boy, was he wrong!

    It did seem strange that Jackie Vance was hiding her separate bank account, and safety deposit box where she kept some of the items that were the most precious to her. At first I thought that she was preparing herself for a divorce, but when I saw that Leon had access to her safety deposit box, I was confused.

    Why she would give Leon the access to the safety deposit box and not her account seemed a little strange though. Maybe she was preparing just in case Leon died, given what happened to NCIS at the end of last season? I am sure that scared the living daylights out of her. Of course, nobody suspected that she would die in a blast at her home, along with Eli David.

    I hope that the following weeks continue with this storyline. I would love to learn more about Jackie and what she left behind; both familial wise and if there are more secrets to uncover.

    • mariatv101 says:

      I like Jerome Craig as a character, but he’s definitely not right for the job. In real life I doubt he ever could have held that position, but this is TV and I’m fairly sure it’s all designed to make us crave Leon back.

      I’m not sure how the banks work, but I think it’s easier to give someone access to a safety deposit box than it is to your solo bank account. Once again I think it was constructed so we suspect that she was preparing for a divorce before Gibbs offered the alternative, that she was scared Leon would die in the line of duty but she had the sense to be financially prepared.

      One of my favorite things about NCIS is the continuity. The characters are still shown to be affected by Kate Todd’s death. I have every faith that Jackie’s death, and Eli’s, will continue to be an influence on the show.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the episode.

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