Arrow – Recap & Review – Dodger




Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

I am happy to see a more of our gal Felicity working with our duo, but not happy that she gets involved with the case at hand and gets herself in danger. As for our guys; with the helpful nudge from Felicity, they ask out the gals and actually get a private life.

Thea and Moira have their own problems…as usual…they are dealing with, so let’s get started.

Felicity adds such a nice fun snarky feel to the ArrowCave, and by the look on Dig’s face he does love how she takes no crap from Ollie. While out to lunch she provokes Dig’s to ask out Carly, which I have mentioned before that he should. His brother has been dead for a while and there is no reason why not. Obviously Carly feels the same way and tells him just that! Felicity also pushes Ollie into finally asking McKenna out and she gladly accepts.

But both these dates go wrong because of the doofus men! Digs ruins it by mentioning Andy (brother) and making Carly feel bad and awkward. Then Ollie ruins it when Mac brings up the island and wonders what it was like and Ollie won’t talk about it and makes her feel awkward. Such mood killers!

There is a new thief in town by the name of Dodger…just for fun, I will call him Roger Dodger…and he is using hostages to do the stealing for him by placing a bomb collar on them. Felicity goes undercover but ends up with a collar around her neck and Ollie must try to find Roger Dodger. After a high-speed chase he gets RD and with his Arrow razzle-dazzle moves, seizes RD gets the collar released & off of Felicity. OK, was it just me or was this thief story a bit boring? Did you feel the need to by a Microsoft item? Sheesh!

Our dashing men redeem themselves when they ask the girls for another go at dating and they accept!

Thea has her purse stolen while with Laurel and they chase the young man but he gets away. Through many calls, Thea finds a name of her thief and Laurel gets her father to question him. He gives a sad story of how his mother is messed up from takes Vertigo drug and he is just trying to pay bills and get ahead. Thea drops the charges but goes to his house to ask for the purse. He tells her she shouldn’t fall for sob-stories. Dang…was she taken for a fool?

Moira wants out of this Undertaking gig and we still don’t know what it is. She also wants a clue as to where Malcolm is hiding Walter. She mentions to this mystery man that she got into this little club to fix the city not ruin it…hmm, that is different from what we know. But in the end the big surprise comes when Moira wants Malcolm dead.
I the island story just bored me this week.

Your thoughts? Did you like seeing the guys have a private life? Moira surprise you? Was Thea taken for a fool?

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