Justified – Recap & Review – Money Trap

photo: fx

photo: fx

Money Trap

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Here we are at week seven of Justified! Just over half way through the season already. Cannot believe how fast this season is going. Last week was really great, nothing actually really happened, but there was some great character interactions. Obviously Boyd and Ava getting engaged is huge, and was one of the most emotional scenes that I have seen on Justified.

This week hopefully we will have a little bit more on the story. Raylan seems to be on his own goofy path the last few episodes. Raylan, Boyd and pretty much anyone that thinks he is alive, are all still attempting to find Drew Thompson. It seems as though that is going to take up the entire season. There is also what is going on with Johnny and Boyd that still needs to be resolved. Ellen Mae is still out there some where so hopefully she ends up getting to stay alive and we have to see what happens to Boyd if she is willing to testify against him and Ava. Lets see what happens this week.

Raylan: We see a flash back to what happened with the back to what happened after Raylan handed the black guy over to his friend. He managed to break out of the back of the van. He killed both of the people that were taking him off to jail with the help of some guy that blew out their tire. He gets a call from a sheriff in the area where the woman was killed. They jump to the black guy that killed her. His partner got a call and they decide to go to his girlfriends to get his money. The house sitter is there. He ends up taking the girl watching the house home. She manages to get him away from her when Raylan gets in. They decide to take her to a hotel to keep her safe. He is threatened by Jody. He knows that he is going to be at the bar. He actually managed to figure it out, pull the fire alarm and shot him first. Raylan goes in to visit Arlo in prison. He offers him a deal and then Arlo tells him to eat shit. He tells his own father that he will be happy to hear the news when he is finally dead.

Boyd: He is looking great, and seems to be feeling pretty great. Even with the upper people they seem to be having a good time with him. He is a big player in Harlan. They have a chat with him. He seems to be able to get information about what is going on with all the people that are at the old sheriff’s party. HE is talking to them and they actually seem to like him and they want to make a deal. They have him send Ava home and then come back to talk about what they want him to do. When they bring him back they tell him that they want him to kill someone or they are going to step on his business. They even tell him that his father knew how to follow the rules with them in order to keep business going smoothly.

Ava: She is really doing well as Boyd’s partner. She even manages to get a good joke in about him giving hand jobs in order to get information. When she is at the party she is trying to find out what is going on with some of the people there in order to find out who Drew is. She is cornered at the party by two guys that attempt to get her into a room until Boyd steps in to save her.

Johnny: He seems to be falling for one of the girls that work’s for Ava. He is being very sweet on her. He knows that there was an issue with her story. He knows that it was not the guy that they beat up last week and gets her to admit that it was not him that it was actually Colt that beat on her and scared her into not talking. Johnny knew that he had a feeling about that situation. She tells Johnny that Colt was tweaking and said that he was asking about Ellen Mae and where she is. Johnny is playing him and trying to figure out how full of shit he is.

Art: He is joking about the fact that they have nothing in information about Drew Thompson. He says that he does not want to give up hope but there really isn’t any. The FBI has given them crap in the way of information and they are not able to get a hold of the FBI guy that gave them all the information. Obviously we as viewers know that he is dead. He wants Raylan to go and see Hunter Mosley and he also wants him to go talk to his father and attempt to get information on Drew since his father seems to know. Raylan is a little less than pleased with that idea.

This was a great episode. There really wasn’t anything that was happening in relation to the bigger story, but it was still great none the less. What did you think of this week?

Next Week: Outlaw

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