Bones – Recap & Review – The Friend In Need



The Friend in Need

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Mr. Finn Abernathy is back as our intern of the night and he is still seeing Michele, and Michele is putting him in the awkward position of not telling Cam she is in town. As for our case: a young teen is dead and it looks like a party got a bit out of hand leaving him dead and a young girl with a secret to tell. Sweets shows just how sweet he can be as he connects with the girl and shares a secret of his own.

OK, let’s get started….

Finn & Michele
I totally forgot about this relationship because it has been so long since we have heard from Mr. Abernathy. It was fun to listen to Temperance talk about his sex life while Cam listens awkwardly and tries to get her to stop. Makes you wonder how “the talk” is going go when Christine gets to the age.

Michele surprises Finn with a visit and doesn’t want mom to know so that they can spend all the time together. Finn, of course, is not happy keeping a secret from Cam…I think he feels he owes her that much for giving him the job and all.

It was fun to listen to the gals (Cam, Bones & Angela) talk of the fun times when they were young, with no surprise of Bones being a bit different in her “fun”. But Cam doesn’t want to imagine her daughter doing nothing more than what she did when she was that age. Isn’t that just about every parent out there? Funny how we seem to lose our sense of adventure and good times as we get older and have more responsibilities, but don’t we want our kids to have fun and hope we taught them right from wrong and let them go out into the world? It’s tough being a parent and I understand how Cam feels, but as long as the line of communication stays open and you show the love…we have to let the kids grow.

Finn let’s out the secret and tell Cam that Michele is in town. Surprisingly, Cam is mad that Finn broke Michele’s trust. They devise a way for Cam to “bump into” them out on the street and she gives a great performance of being surprised to see her daughter and yet yells at her for not telling her she was in town. I am sure all of us mom’s out there took notes, haha.

Later, Cam comes clean about knowing she was in town and decides to take her own advice of no more secrets and tells Michele about Aristoo (I forgot all about him too). I think the mother/daughter relationship just became closer and more of an adult relationship rather than a mom/child one.

Case & Sweets

Our case is revolved around the scary things that go on at parties in today’s teen world, and in particular, the date-rape drug. While investigating the death of a young boy, we learn he was at a party of the century and found out something that caused him to be murdered.

When Sweets leaves his card at the home of Manny’s mom, it is a young girl by the name of Kat that catches Sweets eye. Sweets picks the corrects words in order to get the girl to say what is on her mind, but is surprised to hear her tell him she was raped at the party. She has no idea who did it and he knows that she must have been drugged. I love how the writers had Sweets connect with Kat and give credit to John Francis Daley for his performance as he describes what happened to him in foster care.

JFD knocked it out of the park as he tells of his beatings he took while in foster care. Many seasons ago we learned of his scars but nothing more was ever said. We can see just how hard it was for Sweets to tell Kat of his secret and the emotion in his voice was perfect. He tells her that it wasn’t her fault and that she can’t just will it away, she needs to talk to someone…like he did.

Sweets comes through in the end and proves Nick raped her using Special K (the drug, not the cereal) and what was even more awesome was watching Booth, Bones and Sweets bamboozled him into confessing.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you like seeing Sweets take more of a front seat in the case? How about the girl’s mom…did you agree with her not wanting to go to the police? Leave me a comment so we can discuss.

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10 Responses to Bones – Recap & Review – The Friend In Need

  1. Kat says:

    No. I hate Sweets. He is the most overused and bar this ep, mainly useless character on Bones. I am frakking sick to death of this character being rammed down my throat. And B&B partnership being side lined for him. You ask me for my pov. There you go

    • karen says:

      I don’t agree with him being “useless” as his profiling skills has helped Booth tremendously! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

  2. Cindy says:

    Ha, ha, tell me how you really feel. have to admit the Sweets “arc” has defo been overused this season. Hod was only in 2 scenes last night, wtf? Isnt he a permanent cast member too? The fanboy crush the writers, HH and DB have on JFD are killing the show. Bring back the center, B & B and move the moocher out of the mighty hut.

    • karen says:

      Lol, you’re not alone in wanting Sweets out of the house, I think many fans feel the same. But I think he has been fun to watch in Booth’s personal space. Ha, but it will soon end. Thanks for visiting & hope you come back.

  3. sim says:

    I think its interesting how many people think the addition of Sweets somehow threatens Booth especially when Booth basically usurped him from his original stuck-in-the-office job. I mean NCIS has 4 detectives per case and most of Criminal Minds team are profilers so why shouldn’t Booth utilize Sweets. After all he takes the profiling into account but still menages to put the pieces together and get the jump on Sweets in the same way he does with the squints.

  4. Ed says:

    I totally agree with you re: JFD’s performance. He was really fantastic, very emotive without being heavy-handed. Great episode, and I hope to see more Sweets-focused stories in the future.

  5. Olive says:

    Is it just me or Finn’s accent is drastically lessen in this episode???

  6. karen says:

    Ha, you’re right! He was a lot less “southern” in this ep!

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