The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Red Team/Blue Team

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
Red Team/Blue Team

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Before I start this review, can we all just have a round of applause for how great a character Elsbeth is? It seems that, no matter the case, she is unstoppable. Plus, she’s funny, and this episode could use all the funny it could get.

With the exception of Elsbeth, this had to be the darkest episode in several seasons. Before the show’s short hiatus, we learned that the partners had offered partnership to five fourth years, including Alicia. But at the start of this episode, that celebratory mood in the air came to a crashing halt.

THE FIRM: Now, we all know the only reason they made the offered is that each new partner had to put out an $500,000 admission fee to this exclusive, invitation-only club. But it turns out that the firm has quickly wrapped its outstanding debt (wow, that was whiplash fast – I think the writers thought we were getting tired of the storyline— OK, we were) and they discover they’ll finish the year more than a little in the black. Which means the equity partners are in for a nice payday, but don’t want to share it with any new partners.

So the partnership offer is “delayed.”

THE CASE: This is a great set up for pitting Will and Diane against Alicia and Cary. The firm’s representing Thief, an energy drink that has the equivalent of 12 cups of coffee. Seems a teenage girl drank one and died of caffeine toxicity, and her parents are suing. First the CEO wants a mock trial to see if the suit is worth fighting (if he loses, there are seven others that also want to sue him).

So Alicia and Cary are appointed as the Red Team to battle Will and Diane’s Blue Team. The trouble is, does a boss ever want to be beaten? Cary asks. It looks doubtful as the Red Team channels their rage into winning the case and they whip the Blue Team good (with a little help from Kalinda… at $400/hour). The partners are not happy as they didn’t want to settle.

ELI and ELSBETH: I see a new sitcom in the making. Elsbeth is defending Eli against the US Justice Department. Elsbeth quickly discovers that the department needs three “dirty wiretaps” to get a wiretap warrant. But they only had two taps before they obtained a damning tap on him. But Josh Perrotti (a still sexy Kyle MacLachlan), the man in charge, is happy to tamper with the evidence.

Meanwhile Jordan is going after Eli’s job with a vengeance, so Eli agrees to the Fed’s demands – to wear a wire to get a confession. Only, he refuses to turn on Peter, choosing instead to get dirt on Jordan – or, at least, that’s what we think he’s doing. Instead, he goes to Perrotti’s second in command, who admits on the Fed tape that they didn’t have enough dirty taps to get the warrant, which throws out the one proving Eli guilty. Another win for Elsbeth.

ALICIA: The five “delayed partners” meet at Alicia’s to plan their strategy. They design a plan to take big clients to lunch “to see if they’re happy with the firm,” and get the partners nervous. It works. Cary even proposes that he and Alicia start a new firm and you can see that she’s tempted. But Will comes up with a plan to divide and conquer by offering only one fourth year associate a partnership. That associate turned out to be Alicia.

I hoped that Alicia would at least feel guilty and refuse, but no. She goes for it. And in the process, makes Cary an enemy again.

Did Alicia make the right move? Will Cary start undermining her? Will Jordan still be able to take Eli’s job? Give us your TwoCents…

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2 Responses to The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Red Team/Blue Team

  1. ttcdennis says:

    This episode was so great, probably the best one this season. Elsbeth is just the best. I think Alicia made the right choice. I think Cary might make some interesting choices the rest of the season. The fact that his equal for 4 years is now ahead of him probably isn’t going to sit well with him. Also, the mock trial was amazing & hilarious. It really showed how great and ruthless Alicia is. Great recap, Patricia!

  2. ttcandrew says:

    Agreed – this is the best episode in all of TV of the year, so far. Every terrific element of TGW was featured in this episode.

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