Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Drive In The Knife

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched At Birth
Drive In The Knife

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

If the last few episodes have been all about deaf culture, with minimal relationship emphasis, this was the hour that brought relationships front and center. Well, mostly Bay’s relationships with a side of Toby and Daphne. But I’m pretty sure there is an EBay/BEmmett fan base out there that is quite excited.

But despite all of the relationship drama, the MVP of the hour was solidly Katie Leclerc. I know it’s not often that non-premium cable shows get Emmy love, but Katie Leclerc should really be sure to submit her scene from the pizza place parking lot with Travis this evening. With nary a verbal line of dialogue, it was one of the most powerful and impassioned moments of the show to date.

Bay: Bay and Noah are officially on track to couple-dom. They’re kissy at lockers and making plans for ice cream dates. She worries about telling Emmett, but his response thoroughly floors her. He comes across nonplussed about her new relationship, but stands up, leans in, and firmly plants a kiss right on her. As he walks away, he gives her something to think about, as he asks if she is really ready to move on. She seemed sure a minute ago, but between the kiss and Noah not being the artistic soul mate that Emmett is, you can see the thought-clouds of doubt forming above her head. But she ends the hour apologizing to Noah for him not understanding how picture could tell a story (like Emmett would) and the two are a couple.

Elsewhere, Bay also hopped aboard the John Kennish political storyline by designing a billboard poster for him in her graffiti-art style. Personally, I did agree with Ivan that it wasn’t the best design for a republican candidate, as his platform is conservative views. But John OK’d the poster, clearly proud of his daughter. But when Bay hears Ivan mock the poster and say that he thinks John is going to lose, Bay sabotages herself and pulls the artwork. John goes in to lecture her about follow through, thinking she missed the deadline, but Bay quickly corrects him and advises what she heard. John isn’t ruffled, but does be sure to let Bay know that he did indeed like her art.

Toby: Toby is guilted into helping out on John’s campaign, even though he’s opposed to his dad’s political platform. He and Emmett volunteer to place campaign lawn signs around town, and are joined by a cute girl, Elisa (played by Zoey Deutch). She lights up when she learns Toby is John’s son, and relishes bashing Patricia Sawyer, John’s opponent, which made what happened next fairly obvious. Emmett notes that the two are flirty, and as an awesome wingman, takes leave when Elisa invites the boys to her house. She and Toby get frisky pretty quickly in her hot tub (I guess he’s over Nikki), and then, unshockingly, are busted by her mother, Patricia Sawyer. Toby is indignant that she used him to piss off her mother, but she claims to actually like him. We’ll see. I just have to wonder what she would’ve done if Emmett had agreed to come over too…

Regina: Regina’s out at Riley’s again, hanging with Zane and his trumpet. She declines a drink because she’s starting a new job at a design center. The first day goes swimmingly, but she errs when she returns to the bar and ends up having some celebratory cocktails. She oversleeps the next day and her boss sees through her lies and disheveled appearance and promptly fires her. She tries to keep the firing a secret, but Daphne finds out when she visits the office. Regina covers her drinking by placing her firing on differing views on family obligations than her employer. Regina remorsefully tells Daphne that she is sorry she lied, promising it will never happen again. And even though she was clearly talking about the drinking, shortly thereafter, she is back at the bar, having another free drink (seriously, she hasn’t paid for one yet!). She takes a cab home, but Bay sees her and can tell she’s slurring her words and stumbling. Regina lies (again) that she doesn’t feel well, but Bay looks worried and suspicious.

Daphne: Kathryn ropes Daphne into trying out for Romeo and Juliet as the nurse. She’s initially wooden, but Kathryn coaxes a moving audition out of her using personal memories. Daphne bonds with Noah over the creative process, but also realizes she’s really not into Travis and gives him the “just friends” speech. She’s called to the police station to identify her attacker in a line-up, and it’s nice to see that they have an interpreter available for her. She quickly picks the guy, but then Travis says he doesn’t see the assailant. Daphne thinks it’s retribution for her dumping him, but later realizes it was only because Travis wants to go after the guy himself. And that’s when the aforementioned pizza parking lot confrontation occurs. Daphne finds Travis waiting for the guy, bat in hand, and pleads with Travis to stop, vowing to follow him around if it will keep him from beating up the guy. She also gets John to remind him that, as an 18-year old, he’d face jail time if he took the guy out. Travis goes back to the police to correct his identification, but then rips into Daphne about how lousy his life is, especially since she dumped him. Travis is clearly being primed to have an epic meltdown, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes next.

Episode Title Art: Drive in the Knife by Matta

And there you have my TwoCents! Be sure to sure your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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4 Responses to Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Drive In The Knife

  1. what a great review!! awesome!! so much detail.

  2. neecee9566 says:

    Thanks!! I watched the show, but with some interruptions and this review captured everything!!

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