Revenge – Recap & Review – Sacrifice

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week, Amanda and Jack were married and left for their honeymoon on the Amanda, with a stowaway of their own (ironic, isn’t it?) – Nate Ryan. Padma told Nolan that she was being blackmailed by the Initiative. Amanda used video proof that the Grayson’s were involved with the downing of Flight 197 to convince Conrad into letting Jack by the Stowaway back. Victoria shot and killed Helen Crowley after she threatened to hurt Daniel.

This week starts with a diver reaching wreckage of the Amanda finding a photo of Jack, Declan, and their father as well as a gold compass. In the wreckage we also see the hand of a man with a wedding ring. The scene changes and Amanda and Jack are in the bedroom of the Amanda. The photo the diver found is sitting on the headboard and the compass falls on the floor while Jack and Amanda make love. The camera focusses for a second on Jack and Amanda’s wedding rings. Jack and Amanda move above deck and we see Nate, hiding in the closet. He is also wearing a wedding ring.

Conrad and Daniel dispose of Helen Crowley’s body. Victoria puts Helen’s clothes on and takes Helen’s car to her home. The next morning, Victoria and Conrad tell Daniel that they are going to frame Amanda for Helen’s murder, because she had blackmailed them. Later, Victoria plants Helen’s cell phone and scarf under Amanda’s bed at the Stowaway while visiting Charlotte.

Nolan agrees to allow Aiden and Emily to use Padma to get to the Initiative during a conference call. Aiden believes that if her story is true, they may be able to save her father. Ashley interrupts the call to tell Emily that Amanda may be in over her head with the Grayson’s. She tells Emily about the blackmail and that Amanda had shown Conrad her laptop. When Ashley leaves, Emily finds that her laptop is missing.

On the Amanda, Nate Ryan takes Amanda and Jack hostage because they ruined his deal with Conrad. While Nate attempts to call Conrad for more detail, Jack and Amanda talk briefly and decide that they need to try to kill Nate because he will kill them no matter what.

At the Stowaway, Emily finds Charlotte making a slide show of the wedding. In a photo of Jack and Amanda leaving for the honeymoon, Emily sees Jack Ryan in the window of the Amanda. She brings the information to Nolan and they attempt to track Jack and Amanda via cell phone. They are out of range, so Emily and Nolan leave to their last known location. Nolan calls Padma to tell her that she can trust Aiden and that he will help her try to get her father back.

When the Amanda gets closer to shore, Nate calls Conrad. Conrad informs Nate that Amanda was behind the blackmail and that she has Conrad’s laptop. If Nate can return the laptop, their deal will be back on. Nate gets Amanda to agree to give him the laptop in exchange for Jack’s safety. She tells him that the laptop is back at the Hamptons. While she and Nate are talking, Jack finds Declan’s laptop.
Aiden meets with Padma and tells her the story of what the Initiative did to him and his sister. He tells her that he is certain he can help get her father back, but they must be sure her father is still alive. Padma leaves a message for Helen.

Jack overhears Nate and Amanda talking. Amanda tells Nate that she was only in the Hamptons to get evidence that the Grayson’s framed her father and Jack was part of her plan. Jack comes above deck, acting as if he is angry with Amanda, and confronts her about what she told Nate. Jack tells Nate that he saw Amanda bring a laptop on the boat and Nate goes below deck to look for it. Jack and Amanda continue fighting while preparing a life raft for their escape. When Nate makes Amanda show him where she “hid” the laptop, she locks him in the bedroom and below deck. Trying to escape, Nate shoots through the door, hitting Jack. Amanda puts and injured Jack in the lifeboat and lets him float off, telling him that she will take care of Nate. Nate and Amanda fight. We later see her regaining consciousness in the bedroom. She kicks out a drain in the boat and it starts filling with water. This causes the Amanda to lose power and Nate to go back below deck, looking for Amanda.

Emily and Nolan eventually find Jack in the raft. Emily makes Nolan promise to get Jack to safety and gets in the raft to head back to save Amanda. Emily arrives at the boat to find Nate and Amanda fighting. She intervenes, struggling with Nate and he drops his gun. During their struggle, Emily’s gun is discharged, shooting a propane tank in the boat. Amanda finds Nate’s gun and shoots him. While leaving the Amanda, Amanda sees her necklace on the deck. When she goes back to grab the necklace, she sees Nate is below deck lighting a lighter. Amanda jumps on Emily, pushing them both off into the ocean, just as the Amanda explodes.

Emily finds Amanda hanging to wreckage in the ocean, obviously injured. Amanda gives Emily her necklace, triggering a memory of their time together in juvey. Emily had originally given Amanda the necklace when she was leaving juvey, telling her that she will come back for both Amanda and the necklace. When she left, Amanda gave Emily a hug telling her that she loved her. Emily did not respond. She does, however, respond now. As Amanda dies, Emily tells her “I Love You Too” and lets her body float into the ocean.

Before Conrad announces his run for governor at the Labor Day party, Conrad and Victoria meet Mr. Trask (another member of the Initiative). They tell Trask that they provided Helen with the evidence that she asked for and lead him to believe that Amanda also has evidence against the Initiative. Trask finds Helen’s phone and scarf under Amanda’s bed at the Stowaway. Trask calls Padma, telling her that the proof is in a box that had just been delivered. Aiden opens it to find (I assume) a finger.

Nolan fulfills his obligation to save Jack, and we see Jack in surgery. Nolan then goes back to find Emily. She appears to be devastated by the loss of Amanda.

Overall, I felt that this was a pretty good episode. Early on, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It seemed like they were trying to convince us that it was Jack that went down with the Amanda. This felt a little over the top to me. When they showed the picture and compass that had been in the Amanda’s bedroom at the bottom of the ocean, it was ok. When they focused in on Jack and Amanda’s rings while they were making love, it felt like too much. I am glad that Helen is gone, but need more answers about the Initiative. The most important part of the show, in my opinion, was Emily and Amanda at the time of Amanda’s death. Their bond was clearly evident. The emotions Emily showed were raw and unbridled. I’ve said before that I probably wouldn’t miss Amanda if she were gone. But, I now wonder if she somehow had a good influence on Emily. I wonder if her death will change Emily. I also fear what it will do to Jack. I’m sure it will serve as another obstacle to keep Emily and Jack apart, though. What do you think? How do you feel about Amanda being gone? I won’t even mention Nate’s death, because I know how most of you feel about the Ryan storyline. Do you think this will allow Emily and Jack to get back together? Or, will it (as I think) serve as another obstacle?

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13 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Sacrifice

  1. oirish44 says:

    Well, you covered it all pretty well. I too have been wishing that somehow Fauxmanda would exit stage right, go somewhere else, whatever, as I’ve wanted that obstacle out of the way for Fauxemily and Jack, however in this episode Amanda actually died, the end, for sure… and I felt a twinge of guilt! I think she had begun to turn into a decent person. That said, since Conrad/Victoria informed Daniel that they were going to allude to pinning the Helen thing on to Amanda, easily… Daniel is aware that isn’t the truth. Now that Amanda is dead, due to their concocted story, that may end up being their demise… Daniel, at some point now, may suddenly develop a conscience… Since Amanda, who is his half-sister, Jack’s new wife, and a mother… has ended up dead because of his mother and father’s “scheme”. I can’t imagine now, after all that has happened, and the woman he appears to have truly fallen in love with (putting aside that he ‘thinks’ she is the Amanda of his childhood or not), that if/when he learns that Amanda was a fake, and Emily is really that little girl from the past, will have any good feelings for her (Emily) once he learns the truth. Emily HAS definitely woven a tangled web. Of course we have to see yet, whether Jack pulls through. If he doesn’t, who will raise the baby? Emily made the promise at the end to Amanda to take care of Jack and the baby… if Jack expires, will Emily raise the baby? Or will Declin and Charlotte marry and raise the baby? Still unsure of Padma… that could go either way. It still amazes me that these people are able to get video surveillance cameras in everyone’s house or office so easily, to view the activities on their lap tops! I can understand how Nolan and Emily have done it to an extent, but who put that one in Daniel’s office for Helen and the Initiative to watch what goes on there. Some things are just ‘off the wall’! Since Jack seemed to be really in love with Amanda by now, I don’t know how things can turn out for him and Emily. If he survives, he will likely have a period of grieving. Interesting about the scarf and cell phone under Amanda’s bed being found by Trask and what that will do now, after the fact, other than convince the Initiative that Amanda was behind the disappearance of Helen, and now she’s dead. Shouldn’t this put that issue to rest and take the heat off the Graysons? This could take a turn with Daniel though, once he finds that Amanda has been killed, all because of his parents’ scheme to implicate her in Helen’s disappearance. Thanks Keith! Good review!!

    • Julia says:

      Amanda is NOT Daniel’s half-sister. She is Charlotte’s half-sister (or would be if she was the real Amanda Clark) because they have the same father.

  2. ttckeithg says:

    Thanks! 🙂
    I really don’t think that Jack will die. That would be a bit too much. Although, I’ve been wrong before! Declin and Charlotte marrying would drive me nuts. For some reason, he annoys me most of the time. I also felt bad when Amanda died, too, even though I could give or take her most of the time. I think it was the fact that she saved Emily that did it for me. Padma is an odd one. I really don’t know how to feel about her. Some times I like her and other times she disgusts me. I think it’s because I like Nolan so much. As for Daniel, I think you’re right. He does seem to have a greater purpose than his parents and more of a conscience. He will probably have issues with what Conrad and Victoria did in framing Amanda. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens! As always, thanks so much for chiming in!

    • oirish44 says:

      I agree with you that it would SEEM unlikely they would kill Jack off at this point… he’s been a integral part of the entire series from the start. But who knows! I also agree with you about Declin, and I feel the same way about Charlotte. Haven’t like that girl from the start for some reason, and still don’t. Well, onward we go to the next episode in 3 weeks!!

    • oirish44 says:

      P.S. Forgot to say… I wish someone were reviewing Downton Abbey! I’m totally hooked on that series. The last was the season finale, and was shocked at the end to see a major character, Matthew (Lady Mary’s husband) be killed in the auto accident… just after he’d seen his brand new baby. That was truly a stunner. Glad to learn that they are filming a Season 4!!!! Yaaaaaaay! You know, there are just some programs/series/movies that grab you, and you can’t let go!!! Sorry, this P.S. isn’t Revenge related, but I had to make the comment.

      • ttckeithg says:

        I’m going to try to take Downton on next season. I am totally addicted to it too! I am very sad about Matthew. I actually watched the finale a bit early – I ordered the season 3 DVD on Amazon and it came early so I got to prepare for the finale. LOL. I’m very glad that are filming season 4. Rumor has it that we won’t see it here until next January, though. But, I’m going to try to review it next year for sure! 🙂

        • oirish44 says:

          Keith… that will be fantastic if you do review it next year! Thanks so much! That’s a shame we won’t be watching it here until January! I didn’t know it would be that long! But what a grand series!! I love it… it just take me to a ‘different place’ when I watch it. Great series. I’m hooked too!!

          • ttckeithg says:

            The weird thing for me is that I normally don’t get into period pieces, but something about Downton just pulls you in! I know. A year is a LONG time. I actually have the seasons on DVD, so I am sure I will be watching it again before too long! 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    This episode was quite the stunner! I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole time.
    While I never cared for the Stowaway storylines, I was sad that Amanda had to die. I feel especially bad for Emily because Amanda is her only true friend apart from Nolan, and in this episode, we could see that she actually cared about her and didn’t just use her for her revenge plot.

    Did anyone get the part at the end about Padma’s father? Did the Intitiative really send her a finger?

  4. ttckeithg says:

    I don’t know for sure about the finger. That’s my guess, because Trask told Padma that she can “check the fingerprint”. So, I’m thinking that’s what it was. It was a crazy episode. I was also on the edge of my seat. You’re right, though, that we got to really see how much Emily really cared for Emily in this episode. I’m thinking that her death is going to have quite an impact on Emily and wonder if it might have an overall impact on the Revenge plot. 3 weeks and maybe we will find a little out! 🙂

    • oirish44 says:

      I believe it was a ‘finger’ as well… we can assume it was her father’s… although, they could be faking. Does that mean he’s alive? I didn’t get whether he’s alive, or not. That’s what she was wanting, proof that he was still alive… excuse me, but a finger doesn’t tell me that, either way. So perhaps I missed something.

      • ttckeithg says:

        I’m guessing that her father is really dead. Like Aiden’s sister, but I could be wrong. And you are right, a finger does not prove that he is alive. Maybe it was something else, but the “fingerprint” comment made me think finger. I guess we will find out in a few weeks!

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