Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Manhattan

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

People get advice all the time – friends, family, and seers. That’s right, “seers” as in clairvoyants. I’ve been to a few but I’ve never fully believe. Too bad Rumpel lives in a land of magic and real seers. Even if the psychic tells of a terrible fate, your decisions that will lead you to that fate – your choices define you.

In Fairytale (pre-curse), Rumpel is pre-Dark One and happy to get a notice to join the Ogre Wars. Milah is a loving and understanding – Rumpel wants to fight with dignity/honor to compensate for his father’s coward status (like father, like son).

At the battlefield, Rumpel is responsible to guard a seer – a woman without eyes on her face but one eye on each of her palms (a la “Pan’s Labyrinth”). She gifts Rumpel a reading in exchange for water – Rumpel’s actions on the battlefield will lead his son to be fatherless.

The future-Dark One isn’t biting – Milah isn’t pregnant yet. To make him a believer, The Seer says he’ll ride into battle on a cow and he will believe. Well, that’s silly – people ride horses, not cows. Until Rumpel’s commanding officer refers to saddles as cows – that’s what they’re called in these neck of the woods. Oops.

Rumpel panics. In order to prevent his future son from being fatherless and mostly due to his cowardice when facing his mortality, Rumpel injures himself – no fighting for him!! He goes home to a disgusted Milah who has already given birth to Baelfire. She says some nasty things – he’s a coward like his father, Baelfire will have to live with something worse than being fatherless: Rumpel as his father. Ouch.

Rumpel sees it differently. He was raised without a father – he doesn’t want Baelfire to suffer the same fate. Though we all know, his actions on that battlefield WILL lead Bael to become fatherless – it’s Rumpel’s cowardice and eventual The Dark One status that will lead Baelfire fatherless. Rumpel wrote his own fate and the fate of his son.

In New York, Emma, Henry and Gold find Baelfire’s apartment and Baelfire running away from it. Emma gives chase – Gold says this is the favor she owes him: to get Baelfire to talk to Gold. Emma pursues Baelfire and realizes she knows this mofo. It’s Neal or better known as Henry’s father.

Neal and Emma have a talk – he doesn’t want to see his father; she owes his father a favor. Neal thinks their initial meeting/love was fate and he didn’t know her destiny when they met. Emma is reeling and doesn’t want Neal to see Gold because of Henry. She even phones her mother for advice. Snow tells her it’s best to let the truth out.

Remember August showing Neal something in a box to convince him of Emma’s destiny? It was a typewriter with the words “I know you’re Baelfire” on it. Emma is torn and Neal knows he’s hurt her. He believes she still thinks of him – she’s wearing his keychain. Emma says it’s to remind herself never to trust. Poor girl.

While the ex-lovers were talking, Gold and Henry are bonding. Henry consoles Gold over Baelfire’s refusal to meet up. They talk about Rumpel’s power of seeing the future (seeing the future is like pieces in a puzzle – it’s not so easy).

Emma shows up…sans Neal. Gold breaks into Neal’s apartment and when Emma lovingly holds a dream catcher, Gold knows something is up. Emma sends Henry into another room so she can talk to Gold alone. Rumpel gets all scary but Neal shows up – he knows what happens to people who break promises to Rumpel and he wants to protect Emma (aww…).

This is when sh*t hits the fan. Neal sees Henry and is able to do math – Henry is his son. As per Emma, Henry’s father was a firefighter, not Neal. Emma has to come clean. As Henry tells Emma she’s no better than Regina, Neal tells Rumpel they’re done – he cannot forgive Rumpel for letting his hand go and choosing magic for his son. Then Neal and Henry talk – father to son for the first time.

In Storybrooke, Regina, Cora and Hook find the map to Rumpel’s dagger to control The Dark One. Regina uses Belle to find the location of the map and Hook uses his pirate skills to find the location. Cora decides mother and daughter will control The Dark One – she knocks Hook out. The duo’s plan is the following: use The Dark One to kill Snow, Charming and Emma so Henry will be Regina’s son again.

Except…Fairytale (pre-curse), Rumpel (post The Dark One) find The Seer. She tells him about all we have seen – the curse and his inevitable reunion with Baelfire. Rumpel’s not happy with the bits of information she gives so she offers her seer-gift to Rumpel who happily accepts. Unfortunately, he sees too much; all is unclear. The Seer says the future is like a puzzle but she’ll give him some parting words: a little boy will help unite him with Baelfire but the little boy will be Rumpel’s undoing. What’s Rumpel’s response? He’ll have to kill the kid.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Egg vs Chicken – The Seer tells Rumpel about Baelfire being fatherless due to his actions on the Battlefield but if Rumpel never heard the future, would he have hurt himself? Does that mean it was The Seer that created Rumpel’s future? On the other hand, if Rumpel wasn’t a coward, he would never have hurt himself. We are our choices!!!

2. The incestuous relationships of Fairytale!!! Now, Snow, Charming, Emma, Henry, Regina, Baelfire, Gold, and Cora are all related. Snow is right, crappy Thanksgiving!!

3. Charming’s reaction to finding out Baelfire is Henry’s dad so Gold is Henry’s grandfather was funny. “I’m his grandfather!” Um, the voice of reason (Snow) reminds Charming there can be TWO grandfathers.

4. Gregg now has video evidence of magic in Storybrooke. He filmed Regina going through Belle’s purse with magic – brushes in the air!!! The dude is staying to find more evidence. Either he’ll end up dead, have his memory taken or Storybrooke will have to move back to Fairytale.

5. The Manhattan Emma was chasing Neal in wasn’t the real Manhattan. The cobblestones were too pretty. Sorry, NYC tends to be seedier – even the tourist areas.

Do you think Cora/Regina will find the dagger? Will it work? If so, do you think Rumpel will sacrifice himself to redeem his prior actions? Will Rumpel kill Henry to save himself? Will Rumpel learn that these predictions are misleading and “undoing” can mean a myriad of things? Discuss away!!!!

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3 Responses to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Manhattan

  1. raybelle says:

    I don’t think anyone was surprised finding out Neal was Bae, but I was very happy with how complicated the whole thing was without getting overdramatic. I think Neal has no choice but to follow Henry and Emma back to Storybrooke and just try to avoid his dad. And it’s going to be awesome! I wonder if Neal or Henry will be cowards…

    I think Greg better turn out to be connected to someone soon, or he’s definitely going to die– one individual’s curiosity into something they can’t understand usually leads to them being horribly murdered.

    Loved Snow explaining the family tree to David– it brought a little of S1 back, which was a really sweet dynamic between her and Emma.

    And once again I’m feeling so bad for Regina– she’s so busy trying for one piece of her future, she doesn’t even realize the mess of consequences that are going to accompany the path she’s taking.

  2. jules says:

    I wonder how Regina and Cora will feel once they realize Henry’s related to Rumpel and/or when and if Rumpel figures he needs to kill Henry. This just brought their rivalry to a whole new level.

  3. Maggie C says:

    Milah’s attitude was no surprise. It seemed like she wanted Rumple to die. I felt bad for him. If he used his head for something beside a hat rack he would have ignored the seer who was locked up, but then again he isn’t known for his brains.
    Henry is a remarkable child who will hopefully help the adults in his life grow up.
    Gregg is trouble no doubt. If he isn’t careful he will be a gonner. Too bad the Oscars are next Sunday. This stuff is getting good.

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