90210 – Recap & Review – Brother From Another Mother

photo: cw

photo: cw

Brother From Another Mother

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode, Naomi decides to find her & Annie’s half brother. How does he react when she finds him? Meanwhile, Liam’s emotional downspiral continues as he accidentally hurts someone he cares about. Will this finally be his wake-up call?

Also, Navid does some more shady work with the Cronus Society. Is he in too far? Read on for this week’s character breakdown.

Naomi/Annie– Naomi has a lot of alone time now that Max has left, so she decides to hire a PI and track down her half brother. If you don’t remember, like I didn’t, a quick goggle reminder tells me that she & Annie thought they had a half brother, but he left town in season 1 before the paternity test results were revealed. Anyways, Naomi lured Mark to her house by saying that she & Annie were throwing a party to welcome their half-brother. Annie & Mark both learn of this at the same time & then promptly leave. After Annie decided to take over a battle of the bands competition to find Dixon some clients for his label, Naomi comes by to say that she has a plan B. Naomi really wants to be a part of Max’s life and plans to be a part of it by buying a restaurant & hiring Max. Annie tries to tell Naomi that she can’t just take over people’s lives and fix them. Since Annie took over the battle of the bands, Naomi decides to add on a food truck competition. Mark is ready to leave once he finds out Naomi’s involved in the competition, but the 1st place prize of a write up from Wolfgang Puck and help opening a restaurant with a silent partner persuades him to keep going. After the 1st tasting, Wolfgang tells Naomi that he thinks Mark is tied for first place, so Naomi decides to tinker with Mark’s station so he’ll win. Mark wins the competition, then, upon finding out about Naomi’s involvement, leaves angrily. Naomi tries to talk with him and decides to jump on his food truck while he’s leaving. While she was walking through the truck, Naomi knocked something onto the burner and caused a fire, which causes Mark to crash the food truck. Later, Naomi tells Annie that she’s screwed up every relationship in her life & wanted a bond that the person couldn’t walk away from. She figured this was something she may never have, and says Mark was her last shot. Annie decides to have a talk with Mark, then she hands him a check from Naomi. Mark decides to go over to Naomi’s and asks her if she’s still interested in opening the restaurant.

Navid– After Navid complains to Campbell about his calculus final, Campbell strongly hints to Navid to keep his phone on during his test. Because he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, Navid is then taken by complete surprise when his phone starts vibrating during the final. He’s shocked to see that Campbell has texted him the answers to his test. When Navid confront Campbell about this, Campbell tells him that this is something the society does for other members. Campbell then asks Navid to return the favor by texting answers for a physics test. He also jokingly says to do it or he’ll kick Navid out of the Cronus Society. Meanwhile, Navid & Michaela continue to hang out. After Campbell sees them talking, Navid asks him to keep his & Michaela’s thing a secret. The secret ends up coming out at the battle of the bands when another Cronus member, Simon, drunkingly spills the beans in front of Silver. Liam is going through a bit of a rough patch and decides to make it worse by punching Simon. After Simon asks to file charges against Liam, Navid asks Campbell to get Simon to make the charges disappear. Campbell says that since Navid doesn’t want to return Campbell’s favor, it’s a little unfair to ask him to do this. He then restates that the offers on the table. At the end of the episode, Liam tells Navid that Simon decided not to press charges. He also hands Navid some courtside Lakers tickets from Campbell, since the Cronus Society aced their physics test.

Liam– Liam got a subpoena to testify in court against Ashley and says he’ll be happy when this is over so his life will get back to normal. Dixon offers him a ride, but Liam decides to go with Ade, since she will be there anyways because of her indecent exposure charge. After he hears Ade practice her speech for the judge, he sees Ashley walk by the courtroom. He starts to freak out and pushes Ade against a wall, thinking that she’s Ashley. Security force him off her and the court doesn’t let him be released until he sees a medical professional. The professional tells Liam that she thinks he’s suffering from PTSD, and suggests that he do cognitive therapy to confront his issues. Liam, of course, calls the idea crazy. Ade tells him to consider the treatments, and Liam tells her that once she fixes her own life, she can tell him how to run his. As previously stated in the Navid breakdown, Liam punches a guy at the battle of the bands after he drunkingly spills the beans about Navid & Michaela. The drunk guy initially presses charges, then decides to withdraw them. Afterwards, Liam rents a space and says it’s time to start looking forward towards the future. He then goes into a room and breaks a crate, like the one Ashley almost locked him in.

Silver/Dixon/Adrianna– Silver is obsessively controlling Michaela’s life by trying to get her into classes at CU, buying tons of food, getting pregnancy books, and setting up yoga sessions. And all of this is before Michaela is even pregnant. She also sets up Michaela at Dixon’s. Speaking of Dixon, his record label is crashing around him. Since he spent all his startup money already, he’s resorted to a battle of the bands competition, set up by Annie, to find some talent. At the end of the episode, he hears Michaela randomly singing “Amazing Grace”, as one does, and mentions that he has a label. Michaela is very interested in becoming a superstar. Going back to Silver, at one point she couldn’t find Michaela and tried to get Ade to help her find her. Ade was learning lyrics so she could perform with some band at the battle and basically tells Silver that she’s incredibly self obsessed. Like stated before, Silver eventually finds Michaela and learns about Michaela & Navid having sex. She tells Michaela that she just wants the pregnancy to be perfect and Michaela tells her that isn’t healthy for her or the baby. Later, Silver tells Ade that she’s been a terrible friend and will try to have a normal life again. Ade also mentions that she’s decided to take some time off from her singing career. This marked the perfect opportunity for Silver to tell Ade that she convinced Naomi to give her the food truck, and asks Ade if she’d like to be a partner. Because why not? Ade says yes and Silver breaks out the Silver & Ade food trucks caps. Seriously, she already had them made. It would have been embarrassing if Ade had said no, wouldn’t it.

The Silver/Ade food truck plot is so ridiculous. From Almost Killing You to Being Restaurant Partners: The Silver and Adrianna story. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Strange Brew

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2 Responses to 90210 – Recap & Review – Brother From Another Mother

  1. Tess says:

    This episode sucked. Liam’s story is annoying. Ade makes me want to punch her every time I see her. Dixon isn’t even in this episode, Rosa Parks sat on a bus for this? CW you’re even worse for allowing it. And Annie doing nothing. Silver made me mad. Navid is boring. Where’s Teddy? Who is this new girl, Naomi is fun. This is just boring stuff on a Monday night.

    • ttcdennis says:

      “Dixon isn’t even in this episode, Rosa Parks sat on a bus for this?” LMAO, he was in the episode, for like 2 minutes.Teddy isn’t a regular so he’s just returning when needed. Thanks for the comment!

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